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Naja B.Hi there, I’m Naja B. and welcome to Blerdy Otome, your go to source for news and reviews of Otome Games, Indie Visual Novels and everything in between. I started my blogging journey back in 2015 and what started as a way to procrastinate on my Master’s thesis has grown into a place where I can share my love of these game with you! As a Black female gamer, it’s my mission to not only to spread the gospel of Otome to everyone I meet, but to use my voice to spotlight games featuring characters of color and stories that are representative of the wonderfully diverse gaming community. Blerdy Otome is a place that runs on Black Girl Magic and Dreams–together I hope that we can create a community of folks that love games and aren’t afraid to share their stories!

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The*GameHERS 2021 Finalist – I am a finalist in the 2021 The*GameHERS awards for Top Journalist of the Year in their Content Creation category. You can check out my profile along with the other finalists on The*GameHERS site: thegamehers.com/2021-finalists

The Wonder of Anime Podcast– Lisa, the host of the Wonder of Anime podcast invited me to join her for an episode and now we’re besties. We had a blast chatting and I may or may not have turned her on to some games. Definitely check out the episode when you have the chance! Listen to The Wonder of Anime – Blerdy Otome ft Naja B.

Manga Mavericks Podcast – I participate in a roundtable discussion about representation in anime and manga with the Black Manga Critican anime/manga Youtuber,  Eunice Ibama, the founder of BlackGirlsAnime, and mecha enthusist Ash, also known as TheMacabreChap.  Honestly, this was one of the best experiences I had all year–we swapped stories about growing up Black and nerdy, discussed representation, and just had fun. Definitely give the episode a listen if you have the chance!

Listen to Manga Mavericks EP. 133: “Do the Work: Black Representation in Anime/Manga Fandom”

Fangirl Trash Can Podcast – I started hosting Fangirl Trashcan Podcast, a monthy podcast with some long time blogging buddies, Lita Kino from Lita Kino Anime Corner and Ani-Youtuber, Shay Taree. So far we have two episode out, but if you’re in the mood for fun discussions about anime, manga, and of course games definitely give us a listen over on Anchor!  Listen to the Fangirl Trash Can Podcast

Interview with Soulcial Dreamers – The ladies of Soulcial Dreamer invited me to do an interview with them about my experiences being a Black nerd and running a dedicated review site. Read the full interview, Blogs Connect: Meet Naja of Blerdy Otome

Featured in #CreativeQueensGame studio Great Gretuski hosts an interview series spotlighting female content creators in the gaming and animation industries. Blerdy Otome was featured in episode 8 of the series! Read the Interview, #CreativeQueens Interview with Blerdy Otome

Diversity in the Gaming Industry EditorialI provided a short quote for the editorial, How to Improve Diversity in the Gaming Industry Once and For All written by Joseph Hunter for Dread XP. Read the full editorial, How to Improve Diversity in the Gaming Industry Once and For All

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