Blerdy Otome Monthly Recap – April 2022

Hey Blerdy Tribe! It’s the end of yet another month, so it’s time for the Blerdy Otome Monthly Recap! April was another great month full of more games and some exciting opportunities. I hit a big milestone over on Twitch, I partnered with digital manga publisher Futekiya, and manga publisher VIZ Media sent me a big box of manga for a collaboration!

I’ve been doing some site maintenance for the past week and it has been a huge undertaking. I’m still not finished with it, but I am happy with the current set up! The biggest updates are the Games page and the top menu. I’m also going through and editing older reviews (fixing grammar, formatting, and adding feature images) and I’m realizing I really should have done years ago. Please send me an email or a DM if you notice anything broken, it’ll be a big help.

As always there’s a lot more on the horizon in May, but before we dive into the new month, let’s take a look back at the month of April here at Blerdy Otome!

Favorite April Post

Hey Blerdy Tribe, NaNoRenO 2022 has come and gone and this year there were a total of 185 submissions! For those of you not familiar with NaNoRenO, its an annual month-long game jam held from early March to early April, in which developers are challenged to make a visual novel from start to finish. Each year newbie and veteran devs alike put their skills to the test to create their own unique projects–and over the years I have seen some phenomenal games come out of the jam!

Nanoreno 2022 Games You Should Play

Blog Posts from April

Game Reviews

Indie Spotlights

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Game & Manga Announcements 

Games Played on Stream in April

I’m now on Twitch! Over on my channel BlerdyOtomeGames I play a ton of different games each month. In case you missed my streams here are the games I played this month!

Instagram Fave Post

Of all my social media accounts, Instagram is where I’m most active. So, here is my favorite Instagram post from April!

Reviews To Expect in April

I usually just go with the flow when it comes to content here on Blerdy Otome, so it’s kind of hard to pin down what to expect each month. I want to get better at sticking to a “schedule” so I thought it would be good practice to include a section with some of the reviews I plan to write during the upcoming month. Not only will this hold me accountable, but it will also give you all an idea of what to expect to see in the month ahead. Full disclosure, this is not a complete list and there’s a good chance things will change—this is more of a rough draft… 

  • Tokyo Onmyoji
  • UUUltra C
  • Random indie games
  • Manga Reviews

From Around the Reader

Spring Anime Watchlist: Retro Anime from the 80s & 90s | Bibionyan (Grand Admiral Nyan)

BiblioNyan gives us a run down of the retro anime series they plan on watching this anime season! There are a ton of great older series on this list, so definitely give it a read!

My Top 5 Problematic Anime Faves I’d Stop Being a Feminist for 5 Minute | All the Fujoshi Unite (Nora)

In this fun list, about their problematic anime faves, that they love despite their flaws. There are some interesting characters on this list that you won’t want to miss out on.

Tesla Note Vol. 1 Review | Religiously Nerdy (The Muslim Blerd)

Over at Religiously Nerdy, The Muslim Blerd shares their thoughts on volume 1 of the manga series, Tesla Note! The art is goregeous, so definitely head over to their site and give this review a read.

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A lot of what I do here on Blerdy Otome is because of the support of all of you amazing readers–whether it’s your encouraging words on Twitter, liking a post or just sharing my posts with others, you guys are the real MVPs!

It’s no secret that buying games and manga for reviews puts a strain on my wallet and while I love what I do, a little extra help goes a long way! Here are the awesome people who gave their support this month!



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