Even if Tempest Dawning Connections First Impressions Review – Happily Ever After Ain’t Always Easy

Even if Tempest Dawning Connections, the follow up to 2022’s dark fantasy otome game, Even if Tempest is one of the most anticipated releases of the year. Voltage Inc. really went above and beyond with their first console exclusive title, and the fandom is chomping at the bit to see how things are going for Anastasia and the rest of the gang after the tumultuous events of the first game.

In this sequel we follow Anastasia and the LIs as they embark on their happily ever after. Though, for some the road to happiness does come with a few twists and turns. Dawning Connections is everything we’ve wanted an more—offering a much lighter experience than the first game (though if you want a bit of drama there is plenty of that too).

Thanks to the awesome folks at Voltage Inc. I was able to check out the game before the release and y’all it is EVERYTHING! So here are some quick spoiler free thoughts on Even if Tempest Dawning Connections (typed from my hotel room)!

Game Details

Some sweet lovin’ after all the ANGST

After fighting against fate (and evil killer clowns), the characters of Even if Tempest, more than earned their happily ever after. The first game leaned heavily into the darker and edgier themes, leaving us wanting in the romance department…. well, trust me, Even if Tempest Dawning Connections will give you all the sweet romantic moments that we have been craving.

Each of the main characters get their own standalone storylines that pick up right after the events of the first game. We get to see how Anastasia and her chosen boy are doing as they navigate their new relationship and the aftermath of the events in their individual routes. So for folks hoping for justice for characters like… Lucien, trust me when I say baby boi finally gets some love.

But, if you’re expecting everything to be all sunshine and roses, that it is not, everyone has to put in the work for their happily ever after (but they are so worth it). Also, while Dawning Connections isn’t “explicit” there are some steamy moments to enjoy as well~

Alternate retellings that tie up loose ends

As great as Even if Tempest was, it did leave some loose ends. Thankfully Even if Tempest Dawning Connections is here to delve into some of the tidbits left on the cutting room floor. The Fellowship storyline rewrites the events following “Parting Memoirs IV” and takes Anastasia and the gang on a new adventure. It is locked at the start of the game, but this path promises to uncover some key secrets about the world and the characters.

But, if that isn’t enough of a draw for ya, how about getting to enjoy a scenario where all the boys and Anastasia get to bond? One of the things I loved most about Even if Tempest was the comraderie between the main cast. Whether it’s the bromance between Zenn, Tyril, and Crius or the brotherly teasing of Lucien, the boys of Even if Tempest really shine when they’re together.

So much more to explore with Side Character stories!

Even if Tempest is a game that boasts an impressive cast of endearing side characters. From Anastasia’s loveable maid, Maya to morally grey trickster, Ish to deliciously wicked villains like Conrad and Eveline, the series is full of memorable characters, each with their own motivations. Well, Even if Tempest Dawning Connections adds even more depth to these amazing side characters, with their own unique side stories!

I don’t know about you all, but I am always interested in the side characters (sometimes more than the main cast) so it was really cool getting to spend more time getting to know them better, in ways not explored in the original game.

Voltage seems to have worked out some of the localization kinks (but not all)

So, we all remember how buggy the launch of Even if Tempest was back in 2022—I think my crash counter reached the double digits at one point. Well, it looks like Voltage has worked out some of the kinks since the first game and as far as I’ve seen the game has yet to crash on me (which is a huge win).

They’ve even improved on the translation side; I’ve seen fewer issues compared with the first game, but it’s not perfect. I noticed a few typos, like “heard” instead of “head” or words in the wrong tense, but even those weren’t enough to take away from my enjoyment of the game (granted they were annoying).

But, Voltage more than makes up for the few kinks, with its gorgeous visuals and UI design and of course, the amazing storytelling.

Thoughts on Even if Tempest Dawning Connections, so far…

I’ve been on a work trip, so I’ve only had a few stolen moments between events to play Even if Tempest Dawning Connections, but I’ve really liked what I’ve seen. Fan discs tend to offer a more snackable experience than their predecessors, and in that regard, Dawning Connections delivers. Even with the shorter storylines, the variety of content makes for a more robust and filling gameplay experience.

There is a bit of everything here. Continuations of the “best” ends from the first game that provide more of the sweet romantic moments that were missing in the more story heavy main game. Alternate storylines that explore new scenarios and expand on characters outside of the main cast. Because the main game had a very set story it wanted to tell, some things were left unanswered by the finale. Well, Dawning Connections does its best to tie up a few of those loose ends.

Of course, there are some darker elements like there were in the first game, but they are significantly more tame in the fan disc (or maybe I’m desensitized)🤷🏾‍♀️. I’m still working my way through the game, but so far, I am loving the experience and I can’t wait to uncover more secrets as I continue the journey. I love the world and characters of Even if Tempest and I am so happy to be immersed in this world all over again.

I know there are a lot of games coming out right now, but definitely consider making a bit of time for Even if Tempest Dawning Connections!

Thanks to Voltage Inc. for providing a copy of the game for this review!

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