Bustafellows Press Kit Unboxing

Hey Hey Blerdy Tribe! Today I’m sharing a super special awesome unboxing post full of some amazing BUSTAFELLOWS merch! The folks over at PQube were kind enough to provide me with a special Press Kit for BUSTAFELLOWS, unfortunately COVID-19 had my parcel stuck in custom for months and I’m only just now an y’all it was TOTALLY worth the wait! Not only did I get the Collector’s edition that was released back in July, but the PQube team hand picked some exclusive BUSTAFELLOWS merch from the Japanese online shop to sweeten the pot!

BUSTAFELLOWS is one of my fave games of the years, delivering a fast-paced crime noir adventure with the thrilling romance I crave in my otome games! If you’re still on the fence about the game, check out my review: Bustafellows Otome Review – Romance with a Bit of Danger.

I did a live unboxing over on my Twitch channel, but if amateur photography is more your speed, here’s my post breakdown of everything that came in the press kit!

Bustafellows Collector’s Edition: What’s in the box?

The BUSTAFELLOWS Collector’s Edition includes a Physical Nintendo Switch copy of the game, a copy of New Sieg People Magazine (an art book), Scarecrow’s Mixtape CD (the BUSTAFELLOWS soundtrack), and six art cards of CGs from the game. On release the BUSTAFELLOWS Collector’s Edition was $75.92 on Funstock (it’s sold out).

So, the CE comes with a copy of the game and the Collector’s Edition Box, which is designed to look like a briefcase full of money. It has the same promotional artwork on the front as we’ve seen from the start, so nothing spoilery or new here. The box is made of cardboard and is pretty sturdy, with a protective gloss lamination finish–but if you drop it that will cause damage. The box isn’t that big, barely bigger than the game box, coming in at 172 x 137 x 32 mm.

Bustafellows Collector’s Edition (Physical)

Everything fits neatly into the box, and there was a foam cushion inside to help protect the items from damage when you move the box around. The CD was on top, then the 6 art cards (in a plastic baggie), finally the New Sieg People Magazine.

Deep Dive into the Collector’s Edition Items

Scarecrow’s Mix Tape

Scarecrow’s Mixtape CD features 27 tracks from the BUSTAFELLOWS soundtrack. Recorded in Scarecrow’s secret studio, the mix includes ‘Novalis’, ‘Come and Get Me’, and many more. The main Theme ‘Novalis’ is interpreted by Kaito Ishikawa who voices Adam Krylov.

Specifications: CD packed into a jewel case with clear tray (no paper parts)

6 Art Cards

With stunning character and environmental art from renowned artist Sumeragi Kohaku, the BUSTAFELLOWS Collectors Edition includes 6 unique and dynamic art cards featuring the whole cast. These exclusive art cards were not part of the Japanese Deluxe edition.

Specifications: 300gsm paper | 160 x 110 mm

So these are reprints of CGs from each route in the game. I like the ones that they picked and the print job is really crisp and clean–you can stick them on your wall or frame them and relive some of your favorite moments from the games. They’re not too big and the backs are printed with the BUSTAFELLOWS logo.

New Sieg People Magazine

An abridged version of the ‘New Sieg People Weekly’ magazine, as featured in the original Japanese Deluxe edition. Featuring original sketches, unique art and character profiles, the magazine has been localized to English and offers an intimate behind the scenes glimpse at the development of BUSTAFELLOWS and its captivating cast of characters.

Specifications: 52 pages (including covers) | 170gsm cover and 90gsm inner pages | 170 x 134 mm

This is the item from the CE that I was most looking forward to because they really hyped the magazine up in the marketing for the game. Modeled after a People Magazine, this small booklet contains 52 pages of behind the scenes sketches and art assets for each of the characters in the game. When I did the unboxing on stream I completely missed the Spoiler Alert on the cover and was just flipping through it all willy-nilly–but, the whole thing feels like one of those Actor photoshoot exclusives. I love the teasers on the front and the ads at the end were super realistic. My one gripe is that the cover is made out of stock paper without any gloss or anything so if you manhandle it too much it’ll show noticeable wear and tear.

Bustafellows Collector’s Edition Inside the box

BUSTAFELLOWS Press Kit Extra Goodies

In addition to the Collector’s Edition, PQube sent over a few hand selected official BUSTAFELLOWS merch that wasn’t included in the English language release of the game–and it’s good stuff! I’ve never been big on merch (I never know what to do with it all), but PQube and Extend hooked Blerdy Otome up and I just had to share! So, let’s take a deep dive into all the amazing merch included in the press kit!

