Top 5 “Worst” Voltage Inc Games

Voltage Inc has certainly come up with so many amazing games, but, there are some that just don’t quite hit the mark. I don’t hate them per se, they’re just not the best. So this isn’t so much a list of games that I hate, but more a list of games that could be better. So this was a hard list to come up with, I enjoy different aspects of each and every Voltage Inc game for different reasons. These games are on here because of my feelings about the entire game, and in no way a reflection of the individual characters in the game. So in short, I may like certain characters in each of the games on the list, but the overall game not so much.

control your emotions

Before you all start grabbing your torches and pitchforks, this list is purely my opinion…You are more than welcome to agree or disagree with me if you want, by all means leave a comment and suggest better “worst” games. So without further ado here we go: My Top 5 “Worst” Voltage Inc Games.

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Be My Princess 2 Otome Review

Be My Princess 2 is the sequel to Voltage Inc’s Be My Princess. Set 50 years after the events of the first game, follow a young baker as she romances the grandchildren of the original princes and a few new royal additions.

Game Details

  • Genre: Fantasy | Royal Romance | Modern
  • Platforms: Android | iOS
  • Developer: Voltage Inc
  • Similar Games: Be My Princess | Rose in the Embers | Cinderella Phenomenon
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Be My Princess Otome Review

Be My Princess is a royal romance mobile otome game developed by Japanese publisher, Voltage Inc. Follow a normal college student after a chance meeting with a handsome prince leads to a royal invitation to an elite party. There she meets six equally handsome (and eligible) princes from neighboring kingdoms.

Game Details

  • Genre: Fantasy | Royal Romance | Modern
  • Platforms: Android | iOS
  • Developer: Voltage Inc
  • Similar Games: Be My Princess 2 | Rose in the Embers | Cinderella Phenomenon
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