Cheritz to Release New Title, The Ssum: Forbidden Lab This Month

April Fools Day is the time of year when just about everyone tries their hand at trolling the unsuspecting masses with false announcements and pranks–and each year otome lovers seem to get the short end of the stick. Within the gaming industry fake dating-sim announcements have been the prank of choice for most publishers, much to the ire of actual fans, so when Korean publisher Cheritz teased a new game on April 1st, let’s just say folks were skeptical.

But, I am happy to say that this is one announcement that isn’t fake! After four years in development, Cheritz revealed that their real-time boyfriend/companion app, The Ssum: Forbidden Lab is finally getting an official release on April 27th! The team has also launched an official site for more information on the game before it drops later this month.

Game Details

  • Developer: Cheritz
  • Release Date: April 27, 2022
  • Platform: Android | iOS
  • Languages: Korean | English

What is The Ssum?

Four years ago Cheritz did a soft launch for “The Ssum” in select countries (Malaysia and India). After a brief data collection period the team pulled the app, which we assumed meant it had been cancelled. But turns out the team has been working on The Ssum in secret all this time.

Ssumone who wakes me up every morning…

Sometimes lovey-dovey, sometimes arguing – a relationship that matures…

Secret features that can be discovered as you play…

Cheritz Team Diary, April 2022

Much like Mystic Messenger, this new app will offer a real-time experience for players to enjoy. But, whereas their previous releases offered a more visual novel styled gameplay, it seems that The Ssum will be more of a daily virtual boyfriend app. Players will interact with a virtual companion through calls, messages, and social media posts. Grow closer to your Ssum by interacting with him daily and build a relationship that evolves over time–the release day build will come with 200 days worth of conversations.

Key Features

  • Chat with your Ssum – Make your day happier with daily conversation! Converse with a Ssum that matches your schedule with personalized wake up calls, goodnight messages and more.
  • Phone Calls from your Ssum – Receive voice calls from your special someone or call them yourself within the app interface!
  • Private Social Account – Get to see how your Ssum feels about you by browsing their private account, which updates in real time based on previous conversations.
  • Over 2000+ CGs and Images
  • Forbidden Lab – This secret feature can be used to elevate your relationship with your Ssum! At this time Cheritz is keeping the details surrounding the Forbidden Lab a secret.

For More Information on The Ssum

To keep up to date on the latest news on The Ssum: Forbidden Lab be sure to follow the official Cheritz social media channels.

Sources: The Ssum English site and Cheritz Tumblr

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