That Guy has Anger Issues: Liar! Uncover the Truth- 2nd Liar Toya Kashi

After the crazy borderline incest in the 1st Liar arc, I had no idea what to expect from the 2nd Liar arc. This time around there were three potential Liars to choose from, Keima Katagiri, Toya Kashi, and Itaru Yuikawa; and I can say with all honesty, that I did not see this one coming, at least at first…If you want a spoiler free review click, HERE, if not keep reading! So without further ado, the 2nd Liar, Toya Kashi.

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Getting to Know the Liar…

toyaToya Kashi is a famous pastry chef and the owner of the popular bakery, Patisserie Kashi. People come from all over Japan, just to get a taste of his delicious cakes and pastries, and to ogle at all the tasty hotties working behind the counter! But, of all the tasty morsels at Patisserie Kashi, Toya is by far the sweetest dish. He’s an unassuming and humble guy, who’s gentle smile have won over many of his shop’s female patrons.

Women flock to his shop in droves just to catch a glimpse of the handsome pastry chef. But, Toya would much rather people praise his culinary confections and not his rugged good looks. He is just an all around sweet guy, if not a little clumsy and just a wee bit awkward…but, in an endearingly adorable way. So why is such a perfect guy at a Matchmaking event? Maybe he isn’t clumsy, maybe those accidents were intentional?

Falling in Love with the Lie…

toya-1After kicking Mama’s Boy Shuto to the curb, the MC is ready to get back out there and try again and it doesn’t take long for her to set up dates with college crush Keima and  civil servant Itaru. But, when a client wants to schedule a pre-wedding cake testing, the MC finds herself paying Patisserie Kashi a visit. Of course Toya is more than happy to lend her a hand, but when the MC turns down his date invitation that’s when things start to unravel.

Beneath that sweet and unassuming smile is a uncontrollable hothead! Toya has some serious anger issues, and I don’t mean normal fleeting anger… Oh no, when Toya gets angry things get broken. I did not expect the sweet pastry chef would be the one with anger issues, I honestly thought it was Itaru… Toya just didn’t strike me as the type to fly off the handle at the drop of a dime, but I guess that’s just how it is. It’s not like bad guys walk around in all black with with handlebar mustashes like in cartoons…

Toya 2.pngSo in order to stake his claim over the MC’s heart, he decides to push his timeline a bit and propose to the MC at a cake tasting consolation. Why bother with dates when you can just slip your lady love and engagement ring into a slice of cake? We can worry about the cracked teeth later… But, at this point the MC has already seen through his composed mask, so a engagement ring isn’t going to change her mind about him.

After seeing all of the holes in the wall of his office, I was sincerely afraid that he was going to hit the MC (and he sure as hell tried to) when she went into his office to confront him. Rule number one ladies, NEVER confront a man with anger issues in an enclosed isolated space, it won’t end well. Toya unravels fairly quickly, he drops the nice guy act and starts calling the MC names and shouting like a lunatic, he even smashes a poor defenseless cake… The MC barely escapes unscathed, but Toya doesn’t know when to quit and ruses out of the shop after her. Thank GOD Itaru shows up to save the day, he restrains Toya until a helpful police officer arrives to cart him away to jail where he belongs!

The Endings…

So in Liar! Uncover the Truth eliminating one of the Liars unlocks five alternate endings (Bad End, Secret End, True End, Love End, and Scumbag End) that either continue the story after the MC kicks the Liar to the curb or explain the origins of each guy’s lie. In order to unlock all of the endings in one fell swoop, the player must achieve S rank by the end of the Liar arc. However, the Bad End is unlocked when the player fails to answer the final question correctly and usually depicts the MC’s unhappy marriage with her Liar.

In Toya‘s Bad End, the MC marries Toya despite his anger issues. However it’s not all roses and sunshine, in fact Toya is worse. He’s become a controlling brute who flies off the handle if the MC so much as looks at another man. So the MC spends most of her newlywed life walking on eggshells, but when the mailman offers to help the MC with a package Toya mistakes it for flirting and snaps.

The “My Savior” Secret End, is a POV story that gives a bit of insight into Toya’s first thoughts after seeing the MC for the first time in his shop. The story takes place after Toya broke up with his former girlfriend. Since the breakup he has been unable to come up with a new cake design… and in walks the MC. Suddenly his head is teaming with new cake ideas!

