Be My Princess 2 Otome Review

Be My Princess 2 is the sequel to Voltage Inc’s Be My Princess. Set 50 years after the events of the first game, follow a young baker as she romances the grandchildren of the original princes and a few new royal additions.

Game Details

  • Genre: Fantasy | Royal Romance | Modern
  • Platforms: Android | iOS
  • Developer: Voltage Inc
  • Similar Games: Be My Princess | Rose in the Embers | Cinderella Phenomenon


One day, you receive a mysterious invitation to attend a marriage interview with the prince!

You don’t know how it’s possible, but the prince has fallen in love with you at first sight.

“I can’t imagine marrying anyone else.”

“Take my hand, my princess…”

Your very own Cinderella story starts now!

Official Synopsis


  • Hayden Spencer– Hayden is the Crown Prince of Phillip, and the grandson of Wilfred. He and Wills are the cool aloof type, but he is slightly more outgoing and talkative than his grandfather.
  • Kuon Casiraghi– Kuon is the Crown Prince of Oriens and the grandson of Glenn. He’s had a tragic childhood, and as a result he is gloomy and a bit stubborn. I want to just give him a big hug!
  • Sieg Lieben– Sieg is the Crown Prince of Dres Van and the grandson of Joshua. He is Joshua turned up to 11! He is hot and cold, but really deep down he is a big sweetie just like his grandfather. However unlike his socially inept grandfather, Sieg can cook, really well (Joshua demanded that all of his grandchildren learn to cook)! Also I highly recommend reading his POV story…it is super duper sweet!
  • Oliver Button– Oliver is Roberto Jr., he is open and friendly, but a huge flirt. He even has his own harem! But as you play his route you learn there is more to him than meets the eye.
  • Ivan Chernekov– Ivan is the Crown Prince of Sanct Sybil, and the reason that his grandfather Yakov even exists in the first game. He is the youngest child of the current king, with three older sisters, who tease him to no end. Ivan is dashing and rugged, going so  far as to fighting along side his soldiers in battle. He even has two pet wolves. I love Ivan, he’s my favorite of season 2!
  • Aslan Mafdir– Aslan is the youngest and newest prince of the group. Unlike the previous princes he is actually second in line for the throne. He is the most at odds with his title, feeling that his position is meaningless. His kingdom is Shaharazal, a desert country modeled after Turkey.
  • Kevin Alford– Kevin’s description is one big spoiler, so all I will say is that he is a mini Keith!
  • Maximillion Levaincois– Max is Edward’s son and like Aslan, second in line for the throne. His sister is the current Queen (leave it to Ed to have two children😉)…Max loves art, and is just as random and flowery as his dad. A true romantic.

 Be My Princess 2 Review

Be My Princess 2 is the sequel to Be My Princess. Taking place 50 years after the events of the first game, with the grandchildren of the princes from the first game. Yeah, let that sink in, you get to date your grandchildren. Yeah, it’s a bit weird even by otome standards, but once you get over it the game is alright.

Instead of being a student, you are an aspiring baker who is asked to help deliver supplies for a party at Nobel Michel. Once there you catch the eye of the princes, and spend a wonderful night dancing with the prince of your choice. The next day you receive a letter from one of the princes, inviting you to take part in a marriage interview. So begins your scandalous love affair with a dashing prince!

The princes of Be My Princess 2 are more or less carbon copies of their grandfathers (or father in the case of Max). There are little changes here and there, that make them feel like their own characters. Like Sieg being able to cook, something his grandfather Joshua was dismal at. Or like Hayden being much more outgoing than Wilfred. But, aside from that it’s like dating more modern versions of the BMP princes. On the other hand the new princes, Ivan and Aslan, feel much more fleshed out. The writers had a bit more freedom with their personalities and storylines. Which made them stand out from the overwhelming nostalgia in the other routes.

One big improvement over Be My Princess, are the individual character routes. The princes in Be My Princess 2 have a lot more drama to deal with than the princes from Be My Princess. Which is both a good thing because it occasionally lets the LIs step out of the shadows of their predecessors. But, unfortunately Voltage could not let go of the commoner/royal romance taboo. So the major conflict in a lot of the routes revolves around folks not being okay with the princes dating a normie. Which is odd since in all the routes except Aslan’s their GRANDMOTHER, THE FORMER QUEEN WAS A COMMONER! Or did everyone get collective amnesia over the past 50 years?!

be my princess 2 kuon

The MC in Be My Princess 2 does have a bit more depth to her than the MC in the first game. This one has her own career and has to balance her own dreams and desires with her relationship with a royal. In the first game the MC was more or less happy to kiss her normal life goodbye for life in the palace (can you blame her though?). So it was nice to see the MC, fight to keep her own identity separate from her relationship. In most routes, she is fiercely independent and especially hates it when one of the princes tries to use his influence to get her jobs or prestige in her field, which I really respect. So, this MC gets a gold star from me.

And if you’re wondering what happened to your favorite Be My Princess princes, some do actually show up in Be My Princess 2. While others are mentioned to have long since passed away, which is kind of heartbreaking when you think about it. The only consolation is that no one knows what happened to Joshua, so in my head he and the MC from the first game are living it up in Hawaii or something. No one is going to convince me otherwise.

The Verdict: Is Be My Princess 2 Worth Playing?

If you liked Be My Princess and you’re looking to the world of modern royal romance, you can’t go wrong playing Be My Princess 2. You’ll find a lot of the stuff you loved from the first game here, but that also kind of works to the game’s detriment because it can at times feel a bit copy pasta from the first game. I really enjoyed the new princes Ivan and Aslan and the descendants of the OG princes were fun in their own way. I really loved the MC in Be My Princess 2 and this is a nice change from the more blank slate MCs of Voltage’s older games. All in all, I say give Be My Princess 2 a try when you have the time.

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