LGBT+ romance visual novel Twofold out now!

Twofold is a romance visual novel that focuses on relationships and family. It’s been in development since 2012 by Salty Salty Studios with the help of Studio Coattails and Studio Élan, being published through Studio Élan’s publishing wing Bellhouse. Studio Élan is most known for its previous yuri and women-focused romance titles such as Please Be Happy, Heart of the Woods, Highway Blossoms and more.

Twofold is out now on Steam and with a physical release currently up for pre-order on Studio Élan’s website.

About Twofold

Olive’s situation is dire. They’re on the verge of failing out of college and have one last chance—take a filler course and pass it. Their lifeline: two club leaders who are more than willing to help them succeed. However, no solution is that easy. Olive finds themself in the middle of a feud between these two former friends which has swept up their clubs and the people around them.

Twofold is a story about romance, relationships, and most of all—family.

Features of Twofold

  • a nonbinary protagonist and a queer cast
  • 2 female routes to follow with a bonus for completing both routes
  • several side characters to develop friendships with
  • a large original soundtrack and lots of cut scene artworks
  • 150k+ words over both routes
  • full English voice acting with talents such as Dottovu, Lisa Reimold and more

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About Salty Salty Studios
Salty Salty Studios is a group of friends and like-minded creatives formed to work on large-scale passion projects. We strive to bring our charming stories and characters to life using equally unique art styles.

About Studio Coattails
Studio Coattails merged into Studio Élan in 2022 and now functions as a voice studio that brings characters to life. They will be directing the voice cast for Twofold.

About Bellhouse
Bellhouse is a branch of Studio Élan dedicated to publishing small creative works by other creators which share the common theme of wholesome and positive LGBT+ representation.

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