Blerdy Otome Monthly Recap – February 2021

Hey there Blerdy Tribe! Is it just me or did February feel like the longest and the shortest month all at once? We’re coming up on March, which marks exactly 1 year since I started working from home thanks to Rona. It’s kind of strange to think that this is the new normal and while I don’t miss the crowded trains and buses of my daily commute, I do miss being able to have big group events with friends.

Despite that, I’ve been keeping myself busy writing and slowly putting a dent in my gaming backlog, which has done wonders for this blog. Yay! Also, this month WordPress and Anchor set up a partnership that allows bloggers to turn their blog posts into podcast episodes! I gave it a try and my first episode is up on Anchor! It’s for the BL game, My Dangerous Life, which if you’ve already read the written review, you know I have very strong feelings about. So, if you have the time, definitely give it a listen and let me know what you think! 

Blerdy Otome Podcast Episode 1 – My Dangerous Life BL Review

Favorite February Posts

Short Otome Games

Most of us are still kicking it in our homes, but that doesn’t mean the rest of the world stops. Between work, school, and family, it can seem like there just aren’t enough hours in the day to get everything we want done. Finding time for your responsibilities and your hobbies can be a bit of a balancing act, and for a lot of folks that means that our hobbies get relegated to the weekends (or late into the night).

Well if you’re looking for some games you can play through in a single weekend, I have the list for you! Each of the games on this list have fantastic stories and characters, but without the long gameplay hours of other otome game releases! So, with the weekend right around the corner, consider adding some of these games to your library!

Short Otome Games You Can Finish in a Weekend

Wintertide Miracles LE Unboxing

Hey Blerdy Tribe! Today is release day for Code Realize Wintertide Miracles for the Nintendo Switch! For those of you that don’t know Wintertide Miracles is the third chapter in the Code Realize series which follows Cardia Beckford, a young woman with poisonous skin and her adventures with a group of famous literary heroes.

Wintertide Miracles is available in both Standard and Limited Edition! The LE comes with some nice goodies, and thanks to the folks at Aksys Games I was able to get my hands on a copy! So let’s dive in and check out what comes with the LE and whether or not I think they justify the $59.99 price tag.

Code Realize Wintertide Miracles Limited Edition Unboxing

Blog Posts from February

Thrifty Gaming 

Game Reviews


Other Posts

Instagram Fave Post

Of all my social media accounts, Instagram is where I’m most active. So, here is my favorite Instagram post from February!

Reviews To Expect in March

I usually just go with the flow when it comes to content here on Blerdy Otome, so it’s kind of hard to pin down what to expect each month. I want to get better at sticking to a “schedule” so I thought it would be good practice to include a section with some of the reviews I plan to write during the upcoming month. Not only will this hold me accountable, but it will also give you all an idea of what to expect to see in the month ahead. Full disclosure, this is not a complete list and there’s a good chance things will change–this is more of a rough draft…

  • Taisho x Alice Ep 3 Review – Taisho x Alice Episode 3 is set to drop on March 3rd and I definitely plan on having a review up for it after the release. I’ve been enjoying the series so far and I am super excited to get a chance to romance Snow White and the Wizard!!
  • Fashioning Little Miss Lonesome – I started the game few days ago and promptly unlocked the “You Died” ending, which amused me to no end! This is supposed to be smutty comedy otome game and not gonna lie, after how tame Lost in Secular Love was, I am looking for something that isn’t afraid to be steamy…
  • Men of Yoshiwara: Kikuya – I played a few of the routes in this game years ago, but I never got around to finishing it, so I’ve recently revisited the game since I’ve forgotten just about everything.  So far I’ve finished Takao’s and Kagura’s routes and I’m making good progress…
  • Sifting Thyme – So, the review for this one will probably go up sometime this week since I just finished playing through everything. I just have to add a few details about my overall thoughts and insert some images and the review will be good to go!

From Around the Reader

I’ve been taking time out to read posts from my fellow bloggers here on WordPress and these are some of the posts that I most enjoyed this month!! I highly recommend giving each of these posts a read and maybe check out some of their other posts as well!

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  1. Little Miss Lonesome’s “bad” endings sure are worth unlocking, haha! Hope you’ll have fun with it!

      1. Well, I can say for sure that I have never laughed that much playing a VN before. But who knows, you probably played many more than I did. xD

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