Is Taisho x Alice Heads & Tails Worth Playing?

Like a coin, TAISHO x ALICE has two sides: the real world and the Looking-Glass World. Without darkness, there can be no light… It’s time to take a peek behind the curtain in TAISHO x ALICE: HEADS & TAILS!

The Taisho x Alice fandisc, Heads & Tails is now available in English on the Nintendo Switch console! But, is it worth playing?

Game Details

  • Genre: Fantasy | Otome | Fandisc
  • Developer & Publisher: Primula & Pencil
  • Rating: T for Teen
  • Where to Play: Steam | Nintendo Switch

Story of Taisho x Alice Heads & Tails

There are two sides to every fairytale…

Like a coin, TAISHO x ALICE has two sides: the real world and the Looking-Glass World.
HEADS: Enjoy the happily ever afterstories with Cinderella and the gang in the topsy-turvy Looking-Glass World!
TAILS: Join Woolfe and Ryoushi to explore the greater mystery of the events that took place in the real world!
Without darkness, there can be no light… It’s time to take a peek behind the curtain in TAISHO x ALICE: HEADS & TAILS!

This is a visual novel. As you progress through the story, you will be asked to make choices at key points that will lead you to different endings.
The heroine’s first name (Yurika) can be changed.
Some choices will have lasting repercussions, so choose wisely to reach a happy ending!


What to expect in Taisho x Alice Heads & Tails

Have you ever wanted a chance to date the side in an otome? Well in Taisho x Alice Heads & Tails you can!

Heads & Tails contains routes for side characters Woolfe and Ryoushi, as well as sugary-sweet after stories with each of the 7 original love interests. This fandisc also includes an additional AU storyline, Arisu Academy, where you can experience a TAISHO x ALICE school AU with the entire cast! 10 stories total for fans to enjoy, playable in any order.

Woolfe’s Story

It all started when he enrolled at a college in the town where his grandma lived. His motive: to search for an old friend who cut contact after a fight. But even after he found him, it still wasn’t really HIM… This is the story of Woolfe’s life in the friendzone, doing his best for his bestie!

Ryoushi’s Story

Hailing from a long line of doctors, Ryoushi Arisu lost his place in the family the moment his younger sister was born. Years later, at a med school far, far away, as he contemplates his career path… he meets the strange little boy who will change his life forever.

After Stories with the OG Boys

Seven tales that take place after the happy endings in each of the seven Looking-Glass Worlds. Now that Yurika and her beloved are finally together, what mischief will they get into next? Let’s take a peek!

LOVE INTERESTS: Cinderella, Red Riding Hood, Kaguya, Gretel, Snow White, Wizard, and Alice

Arisu Academy AU

My name is Yurika Arisu, and I’ve just transferred to the esteemed Mirrorfield Academy in the middle of the school year. Here, I’ll meet:

  • My homeroom teacher, Mr. Cinderella, the down-to-earth art instructor!
  • Mr. Riding Hood, the dutiful yet shy biology teacher!
  • Mr. Kaguya, the classical literature teacher with a charming, cheeky grin!
  • Gretel, a first-year with a love of sweets!
  • Snow White, the quiet and mysterious bookworm!
  • Wizard, the dependable student council president!
  • And lastly… the boy of my dreams, Alice!

They’re all handsome and special in their own ways. So who should I spend my school days chasing? It’s gonna be so much fun… I can’t wait!

Do you have to play Taisho x Alice or All in One to Play Heads and Tails?

Yes, and no. You can treat the Arisu Academy AU stories as standalone experiences, since they aren’t really connected to the main story from the first game.

BUT, if you want to enjoy any of the After Stories for the main love interests, you might want to play through the OG game, as these take place after the events of the first game. There are also some spoilers for the finale of Taisho x Alice in Woolfe and especially Ryoushi’s stories. So if you don’t want to spoil anything for yourself, maybe play those after Taisho x Alice

Woolfe’s Story🚫 Play Taisho x Alice first
Ryoushi’s Story🚫 Play Taisho x Alice first
Arisu Academy✅ Safe! Can be played whenever
After Stories🚫 Play Taisho x Alice first

Is Taisho x Alice Heads & Tails worth playing?

Heck yeah! Woolfe and Ryoushi’s routes alone are worth the price of admission, since they give insight into loose ends from from the finale (read: more info on [REDACTED]). And trust me you want to know more about [REDACTED]. Also, if you were as thirsty for Woolfe and Ryoushi as I was, these routes are so worth playing. Finally some justice for Woolfe, because that baby had it rough living in the friendzone in the OG game and he deserved his happily ever after.

The After Stories are cute, and give a satisfying conclusion for some of the LIs *cough* Wizard *cough*, who got the short end of the stick in the first game. While the Arisu Academy AU is hilarious, Verde’s translation still hits!

Overall, Taisho x Alice Heads & Tails is definitely worth it if you are looking to dive back into the world of TaiAli and relive all the topsy turvy fairytale hijinks!

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