Dot Kareshi – We’re 8bit Lovers! II ~The Sky’s Kiss~ Otome Review

Dot Kareshi is a fantasy otome game series developed by Rejet that parodies the RPG genre. There are three games in the series: The Legendary Maiden, Tenkuu no Kiss,  and Yami no Hanayome. You play as a young woman who is transported into her favorite RPG. While there you must help the other characters complete their quests in order to return home. Each game takes place within the fictional RPG, Ultimate Quest and features love interests based on common RPG classes. The series can get a bit fanservice-y at times, but it always manages to stay juuust shy of a mature rating. 

While the series hasn’t had an official English language localization, in 2015 Golden Spirit released unofficial patches for all three games in the series. 

Game Details


You awake in a strange world with a mysterious voice calling out to you. The voice introduces himself as “God” before telling you that you are currently in the RPG, Ultimate Quest—You used to play the game all the time, but, one thing led to another and it’s been some time since you played the game. In your absence the characters have lost their way, but they never gave up hope that one day you would come back and play with them again. 

As if answering their prayers, a bug in the game’s programing pulls you into the game. God tells you that you’ll be able to return home only after you grant the wishes of the characters in your original party. However, God warns you that the characters have become a bit twisted due to your neglect. From there he sends you on your way to meet the other characters, each of whom are based on RPG character classes: Knight, Dancer, Beastmaster, and Monk. 

Dot Kareshi II

But, this is far from the happy reunion you were expecting—each of the characters hold a grudge against you for neglecting to play through their special events and they demand that you help them complete their character specific quests to atone for your sins. With nothing better to do, you agree to help them and thus your RPG isekai adventure begins~



CV. Hirakawa Daisuke

Dot Kareshi II Knight

Knight is one of the strongest characters in the group serving as the first line of defense against enemies. Honorable and loyal, he’ll protect his friends with everything he has, but the MC’s brutal gameplay style left him to take the brunt of enemy attacks, so much so that he awakened his masochist tendencies. Now he gets off on taking damage from enemies. For Knight’s quest he wants to take down an uber powerful monster living in a nearby cave.  He is often mistaken for Hero from the first game, but the two characters are night and day—Hero was an arrogant ass, but Knight is actually decent, he just gets off on pain. Of all the guys he’s pretty tame. 


CV. Nojima Kenji

Dot Kareshi II Dancer

Dancer is a bit of an airhead, he likes pretty things and he’s content with blissfully dancing the day away. His incessant dancing burns through the team’s MP (not that he cares much about it)—he also has a pretty lax approach when it comes to helping his fellow teammates recover from their injuries. Because he is so inept in his role, the MC chooses Dancer’s quest to search for a super rare recovery item. Her rationale being that with the item the other characters won’t need to rely on Dancer as much. There isn’t much to be said about Dancer, he doesn’t flirt with the MC as much as Monk or Knight do and that’s mostly because he only ever thinks about dancing… but at least he’s pretty to look at. 


CV. Yamaguchi Kappei

Dot Kareshi II Beastmaster

Beastmaster is the youngest member of the group and his cute and innocent appearance is one of his charm points, but he hates being treated like a child. His original character personality was supposed to be that of a cute idol, but due to the MC’s playing style his personality became warped, now he’s a bit of a sadist. His cute appearance is absolutely misleading, he is a bonafide Do-S type… He tends to be a bit brusque with his fellow teammates, not hesitating to literally whip them into shape when they annoy him. But, he also has a cute side that he only lets slip occasionally. Beastmaster has an affinity for animals and is often accompanied by his bird companion Pe.  For his special quest, he wants the MC to help him hunt down a dragon and make it his new pet.  


