Is Taisho x Alice Heads & Tails Worth Playing?

Like a coin, TAISHO x ALICE has two sides: the real world and the Looking-Glass World. Without darkness, there can be no light… It’s time to take a peek behind the curtain in TAISHO x ALICE: HEADS & TAILS!

The Taisho x Alice fandisc, Heads & Tails is now available in English on the Nintendo Switch console! But, is it worth playing?

Game Details

  • Genre: Fantasy | Otome | Fandisc
  • Developer & Publisher: Primula & Pencil
  • Rating: T for Teen
  • Where to Play: Steam | Nintendo Switch
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Hard to Make a Romantic Cartoon (순정만화가 너무 어려워) BL Game Review

Steam is a treasure trove of hidden gems, but their search feature is absolute trash, so finding anything new can be impossible on the platform. While browsing the Steam Visual Novel Fest listings I discovered the Korean boys love game, Hard to Make a Romantic Cartoon! (순정만화가 너무 어려워) and this game is everything!

College student Yunjae is transported into the body of a side character in a romantic webcomic and forced to fulfill his intended role in the story. But when Yunjae inadvertently changes the story, he must deal with some unexpected consequences… an isekai adventure with a boys love twist~

Game Details

  • Genre: Boys Love | Isekai | Drama | Comedy
  • Developer & Publisher: Indigo & AK Communications
  • Rating: Safe for Work (16+)
  • Where to Play: Steam
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Melanin Friendly Games – Karamu

Happy Monday! What better way to kick off the week than with a melanin friendly game!

While (slowly) making my way through all of this year’s Otome Jam submissions I stumbled across Chattercap’s yandere ex-boyfriend themed romance horror, Karamu and let’s just say I was not prepared for this ride! This is a yandere romance that will subvert all your expectations—I went through the full gambit of emotions and I still haven’t recovered.

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Radiant Tale Otome Review

Radiant Tale is a fantasy adventure otome game developed by Otomate and published in English by Aksys Games for the Nintendo Switch.

Tifalia’s quiet life is turned upside down when she is invited to join CIRCUS, a ragtag group of performers. But when her companions are an excitable dragon, a tsundere clown, a shy magical conductor, a burly acrobat, a furball with a taste for booze, and a ringleader who is more concerned with aesthetic than logistics—Tifalia has her work cut out for her. Can they come together to make a winning performance or will they fizzle out?

Game Details

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Charade Maniacs Otome Review

Charade Maniacs is a mystery otome game developed by Idea Factory for the Nintendo Switch and published in English by Idea Factory International. Can you trust someone who might be a traitor? A mysterious figure abducts Hiyori Sena, transporting her to a strange world with nine other abductees and welcomes them to a world called Arcadia.

Everyone must act out “dramas” for a chance to escape, all whilst avoiding the trappings of a traitor.

Game Details

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Nochi Studios Newest Title ‘Sweetcore Brews’ Comes with AR Gameplay

Female founded and run indie studio Nochi Studios is working on their latest project, Sweetcore Brews! This is the team’s fourth game, coming on the heels of their exploration adventure romance, Untold Atlas.

Sweetcore Brews is an otome about a tea-brewing witch called “Milly”, whose dream is to open her own magical tea shop in the city. In this latest project, players can romance one of two love interests, Zero (female) and Kingsley (male). This is Nochi Studio’s most ambitious project to date, the team also plans to include AR gameplay mechanics that will bring the characters of Sweetcore Brews into the real world!


Sweetcore Brews is an otome about a tea-brewing witch called “Milly”, whose dream is to open her own magical tea shop in the city. She is currently an apprentice witch working at an existing magical tea shop where the shopkeeper is rarely around. So Milly manages the shop full-time, practicing daily her new magical teas on her own by using them as solutions for her customers’ lives. She meets two love interests – Zero and Kingsley, both are also magical humans who run their own unique businesses. This game is a slice of life romance where Milly deals with the funny mistakes she makes from her magical teas causing problems, and she falls in love with Zero or Kingsley over time.

Official Game Synopsis

Characters of Sweetcore Brews

Meet the Heroine, Milly Blythe!

Millennium “Milly” Blythe is the bewitching new girl in town working hard at her new apprenticeship at Sweetcore Brews, a bustling tea shop managed by a shopkeeper who chats by cauldron, and where all teas aren’t just made with love… but with magic.

Fall in Love with Kingsley and Zero!

Key Features in Sweetcore Brews

Over 20 hours of Content to Enjoy

20+ Hours of Gameplay where you can romance complex and intriguing Love Interests to unlock spicy situations and various storylines! 10 Unlockable CGs. With 72 chapters of story content planned for the full game that can be played on your own time – no real time based management system! And there could be more chapters created, depending on stretch goal funding!  

Available on both PC and Mobile

Previously, Nochi Studios has exclusively released their games on mobile. But, for Sweetcore Brews, the team plans to release on both mobile and PC – with the game being optimized for both platforms. The PC version will have mad lib styled mini-games, while the mobile version will introduce a unique AR gameplay experience.

Unique AR Gameplay Mechanic

But, the most exciting aspect of Sweetcore Brews is the inclusion of AR tech for the mobile version. Bring the characters of Sweetcore Brews out of your phone and into the real world, for a more immersive gameplay experience!

Nochi Studios is giving players a new way to interact with their favorite love interests, by giving us access to exclusive voiced content and scenarios. Hear amazing voice lines in settings like at a coffee shop or even before going to bed if they want to be cheered up with a lovely line about how awesome our players are!

Keep an Eye Out for More Sweetcore Brews

I am so excited for this latest release from Nochi Studios! Sweetcore Brews is the studios’ most ambitious project to date, with the inclusion of AR gameplay mechanics, male and female love interests, and finally being available on both PC and mobile. You don’t want to miss out on this game! Nochi Studios plans to launch a Kickstarter campaign to help fund Sweetcore Brews on June 28, 2023, so mark your calendars!

Find Nochi Studios

Nochi Studios is a female-founded and female-run game studio in Ann Arbor. Their goal is to develop “kickass games” that “challenge the status quo”.

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Jack Jeanne Otome Review

Jack Jeanne is a high school romance otome and rhythm game developed by Broccoli with direction and art design by famed mangaka Sui Ishida, and published in English by Aksys Game. Show off your performance skills in singing and dancing and help Kisa Tachibana rise through the ranks at the elite drama school Univeil. There’s just one catch she can’t let anyone know that she’s a girl!

Game Details

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Winter’s Wish: Spirits of Edo Otome Review

Winter’s Wish: Spirits of Edo is a supernatural historical otome game developed by Otomate and published by Aksys Games for the Nintendo Switch. A secret organization recruits a young woman. Her ability to sense oncoming disasters could save the country from demonic forces. Or destroy it…

Game Details

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Lkyt. BL Game Review

From Parade, the developers of NO, THANK YOU!!! and Room No. 9, comes a dark fantasy action BL game, Lkyt. Can two people find hope for the future with an outlook so bleak? Is it possible for friendship to turn into intimacy on the eve of humanity’s destruction? Can love save the world?

Game Details

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A Kiss From Death Indie Game Review

A Kiss From Death is a mystery fantasy indie visual novel developed by Gongon Studio, the team behind the horror otome, Eye Can See You. On the day of her father’s funeral, Lucinda meets and befriends a strange child and though their encounter is short, they leave a big impression. Years later she meets her old friend again, but with their reunion, Lucinda learns that they might be harboring unsettling secrets that could change her life forever.

Game Details

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