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After dealing with the rage-aholic in the 2st Liar arc, I was already on endge when I started the 3rd Liar arc. This time around there were four potential Liars to choose from, SotaroJoeItaru, and Kunio; and I can say with all honesty, that I did not see this one coming at all, it was dumb luck that I picked the right liar this time around…If you want a spoiler free review click, HERE, if not keep reading! So without further ado, the 3rd Liar, Joe Yazawa.

So I was informed by a lovely reader from Tumblr, that including the Liar’s name in the title is a tad bit spoiler-y, and after I calmed down a bit and thought about it, I realized they had a point. So, I won’t include the names in any of the future review titles.

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Getting to Know the Liar…

2016-10-13.pngJoe Yazawa is a famous up and coming fashion designer. He entered the fashion world at a young age and since his debut, his brand, JOE YAZAWA, has only gained more acclaim over the years. Joe is know for his unique, cutting edge designs and his stunning good looks.

His designs are highly sought after by celebrities and the elite alike. But, Joe doesn’t just stick to trends… he makes them! He is always in search of his next muse for his newest fashion collection. So, when he sees the MC at the Matchmaking Event, he immediately starts planning his next collection, with her as his muse. At first the MC writes off his eccentric behavior as just part of the his charm. But, the more time they spend together, the less charming his behavior becomes. Soon, Joe’s obsession with the MC takes on a much more sinister nature until he completely loses it.

Falling in Love with the Lie…

joe-1After escaping the clutches of Captain Roid Rage, the MC is ready to move on with her life. While out running errands for a work client, the MC is mistaken for the popular pop idol, Nanyami and is almost dragged away by a group of crazed fans. Luckily, she is lives to snoop another day, when none other than Kunio swoops in and rescues her from the fanboy trio.

From there the MC continues her game of Liar musical chairs and plans dates with some of the other men from the matchmaking mixer. After hanging out with a few guys I had my suspicions about Kunio (the pink glow sticks were just too much), so when Joe invited the MC out on a date, he didn’t trigger any red flags. He was what you’d expect from a fashion designer… upbeat, obsessed with the MC’s appearance, he even makes a dress specifically for the MC. Sure he was a bit flirty, but nothing especially stood out as strange. In fact I wasn’t really feeling Joe in the first place, there just really isn’t anything remarkable about him at all.

Joe 2.pngSo when the lunatic kidnaps her from her date with Itaru, let’s just say I was thrown for a loop… Apparently, Joe is obsessed with the pop idol Nanyami and like the fanboy trio from earlier, thinks that the MC is the spitting image of the singer. So, he kidnaps her in order to make the MC into his personal Nanyami dress up doll… Yeah, I kid you not, Joe chloroforms the MC in broad daylight and drags him to his home, so that he can make her into a living doll… WTF, dude!

Dude even went so far as to make a special Nanyami costume which he kept in his Nanyami shrine, I mean his home. Every inch of his home is covered in Nanyami memorabilia, from his bed sheets to his slippers to the posters on his wall… dude is obsessed. What’s more, Joe started planning this nonsense since the first time he laid eyes on the MC at the matchmaking mixer.

Side note: The MC doesn’t even look like Nanyami, in fact her annoying coworker looks more like Nanyami. Now, they could be twins! Sorry, I just wanted to put that out there…*ahem*

The Endings…

So in Liar! Uncover the Truth eliminating one of the Liars unlocks five alternate endings (Bad End, Secret End, True End, Love End, and Scumbag End) that either continue the story after the MC kicks the Liar to the curb or explain the origins of each guy’s lie. In order to unlock all of the endings in one fell swoop, the player must achieve S rank by the end of the Liar arc. However, the Bad End is unlocked when the player fails to answer the final question correctly and usually depicts the MC’s unhappy marriage with her Liar.

In Joe’s Bad End, the MC marries Joe and becomes his own personal Nanyami, and everything is bliss for the newlyweds. That is until Joe take the MC outside for the first time in six months… This end is just horrifying!

The “His Very Own Nanyami” Secret End, is a POV story that gives a bit of insight into Joe’s thoughts during Matchmaking Event. When he firsts see the MC at the even, Joe can’t help but notice the similarities between her and a certain pop idol. Soon, the cogs in his Nanyami saturated brain start to turn as he comes up with a plan to win over this Nanyami doppelganger. We are even treated to the kidnapping scene from Joe’s perspective…

In the “My First Customer” True End, we take a peek into the past events that lead to Joe’s nerdy pop idol obsession. Back when Joe was in college, his radical clothing designs were often ridiculed by his instructors and peers. Just when he’s starting to lose hope, a young Nanyami appears and praises his designs…and thus his obsession was born.

In the “A Nerd’s Pride” Love End, Joe tries to worm his way back into the MC’s good graces after the kidnapping incident. He attempts to draw a distinct line between his love for Nanyami and his affections for the MC, by presenting her with a gorgeous sketch of a wedding gown…

Finally, in the “JOE YAZAWA, Boyfriend” Scumbag End, Joe finally gets to meet the object of his obsession, Nanyami and he goes full fanboy… This end is a Nanyami POV story

final thoughts

My Reaction…


I don’t know what is wrong with these guys, but they seriously need to seek out some professional help. Who in the hell thinks it’s okay to kidnap a woman just because she kind of looks like their favorite pop idol? At first Joe wasn’t even on my radar, so I wasn’t really sad to see him get the boot, but I was not expecting this to be the reason why he’d be cut. Hell, I actually thought his lie would be that he was secretly on the down low… that would have been a much better fit given his characterization up to this point. But, noooooooooooooo, Voltage had to give us something utterly ridiculous *sigh*. Maybe they wanted to lighten the mood after the downright horrifying 2nd Liar arc… who knows…

In the end, Joe was a creep and I really hope he is getting the professional help he needs. Since I don’t want to end this review on a bad note, I’ll leave you all with the highlight of the route…Itaru! After his actions in the last arc and his date in this arc, Itaru can do no wrong in my eyes and I sincerely hope he is the MC’s Mr. Right!!

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6 thoughts on “That Guy’s a Creepy Fanboy: Liar! Uncover the Truth- 3rd Liar

  1. I feel like I just read the script for the next Criminal Minds episode… Lol I wish they had a, “Joe goes to Jail and gets a psycologist” ending.

    1. I laughed so hard at this, you are so right it does read like Criminal Minds lol

      I wish they had that end too, but nope he is free to snatch again… *sigh*

    1. Lol thank you so much! I’m glad you like them!!😊

      The game is really fun and since it’s a free mobile game you can definitely play it whenever you have free time.

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