CV. Toriumi Kousuke

Dot Kareshi II Monk

Despite being a Monk, he is the biggest pervert in the group. He often goes out of his way to fondle, grope, and leer at the MC every chance he gets—the man has no shame whatsoever. I spent most of his route (and the other routes) wanting to punch him in the face. Monk is a strong fighter who relies on his own two fists to win battles, because of the MC’s playing style he stored up way too much fighting spirit and with no other outlet, it turned into sexual frustration instead. He spends most of his time lusting after the MC to the point that he often gives himself nosebleeds and when his desires get to be too much, he tends to just pass out for a few hours. While he can be a bit of a meathead, Monk is surprisingly earnest and can be diligent when it comes to his hobby of collecting things. For his quest, he wants the MC to help him collect gold coins.

The MC

She is your typical nameless, faceless otome heroine character. She is a fan of the RPG Ultimate Quest and at one point she used to play it all the time, but real life obligations got in the way and she never quite got around to finishing the game. She neglected playing through side quests and instead took on a brute force approach to the game, hacking and slashing through monsters until all of her characters were level 99. Because of this all of her characters’ personalities became twisted. She is mysteriously transported into Ultimate Quest and forced to make it up to her party characters by helping them complete quests. She is largely a silent character, with most of her dialogue consisting of emotes and symbols—though the other characters seem to understand her just fine. 

Overall Thoughts

Honestly, the Dot Kareshi series isn’t a game that provokes complex though or even real effort, but there is something to be said for it’s simple gameplay.  The premise is simple, you get isekaied into your favorite RPG and interact with a group of men based on traditional RPG character classes—and that’s it. There are no complex storylines or character motivations, just a fun little romp with deeply flawed characters. 

Dot Kareshi II Kiss of the Sky

PERVERTS all of them are P-E-R-V-E-R-T-S! The characters in the first game were pretty perverted, but they’ve got nothing on the guys in Dot Kareshi II—these boys waste no time groping, fondling, and lusting after the MC. The worst offender is Monk, who is prone to nose bleeds if the MC so much as breathes in his direction and takes every opportunity to try and touch the MC’s naughty bits. There’s even a scene in Beastmaster’s route here Monk and Knight run off to have some “adult” time with a woman who promises to give into their every desire… so expect a LOT of cringey fanservice. There’s even an obligatory hot spring scene and it’s one of the few scenes I never skip over, because who doesn’t like hot half naked boys?

I like the dedication to the RPG theme, the UI is modeled after traditional RPGs right down to the 8bit character sprites and menus. The main game uses more typical otome art assets, each route comes with four CGs and they’re worth getting. Also, the character sprites are decked out in elaborate fantasy outfits—Knight wears bulky armor most of the time and Dancer carries a fan and wears gold bangles and jewelry. Not gonna lie, Dancer’s design was my favorite, because he looks so pretty with his long flowing hair and light flowing clothes. 

The game is fully voiced by some very well know VAs and given the length, that’s absolutely a win! Like the first game, Dot Kareshi II is fairly short, the whole thing takes about two or three hours to finish. So, you can probably fit this in to a lazy Saturday afternoon and aside from the individual character quests, the routes follow the same plot beats and have three outcomes: True, Normal, and Common.  Like the rest of the game the endings are all pretty straightforward, but its fun to see what fate awaits the MC and her chosen love interest… but, if you’re expecting to see a lot of character growth, it’s almost non-existent. 

Final Verdict: Is Dot Kareshi II Worth Playing?

All in all, Dot Kareshi II ~The Sky’s Kiss~ is a short fun otome game that you don’t really need to take all that seriously. The premise is fun and I know most of us have wished we could be transported to our favorite game, so The Sky’s Kiss definitely offers a bit of wish fulfillment. There were some genuine funny moments that elicited a giggle or two from me—Knight’s moans of delight everytime he gets attacked by an enemy definitely had me laughing more times than not and I enjoyed seeing someone as cute as Beastmaster cracking a whip (which I suppose means I have more in common with Knight than I care to admit). But, if you’re looking for something funny and short to play on a lazy afternoon, definitely give Dot Kareshi~ Kiss of the Sky~ a try. 

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