About Pokeninja


20160423_091522[1]I’m a 20-something year old recent graduate tip-toeing my way through adulthood… Sometimes I make it and sometimes I break it…hard. But, it’s the simple pleasures that get me through all the craziness of being an adult… When I’m not out “adulting”, you can find me holed up watching anime, reading manga, or hacking away at my impossibly long gaming backlog. I have a BS in Procrastination and an MS in Pokemon… Otherwise I’m a relatively well adjusted individual. I love comments and discussions, so opinions are welcome here! 

What is this blog about?

I mostly started this as a place where I could talk about games, specifically Otome Games. I started playing them about three years ago and my obsession has only grown, I mostly play games that are in English, since my Japanese is all but gone ( I took four years of it at University and never used it)…so I’m a little limited as to what I can play, but I don’t let that stop me much!

I will also post about non-otome/otoge games and BL games as well from time to time, so I guess you could say this is primarily a Gaming Blog. But, don’t worry, I will also post about non-gaming stuff too (anime, manga, and webcomics). I like to think of this blog as a fun hobby to help take my mind off of my school work… So I won’t limit myself to one topic here.

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