Bustafellows Acrylic Stand Collection “Welcome to NEW SIEG”

The countdown illustrations, telling tales that lead up to the BUSTAFELLOWS story, are now in acrylic stand form! The cute-ified characters appear all over the city of New Sieg! The bases feature a New Sieg Dollar for that touch of class.

Specifications: Six types (selected at random) | 127 x 89 mm | Acrylic (one sided)

There are six unique types, each depicting two characters from the game going about their day–whether that’s a night out with friends or lounging at home. Variations include: Scarecrow and Helvetica; Teuta, Leuka and Adam; Limbo and Mozu; Limbo and Shu; Shu and Helvetica; Scarecrow and Mozu. The stands come in a secure printed acrylic base depicting various locations from around New Sieg. The standee has two parts, the main standee and the base (in the shape of a $100 New Sieg Dollar).

These are super cute and all fit in your hand, so you can stick them on a bookshelf or on a desk with no problem. I especially love that there’s a version with Teuta and co., otome heroines tend to get shafted in the merch department. Though, the Mozu/Scarecrow acrylic standee is my fave–both my baes in one place is always a win! I do want to note that the printed images are printed right on the stand without a protective coat, so you could potentially scratch them if you’re not careful (someone from my stream suggested clear resin as a DIY top coat). *Note these are one-sided, but the back is not covered in a protective coat, so it is possible to scratch the image if you aren’t careful.


Carmen’s taking pictures at Paradiso Garage! Each of these relaxed characters is enjoying a toast in these photos.

Specifications: Six types (selected at random) | 53mm x 53mm (square)

There are six unique types, each depicting one of the main cast of characters from the game enjoying their favorite drink. I’m used to rounded pins, so having square ones is an interesting change and their cute, definitely something you’d stick in an itabag or a pin board. They seem to be made of a board stock with a plastic cover over the front and they’re pretty sturdy. I think my fave of the set is Limbo’s pin, because of course he’s stuffing his face!

BUSTAFELLOWS Cat-Shaped Double-sided Acrylic Keyrings

Carry your favorite BUSTAFELLOWS characters with you in your pocket. Cool characters surrounded by cat-like designs! Double-sided, so each one features their cute backside as well.

Specifications: Seven types (selected at random) | 6 cm in length | Acrylic charm & Metal clasp

Okay, I’m usually not big on keychains, but these are seriously cute af! All the LIs, Teuta, and Adam are given the cuteness treatment with these adorable key charms. The design is nice and I love that it’s double-sided, so each one has a cute kitty bottom. They each have cute color coded bow ties, and not gonna lie I was surprised to see Adam getting some rep too! While I think the keychains are cute, I would have loved to have seen these as a plushie set–they’d be so soft and cuddly… but, alas.

The keychains are fairly big, so if you put them on a bag you might need to make sure you don’t knock it off or get it caught on anything. I do want to note that the printed images are printed right on the acrylic form without a protective coat, so you could potentially scratch them if you’re not careful (someone from my stream suggested clear resin as a DIY top coat).

BUSTAFELLOWS Cotton Reusable Bag “Pay Your RESPECTS or MONEY”

An eco-friendly cotton bag that fits well in size! Please use it to accompany your shopping! Only you can decide whether to pay respect or fine.

Specifications: Cotton | 8.3 in x 11.7 in

If I had to pick a favorite item from this press kit, it is absolutely this bag–it’s both practical and hilarious! Scarecrow’s Respect jar is reimagined as this eco-friendly bag that you can take with you shopping or to store all your other merch.

BUSTAFELLOWS Press Kit Final Thoughts

So, first things first, A HUGE THANK YOU TO PQUBE FOR SENDING ME THE PRESS KIT! This was such an awesome opportunity and I cannot thank y’all enough for all the amazing Bustafellows goodies! Everything included in this press kit is official BUSTAFELLOWS merch that was hand picked by the team working on the localization and is available for purchase through A and G Shop (though some of the items are sold out), there were also some items for sale not included in the press kit. This is a Japanese shop, but international shipping is available. The standees and the square pins are not available on A and G anymore, but I did see that they were available through a third-party shop (I can’t vouch for the shop so I won’t include links).

Here’s everything that came in the press kit!

Thank You PQube and Nippon Cultural Broadcasting Extend Inc for providing the Press Kit!

Thank you for reading and supporting Blerdy Otome!

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