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Blerdy Otome Monthly Recap -May 2021

Hey there Blerdy Tribe! It’s the end of yet another month, so it’s time for the Blerdy Otome Monthly Recap. May has been an okay month here on the home front—a lot of folks are getting the vaccine, so things here in the DMV have been opening up and we’re slowly getting back to how things were in the before times. I’m still going to keep wearing my mask, because I still don’t trust “people”, but I did go out to see A Quiet Place Pt 2 in theaters the other day and y’all it was so surreal seeing a movie in theaters for the first time in over a year. 

I also took the plunge and started streaming on Twitch, I’ll try to jump on there a when I have spare time but for now there’ll be no set schedules. But, I am playing Fujiwara Bittersweet on stream, it’s a chill game and I’m in no rush to finish it—so it’s perfect. 

Haikyuu Celebration

This was a slow month for game reviews, I just didn’t feel motivated to play much of anything, but I still managed to squeeze out some fun content! So, before we dive into the June, let’s take a look back at the Month of May here on Blerdy Otome!

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Blerdy Otome Monthly Recap – April 2021

Hey there Blerdy Tribe! April has been really good to me—I got a promotion at work, which comes with a bit of a raise and at long last I finally have my gaming PC!! I have wanted this for so long and now that I have it I’ve been setting things up and moving stuff from my old tape covered laptop (the old girl put in some good work, but it’s time to retire her). Now that I have a proper setup, I’m going to start testing some recording see if I can start prepping for streaming and video content, finally make good on those new years goals! 

Haikyuu Celebration

Also, I hit some very big milestones recently and during the month of May I’ll be celebrating in a VERY BIG way! So, be sure to keep your eyes out on May 3rd for the official announcement! Trust me, it’s gonna be huge!! But, before that, lets take a look back at the month of April here on Blerdy Otome! 

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Blerdy Otome Monthly Recap – March 2021

Hey there Blerdy Tribe! Three months down, nine more to go! March has been an interesting month–I got my very first vaccine dose and I’m due for the second this weekend which puts me one step closer to a bit more normalacy (though it’s a ways off before I’ll start working from the office again). 

Also remember how I mentioned I wanted to start streaming on Twitch? Well I realized that my poor laptop wasn’t going to be able to handle running a game and streaming, so I made the decision to build a gaming PC, and by build, I mean get my much more tech savvy brother to build it for me. And some failed attempts at getting parts I now have everything I need–thanks to a super nice person. So, my bro will be here next weekend to help me put everything together! I’m super excited to finally have a designated gaming computer, it is such a pain having to delete games after I finish them and now I won’t have too! 

OH!! I almost forgot! 

I finally hit 1000 followers!! Yay!! And since I also hit 2K followers on Twitter, I’m going to make good on my promise for a big otome giveaway! So definitely keep an eye out for that in the coming weeks! 

April is certainly looking up, but before we dive into a new month, let’s look back at the month of March here on Blerdy Otome! 

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Blerdy Otome Monthly Recap – February 2021

Hey there Blerdy Tribe! Is it just me or did February feel like the longest and the shortest month all at once? We’re coming up on March, which marks exactly 1 year since I started working from home thanks to Rona. It’s kind of strange to think that this is the new normal and while I don’t miss the crowded trains and buses of my daily commute, I do miss being able to have big group events with friends.

Despite that, I’ve been keeping myself busy writing and slowly putting a dent in my gaming backlog, which has done wonders for this blog. Yay! Also, this month WordPress and Anchor set up a partnership that allows bloggers to turn their blog posts into podcast episodes! I gave it a try and my first episode is up on Anchor! It’s for the BL game, My Dangerous Life, which if you’ve already read the written review, you know I have very strong feelings about. So, if you have the time, definitely give it a listen and let me know what you think! 

Blerdy Otome Podcast Episode 1 – My Dangerous Life BL Review

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Blerdy Otome Monthly Recap – January 2021

Hey there Blerdy Tribe, we’ve successfully completed the first chapter of 2021! The new year brings with it the promise of brand new opportunities and I hope everyone is having a great go of it so far! I have some amazing things planned for you all in the coming year and I want to thank you all for continuing to read and support me and this site! You guys are the real MVPs. So before we dive into February, lets look back at the month of January here at Blerdy Otome!

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