In the “The Day Toya Broke” True End, we take a peek into the past events that lead to Toya’s uncontrollable anger. In his college days, Toya was dating the girl of his dreams, but when he’s offered a chance to study abroad he has to leave her behind in order to follow his dream. After six long months apart, Toya returns to Japan to find that his girlfriend has been cheating on him with one of his friends. Brokenhearted and hurt, Toya snaps at his girlfriend…

In the “Awkward Romance” Love End, Toya refuses to give up on the MC and in his own awkward way tries to win her back. He waits outside of the MC’s job everyday, just for the chance to apologize for his earlier behavior. In the end, it’s his sweet face and even sweeter treats that make the MC change her mind.

Finally, in the “‘Possessive’ Boyfriend” Scumbag End, Toya resorts to stalking the MC for as long as he lives… No, I am dead serious…the entire Scumbag End is just Toya following the MC around like a crazed stalker…

final thoughts

My Reaction…


Toya seriously needs some professional help…it’s just not healthy to lash out at people like that, what’s to stop him from accidentally killing his lover when he gets worked up like that? Nothing, in fact we almost got a sneak peek of that in this liar arc, imagine what might have happened if his office door had been locked during the MC’s confrontation. *shudders* However, after playing through his True End, I was definitely a bit more sympathetic to Toya’s unique situation, but that doesn’t mean I forgive his actions. Men like Toya are the reason that some women have to lie about having a boyfriend to reject unwanted attention from men… There is no excuse that excuse for anyone, male or female to lash out at anyone like that over a rejection!

Toya scared me, because he wasn’t some imaginary threat that Voltage made up, there are seriously guys like Toya out there and they don’t wear signs identifying themselves. I hate to think what would have happened if Itaru hadn’t shown up when he did…This arc was terrifying and may be unsettling for anyone that has experience with an abusive relationship…especially the Bad Ending, that thing needs a damn trigger warning!

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19 thoughts on “That Guy has Anger Issues: Liar! Uncover the Truth- 2nd Liar Toya Kashi

  1. His route was horrifying, and terrifying! X_X
    I had no idea it was him either, he was so sweet and nice, talk about don’t judge a book by its covers and indexes. Never trust a baker!
    His true ending was when I felt super terrified too, I was livid at what he did and then thought it meant she’d stay with him forever and it was a show of love. NO NO, IT AIN’T, AND NEVER WILL, JUST NO UGH

    1. lol, “Never trust a baker” I dunno about that…sweet treats= love

      Yeah, while I understood his anger in the true end, it did not justify his sudden craze! I really hope his ex got away okay…

  2. I was able to pick up pretty quickly that it was Toya, though it’s probably because I’ve had enough friends and family deal with people like him that I was able to notice it. Also no one is that clumsy not even me and I’m the queen of clumsy. The MC deserves better and I think the one true guy is either Keima or Haruichi. I’ve only played through the first two stories but these are my two guesses.

    1. Toya was just so sweet, I couldn’t picture him as a raging lunatic, but I guess that’s how it is in RL…

      Yes, I agree this MC deserves all the happiness in the world after dealing with so many liars… I really hope you continue playing the game, it’s super fun and very different from Voltage’s other titles!!

      Also, THANK YOU so much for stopping by and reading my post and I really appreciate you taking the time to leave a thoughtful comment!! I hope you enjoy reading some of my other content in the future!! 😀

      1. If they have this kind of personalities, is it fun playing the game? Or are you just forcing yourself to complete the route? Or is it still fun nonetheless?

      2. The game is definitely fun! The personalities of some of the liars are the deplorable, but the mystery aspect is really unique. It’s kind of like the Investigation parts of Phoenix Wright, just with the plot of a dating sim lol

  3. Omg I pegged Toya right away lol it was something about his eyes… He had CRAZY EYES! I do find Toya a lot scarier then the last one. I mean this is really how an abusive relationship starts. They’re super nice at first and then the next thing you know you’re calling the cops. The route where we see what would happen if they got married and she’s walking on eggshells all the time. Way realistic.

    1. LMAO! you sure did! Toya caught me by surprise, I guess I’m just gullible 😛

      But, real talk, this route scared me the most in the game for exactly that reason! This route was just a little too real for comfort!

      Yes, the bad end! I was so glad the police showed up when they did!

      1. So far this one scares me the most too. It’s just so realistic. I mean the chances of you meeting a mamas boy to that extreme are pretty where but an abuser? Gah! That could really happen!

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