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[Announcement] I’m all out of wack this week!

First don’t worry, this isn’t going to be bad news! I just have a lot on my plate so I wasn’t able to keep up with my blogging schedule like I wanted to… So as most of you know I have been working on revising a research paper I helped write (with two classmates) back in May for my Big Graduation Research Capstone.

wolf children exhausted

A Research Capstone is just a fancy Graduate School  final exam, minus the exam. A Capstone project is supposed to incorporate elements and themes from each discipline within my program of study. I was in the College of Global and Community Health, specifically the Global Health MS program so a lot of my coursework centered around, Biostatistics, Epidemiology, Research Methods, etc. I literally had to take everything that I had learned in class and apply it to a research project. I worked on the project with two classmates under the supervision of one of our professors. After some planning, we ended up doing a secondary analysis of adolescent risk behaviors. I’m being really vague about this, because I’m not 100% sure how much of the project I can share, but I’ll get into that in a bit.

So after formulating a research question and running the statistics, we wrote everything up in a report. The report was submitted to the Department advisers and chairs for review and we received a grade (Pass/Fail). However, in addition to just submitting the paper to the Department, we were also given the option of submitting the paper for publication in a research journal (hence the vagueness). After submitting to research journals, the paper has to go through a review process, where various experts in the field assess whether the paper is publishable. Well, our paper was in review from May until about two weeks ago… and I have been working on revisions ever since… You may be wondering why I’m working on the revisions alone… well let’s just say I won/lost a game of Not It…

So why am I telling you all this? Well, because I have been so busy working on the revisions for the research paper, that I have not had the time to blog like I wanted to this week. On top of that I started playing Mystic Messenger and that has completely thrown my sleep cycle out of wack. Oh yeah, and my birthday is on Saturday…so I’m going to be super busy for a bit.


Unfortunately, this week’s Fangirl Moment post is cancelled. I could have tried to write something at the last minute, but it would have been rushed and I couldn’t in good conscience do that to you guys. I should be back on track for next Friday.  As of right now the Last Week Today post isn’t going to be cancelled, but it might be a little late. My final revisions are due at the end of the day today (Friday) so I should have a bit of time to write the LWT post by Sunday.

I apologize for the hiccup with the schedule this week… I just couldn’t get the post done in time… ah, well…

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  1. Best of luck to you girl! That stinks about the paper but at least your Birthday’s here! 😛 Happy Early BDAYXD

    Gosh I hear you tho, I’m swamped with tests. Not doing too well unfortunately already but hoping to turn the tides. Let’s both do our best and please make sure to take care of yourself and don’t put so much pressure on yourself! XD It’s fine to miss some posts-I do that ALL the time rofl and my followers are so kind and understanding^^

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  2. I feel this week has been universally painful for everyone. Almost everyone I know is currently exhausted and feeling like they are being stretched too thin. Hopefully we all get back on track soon and things calm down to normal busy levels.
    Best of luck with your paper.

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