Valentine’s Day with Bae – Otome Boys to Spend V-Day With

Hey Blerdy Tribe, it’s Valentines Day or as some like to call it, Singles Awareness Day–and whether you’re in an “entanglement”, going stag, or cozying up with your significant other, I hope your day is full of LOVE. Been awhile since I even acknowledged the unofficial holiday here on Blerdy Otome, but this year I wanted to do something special! So this year, I’m sharing a list of otome guys I wouldn’t mind spending some time with on Valentines Day! Gonna shake things up by including LIs from otome games AND indie otome, because why limit myself?!

Mineo Enomoto – Collar x Malice

At this point, Mineo is on just about every best boy list I write, because he is my ideal bae and no one is gonna change my mind! He is just so down to Earth and of all the guys in Collar x Malice Mineo always felt like a guy I could really kick it with–whether that’s sitting at home binging movies on Netflix or grabbing a drink at a local bar, Mineo would be the ultimate Player 2.

He’d probably try to plan something sweet for V-day, I’m imagining flowers and him blushing up a storm as he tries to remember a romantic speech he wrote (Yanagi in the background mouthing the words to him)….

Itaru Yuikawa – Liar Uncover the Truth

Anyone that followed my journey through Liar Uncover the Truth knows that Itaru Yuikawa could do no wrong and when he was revealed to be Mr. Right, it was just icing on the cake for me. Sure, him becoming your perfect man was a bit on the extra side of things, but dedication like that is commendable… right? He’s always there to lend an ear if you need to vent about your day and no matter what you’ll always know that when he falls for you, it’s forever!

Itaru is the kind of guy that makes it his mission to know everything about you, so I imagine he’d plan a super sweet Valentines Day date with all your favorite things~

Alkar Cassian – When the Night Comes

He’s the bae on the left making eyes at the camera

I had a hard time picking just one LI from the Lunaris Games lineup, because all of their characters are PERFECTION! But, after some deliberation I had to go with my OG love, Alkar, sure he has four ears, but that just means he’s an especially great listener. And that smile *swoons* He can be a bit rough around the edges, but once you win his heart, he loves hard and doesn’t let go.

For his Valentine’s date, he seems like the type to plan something chill, maybe a home date where the two of you curl up in bed and watch something random…

Yang – Piofiore Fated Memories

So full disclosure, I have not finished Piofiore Fated Memories (I keep getting distracted by indie games), so this pick is based solely on the fangirling of my fellow Fangirl crafter, Wren. She sold me on Yang, the “bad guy” who lurks in the shadows, stirring up trouble with the other mafiosos… and not gonna lie there is something sexy about a dangerous man… I’ve also heard tell that his route gets pretty steamy and I am always down for a man who knows how to treat a lady right~

So, for his V-day date, I imagine silk sheets, rose petals and a dimly lit bedroom~

Enix Gray- Love Spell: Written in the Stars

Rounding out this list is a super wholesome pick, Enix Gray from the indie otome game, Love Spell: Written in the Stars. He’s a bit of a nerd who loves video games and anime and is just an all around great guy, without all the toxic gatekeeping you see in IRL. He’s a down to Earth guy with a passion for games and a heart of gold–the perfect bae to kick it with this Valentine’s Day!

Enix is the kind of guy that would plan a cute date at home, with snacks and games… maybe a bit of anime watching!

That’s my list, I hope you liked it! Whether you’re spending Valentine’s Day alone, with friends, family, or your significant other, I want to wish you a very Happy Valentine’s Day!!

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8 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day with Bae – Otome Boys to Spend V-Day With

  1. Girl YES TO ALL OF THIS! Excellent taste, my friend, absolutely excellent taste 😍🤤 have a happy Valentines!

  2. “Alkar, sure he has four ears, but that just means he’s an especially great listener.”

    This made me laugh — I hadn’t even realized. When you spent enough years around anime culture there’s a lot of things, character-design-wise that you don’t even question anymore…
    The LIs in WTNC are amazing. I relate to not knowing who to pick — or I would if August didn’t own my heart. Ezra seems the one you’d have the cutest date with, however. He’s so wholesome and welcoming and genuinely interested in MC, even if it seems like he’d have great stories of his own to tell. Plus he knows his drinks.

    … Goshdang, I love this game.

    *AHEM* All gushing aside, thank you for the post! It’s Post-Valentine’s now but hope you had a good one!

    1. LOLOL the ear thing is something that once you see it you can’t UNSEE

      I love WTNC, all of the characters are fantastic, it was so hard picking just one. August and that hair~ Erza is just an all around sweetheart and you can’t go wrong with a guy that knows their way around a bar LOL

      I’m glad you enjoyed the post!! I hope you had a wonderful Valentines Day too!

  3. correction: “*to me* Ezra seems the one you’d have the cutest date with, however.” It’s a matter of personal opinion, of course!

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