Code Realize Wintertide Miracles Limited Edition Unboxing

Hey Blerdy Tribe! Today is release day for Code Realize Wintertide Miracles for the Nintendo Switch! For those of you that don’t know Wintertide Miracles is the third chapter in the Code Realize series which follows Cardia Beckford, a young woman with poisonous skin and her adventures with a group of famous literary heroes.

Wintertide Miracles takes fans deeper into the world of Code: Realize and its intriguing characters. Experience the seasonal magic and chaos of two-on-one dates and play with dynamics (and hearts) by bringing multiple members of Lupin’s gang on a wide variety of romantic romps. Learn more about the dashing detective Herlock Sholmés and the enigmatic Finis in continuing sagas involving the newest men in the Code: Realize universe, and join Cantarella, the mysterious young lady Cardia encountered in one of her many adventures, as she is caught up in the chaos that always seems to surround Lupin and his gang.

Wintertide Miracles is available in both Standard and Limited Edition! The LE comes with some nice goodies, and thanks to the folks at Aksys Games I was able to get my hands on a copy! So let’s dive in and check out what comes with the LE and whether or not I think they justify the $59.99 price tag.

Wintertide Miracles Limited Edition: What’s in the Box?

The Limited Edition of Code: Realize ~Wintertide Miracles~ includes a set of five 1.5” metal buttons featuring new holiday chibi artwork and a 3” acrylic keychain of Cardia in her winter costume. This keychain will be the third in the Code: Realize exclusive set of acrylic keychains.


So right off the bat I have to say that I really like the box art for the LE, which features all the boys in matching outfits posed in a way that is reminiscent of a family Christmas card—fitting given the winter theme of the game. The LE box art for the Vita LE just featured all the guys in their usual outfits, so the change for the Switch release was a nice touch. The box material is standard, the same as those rigid cardboard like boxes you use for business cards. It’s sturdy enough to sit on a shelf and look pretty but if you drop it or handle it too much it’ll probably show some wear and tear over time.

Everything is housed in the box and going to be honest I’m glad that everything is contained within it’s own packaging. The Cardia keychain is packaged in a plastic bag and there is this little pocket at the top, keeping it separated from the other items. The six character buttons were housed in the main box, secure in their own plastic baggie. The Wintertide Miracles game box is a standard plastic Switch game box, which is also covered in plastic packaging—there is a lot of plastic in this box.

First up are the buttons! There are five 1.5″ metal buttons featuring the love interests in a chibi artstyle wearing their winter outfits. These are super cute and I love that each button is a different color specific to the character—if you line them up it’s kind of a rainbow.  Each button has a holiday wreath that features little accents that reflect the characters—Victor’s has a little beaker, Impey’s has a tiny wrench and a Cardia doll, Van is holding a toy gun, etc.

Next up is the 3″ Cardia Acrylic Keychain—it’s cute, depicting Cardia in her winter outfit with the Code Realize logo at the bottom. This is the third acrylic keychain in the series, following the group acrylic keychain from the Nintendo Switch release of Guardians of Rebirth, and the Sisi keychain from the Future Blessings Day One Switch release. As far as acrylic keychains go, it’s nice but nothing to really write home about. There was a protective plastic film over the keychain to protect it from damage, which I liked.

And last but not least is the game! Standard Nintendo Switch Game box, with updated art from the Vita release—of course Lupin is on the cover with Cardia, both wearing their winter outfits. Inside the box it’s just the cartridge (am I alone in missing the days when games came with little booklets?). But, there is some nice artwork on the right panel featuring a mash up of some of the festive CGs from the game. 

Where Does this LE Stand Up Against the Other Code Realize LEs?

Wintertide Miracles (PS Vita) LE

Price: $69.99

The PS Vita Wintertide Miracles Limited Edition included  a set of six 3″ Acrylic Figurines and eight 4×6  Collectable character cards. 

Wintertide Miracles Vita Limited Edition

While they’re cool,  I never know what to do with those collectable cards—so, I’m not really missing out on much with those, but those acrylic standees are adorable and I would have loved to see a version of them with the characters wearing their winter clothes for this release. 

Future Blessings Switch Day One

Price: $59.99

The Day One Edition includes:  a set of 8 large character cards; a mini soundtrack CD and an exclusive 2″ acrylic key chain of Sisi the dog.

Code Realize Future Blessing Limited Edition

Again, not too fussed about cards, but I do like that they have the new character outfits, I always really loved Cardia’s clothing in this game so any opportunity to see her in that hat is a win. The Sisi keychain is cute and who could hate on an adorable doggo? But the real highlight is the soundtrack CD, the Code Realize series has some of the best music and it’s nice to be able to listen to some of the tracks without having to boot up the game. 

Guardians of Rebirth Switch Collector’s Edition

Price: $59.99

The Collector’s Edition includes:  an exclusive 60 page artbook; soundtrack CD and an exclusive 3″ acrylic key chain.

Code Realize Guardians of Rebirth Limited Edition

The acrylic keychain in this release fratures all the boys and Cardia and honestly, I’d kind of want that more than just a single character keychain. There’s another soundtrack CG, which is another win for this special edition. But, the best part of this edition is the 60 page artbook—I am a sucker for artbooks and I really wish more games included them with their releases… 

So is it worth getting the Limited Edition?

Eh, yes and no. $59.99 isn’t really that much in the grand scheme of things, most standard edition Switch titles go for about that much, so you’re definitely getting a bit more bang for your buck. However, the items they include, while nice kind of pale in comparison to the other Code Realize special editions released over the years– if there had been an artbook or a soundtrack CD, that would have pushed this LE over the edge for me. 

If you’re a collector who already owns the other Code Realize special editions and LEs, definitely snap this up to complete your collection. But, if like me you just want to play the game and revisit the world of Code Realize, you might want to just save 20 bucks and go for the standard edition.  

I also created a reel over on Instagram of my unboxing, so def check that out below: 

Where To Buy the Game

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Thank you Aksys Games for providing the LE for this post!

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