Top 5 “Worst” Voltage Inc Games

Voltage Inc has certainly come up with so many amazing games, but, there are some that just don’t quite hit the mark. I don’t hate them per se, they’re just not the best. So this isn’t so much a list of games that I hate, but more a list of games that could be better. So this was a hard list to come up with, I enjoy different aspects of each and every Voltage Inc game for different reasons. These games are on here because of my feelings about the entire game, and in no way a reflection of the individual characters in the game. So in short, I may like certain characters in each of the games on the list, but the overall game not so much.

control your emotions

Before you all start grabbing your torches and pitchforks, this list is purely my opinion…You are more than welcome to agree or disagree with me if you want, by all means leave a comment and suggest better “worst” games. So without further ado here we go: My Top 5 “Worst” Voltage Inc Games.


Number 5: Be My Princess 2

So there will be folks that are wondering why this is even on this list, Be My Princess (BMP) was and is a powerhouse. However, this sequel was not as great as it could have been. When I heard that there would be a sequel to BMP, I was over the moon I couldn’t wait for it to be released so that I could play it. But, when I finally did get around to play it I was less than pleased. Sure the stories are more developed than the original game and there was more depth to the overall story, but somehow it lacked the quirky charm of BMP. If I’d had my way, BMP 2 would have been a continuation of the original game rather than a fast-forward into the future with the grandsons of the original princes.

first love diaries.jpg

Number 4: First Love Diaries

So this is one of those games that I was talking about…I absolutely adore Mitsuru and Sota from this game, definitely the best routes of the game by far. But the game as a whole just fell flat, especially coming on the heels of Dreamy Days in West Tokyo and Class Trip Crush, both of which have the whole high school romance premise covered. I liked the firsts concept of the game, it was cute, but after playing two other high school romance games, I was done with high school. I wanted to grow up and move on.


Number 3: Office Secrets

Office Secrets is just one of those games that did not stand the test of time well. I liked it well enough when it first came out, but upon subsequent playthroughs it just didn’t hold up. Votage’s newer title, Our Two Bedroom Story definitely took the forbidden office romance premise and greatly improved upon it. Perhaps if this game had continued new plot elements would have been introduced, but alas, we shall never know…


Number 2: A Knight’s Devotion

This was my first ever Voltage Inc game, so I have a whole lot of love for it…a whole lot of love, but nostalgia can’t save this game. Upon the initial playthrough the game was fun, and I am definitely grateful to AKD for introducing me to mobile otoge, but I tried to play it recently and I fell asleep on it. I really could not get through it to save my life…this is actually really heartbreaking…so I’m gonna move on now.

serendipity next door

Number 1: Serendipity Next Door

This was kind of a one trick pony sort of game…A romance with the famous musician next door, in theory that sounds like a great game, but that was all it was. The only route that made sense in the game is Masaomi’s, the other characters seemed tacked on for the sake of diversity. Then to add insult to injury the main canon character of the game, Masaomi had one of the dullest routes I’ve ever played. I had a really hard time getting through it, the first time through. There was just so much lacking with this game, so when Voltage decided to discontinue the game, I really couldn’t complain much. A great concept in theory, but there are certainly other games that execute this type of story better.

So that’s my list, were there any games you though should have been on the list that weren’t? Something on the list that you think shouldn’t be? Do you have any suggestions for posts? Any burning questions? Want me to review a specific game or character? Feel free to Comment on this post or Ask Me on my tumblr! As always Thank You for reading!!

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