Blog Updates

Hey hey everyone! You may have already noticed, but I’m in the process of updating some things here on Blerdy Otome. I made a few changes over the weekend, but this is going to be a much bigger undertaking than I anticipated, so I’ll be taking a blogging break until May 1st 2022. I’ll be back, promise, but I want to make sure everything is in tip top shape!

Some of the changes I’ve already made include:

  • Top menu updates (the addition of a Games tab and combining all reviews into one Review tab)
  • New homepage slider and recent posts feature section.
  • A new Games page that links to specific game details pages
    • Please let me know if anything on any of these pages needs to be updated by Twitter DM or email at
  • A new tab in the top menu that links to my Twitch channel.
  • Updating tags so they’re a bit more manageable.
  • Editing older reviews and posts.

Thank you for your patience while I tackle this!!

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