Blerdy Otome Monthly Recap – November 2020

Hey there Blerdy Tribe, we’re a month away from saying goodbye to 2020! This has been a year full of some huge changes and while not all of them were great, we’re all hanging in there and doing our best!

Things have been moving here at Blerdy Otome and I’m super excited about some phenomenal opportunities on the horizon! I am always in awe of how much this site has grown over the years and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for my little corner of the internet. For all of you that have stuck with me through the years, THANK YOU, you guys are the real MVPs here and I want to do something special for you guys (so keep an eye out for a special announcement soon).

I have even more stuff coming in December, but before we dive into the new, let’s look back at the month of November here on Blerdy Otome!!

Favorite November Posts

Hashihime of the Old Book Town

Hashihime of the Old Book Town is a psychedelic murder mystery boys love visual novel developed by ADELTA and published by MangaGamer. I’ve seen other reviewers throw around the phrase “existential horror” when discussing this game and after finishing Hashihime of the Old Book Town I agree that is a pretty fucking accurate description of this game.

Hashihime of the Old Book Town BL Game Review – A Never Ending Trip into the Bizarre

Painter of the Night Blerdy Otome Review

Lezhin did it again, sucking me right back into webcomic hell and I have to give it to their marketing team—if it weren’t for their aggressive ad campaign on Instagram, I may have never discovered this series in the first place. Painter of the Night is an ongoing Korean historical BL webcomic series by Byeonduck. The entire series is being released in English every Friday over on Lezhin.

Paint me like one of your French Girls – Painter of the Night BL Webcomic Review

Blog Posts from November

Thrifty Gaming 

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Non-Game Reviews

Developer Interviews

Blerdy Lists

New Releases

Instagram Fave Post

Of all my social media accounts, Instagram is where I’m most active. So, here is my favorite Instagram post from November!

From Around the Reader

I’ve been taking time out to read posts from my fellow bloggers here on WordPress and these are some of the posts that I most enjoyed this month!! I highly recommend giving each of these posts a read and maybe check out some of their other posts as well!

Mermaid Saga Collector’s Edition: Volume 1 Mechanical  Anime Reviews (Scott)

Nightshade: Character Design and AnalysisThe Picky Champy (NILDA CHAN~NPY)

Asterisk: A delightful (yet painful) mix of my favorite tropesFujoshitings BL Reviews (Fujoshitings)

Friends Request: 5 Sharp Teeth Characters With Their Own Smexy Lita Kino Anime Corner (Lita)

A Tender Heart: The Story of How I Became a Duke’s Maid Webtoon Review (Spoiler) – Anime Tokoyo (Aiya °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖°)

Thank You for Your Support!!

A lot of what I do here on Blerdy Otome is because of the support of all of you amazing readers–whether it’s your encouraging words on Twitter, liking a post or just sharing my posts with others, you guys are the real MVPS ! It’s no secret that buying games and manga for reviews puts a strain on my wallet and while I love what I do, a little extra help goes a long way!

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5 thoughts on “Blerdy Otome Monthly Recap – November 2020

  1. Looks like you had a pretty good November! I really enjoyed the arcade game interview myself!
    Hope you will have a great December!

    1. November definitely ended on a high note! How was your month? Are you settling in at your new place?

      The interviews are some of my favorite posts, so I’m glad you liked the interview with Fiction Factory!

      1. The new place its treating me well! November has been been the highlight of my year.. maybe even a bit beyond that!

        Pretty much settled in .. I will do some painting in spring I guess.. but now that I can only stew on my on paint fumes I will hold off for a bit it’s not that bad yet 😛

        Had a bit of a laptop crash but besides that had a great month!

        Let’s hope we will both have an amazing December as well!

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