Birushana: Rising Flower of Genpei Coming to Nintendo Switch Summer 2022!

Will Shanao live up to the Genji name and defeat the Heike? We are excited to announce that the visual novel, otome game Birushana™: Rising Flower of Genpei will be arriving physically and digitally for the Nintendo Switch Summer 2022. The Limited Edition contents will be announced at a later date.

About Birushana: Rising Flower of Genpei

Fifteen years after the Heiji Rebellion, the Heike clan has reached the height of its power, while the Genji clan remains devastated by defeat. Hidden deep within the mountains of Kurama lives Shanao, the youngest surviving male heir to the Genji name. However, Shanao harbors a deep secret known by very few.

The youngest heir to the Genji name is no man.

Torn between her duty to live up to the Genji family name and her desire to live a peaceful life, Shanao sets off in hopes to take down the Heike stronghold and finally bring peace in the country. Her adventure leads her to find new cherished relationships, as well as something deeper than the feud between the rivaling clans.

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ADELTA’s BL VN UUUltraC Coming to the West

Hey hey Blerdy Tribe! Mangagamer is at Anime NYC and they’ve made some new localization announcements, of course that includes the usual eroge titles, Uchikano – Living with My Sister and The Pillars of Raillore. But, the highlight for me is the announcement that ADELTA’s kaiju filled BL set in the 1970’s, UUUltraC would be making its English language debut! Mangagamer localized, ADELTA’s psychadelic BL murder mystery, Hashihime of the Old Book Town in 2019 and I am so excited to see another of their titles getting localized! It’s still early, but lets take a look at what we can expect from the upcoming release!

Game Details

  • Developer: ADELTA
  • Publisher: Mangagamer (EN)
  • Platform: Windows (PC)
  • Language: Japanese audio with English text
  • Genre: BL | Action | 18+ | Uncensored
  • Release Date: 2020 (JP) | TBA (EN)
  • Official (EN) Site:
  • Official (JP) Site:
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Joseimuke Adventure Game Chronicles of Refugia Coming to PC

Exciting news! Newly established company Medium announced that they’ll be releasing the joseimuke adventure game, Chronicles of Refugia episodically on Steam in 2022! The game is set in Hourei Island in the aftermath of a world ending event, and after years of conflict most of the surface is uninhabitable–forcing most of humanity into secure shelters. At release, Chronicles of Refugia will be available in both Japanese and English, with Molly Lee serving as Localization Producer on the project (so you know this’ll be a fun read). Details are still coming in on the game, but here’s what we know so far from the official Twitter and website!

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