LGBT+ romance visual novel Twofold out now!

Twofold is a romance visual novel that focuses on relationships and family. It’s been in development since 2012 by Salty Salty Studios with the help of Studio Coattails and Studio Élan, being published through Studio Élan’s publishing wing Bellhouse. Studio Élan is most known for its previous yuri and women-focused romance titles such as Please Be Happy, Heart of the Woods, Highway Blossoms and more.

Twofold is out now on Steam and with a physical release currently up for pre-order on Studio Élan’s website.

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Elan Festival 2023 Brings Some Exciting Yuri Announcements

This past Sunday, yuri game development team, Studio Élan announced some exciting upcoming Sapphic visual novels during Élan Festival 2023 hosted by their adorable mascot, Melanie (voiced by Madeline Dorroh)! This is an annual showcase current and upcoming projects from Élan and their publishing wing Bellhouse and trust there is a lot to talk about! So, let’s check out all the announcements from Élan Festival 2023!

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Heart of the Woods Yuri Game Review – A Compelling Modern Day Fantasy

Heart of the Woods is a fantasy romance yuri visual novel developed by Studio Élan. The game follows Tara and Maddie, a pair of paranormal investigation vloggers as they embark on a journey to the isolated snowbound village of Eysenfeld in hopes of unlocking its many secrets. They soon discover that they may have found more than they bargained for in the sleepy town as the pair stumble upon an ancient curse that will change their lives forever. Ancient mysteries, adventure, and romance await…

Game Details

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