GB Patch Launches Kickstarter for Our Life: Now & Forever

Grow from childhood to adulthood with your two neighbors and experience a one of a kind life in this customizable, choice-heavy story🍂

At long last indie studio, GB Patch launched the Kickstarter campaign for the much anticipated second installment to the nostalgic, Our Life series—Our Life Now and Forever. Grow from childhood to adulthood with your two neighbors and experience a one of a kind life in this customizable, choice-heavy story.

The campaign is set to run until November 9, 2023 and to celebrate the launch, GB Patch has released an new extended demo. I reviewed the demo back in 2022, but this new demo comes with brand new scenes and interactions!

Update: The campaign was fully funded less than 20 minutes after launch!

Game Details

  • Genre: Nostalgic | Slice-of-Life | Amare
  • Demo available on and Steam
  • Campaign Period: October 10, 2023 to November 9, 2023
  • Tentative Release Date: November 2025

🍂Story of Our Life Now and Forever🍂

Fall settles over the charming mountain town of Golden Grove as the story begins. But it isn’t only glittering leaves that are changing. You and your mom leave behind everything you knew before when you move to a new home nestled right in the middle of a tight knit cul-de-sac. It’s there where a paper airplane lands at your feet and brings you to unanticipated crossroads.

Make your own path through life as you grow from childhood to adulthood with your two closest neighbors. Even in the chilly autumn weather, it’ll be a truly heartwarming time.

🍂Our Life: Now and Forever Characters🍂

While you’ll be able to decide how fond you are of everyone in your life, there are two people you’ll meet whose connection to you will go deeper than all the rest: Qiu and Tamarack. Each one the same age as you and both living right next door.

Much like the first game in the our Life series, players can choose to develop either platonic or romantic relationships with both Qiu and Tamarack as they grow older. But, unique to Now and Forever, players can choose to enter into a polyamorous relationship with both characters!

🍂Qiu “Autumn” Lin🍂

A true Golden Grove local, born and raised. Qiu is the kid to know in that town. The most popular, the most charming, until it all becomes too much. There’s a point where a coldness comes over Qiu and they shut out all except a few people. However, the rain doesn’t fall forever, and sadness can heal with real support. The day comes when Qiu is able to shine again, even brighter than before.

In Autumn you will find a thoughtful individual who just needs some time to embrace the person they’ve always known they were. Qiu was assigned male at birth, but comes out as genderfluid (they/he) partway through the story.

🍂Tamarack Baumann🍂

A fellow newcomer, Tamarack moved in only about a week before you did. She’s a darling joy to those who get to have her company. And like the forests she loves so much, Tamarack is always changing in big and small ways. That isn’t always for the better. She’s surrounded by wrong branches, leading her down paths that only cause hurt. Yet despite all the pricks and snags on her path, the heart always remains the same.

With Tamarack you’ll see a kind miss who has a lot to learn about herself, but will never stop trying to find her way. Tamarack is a woman who only ever uses she/her pronouns.

🍂Family and Friends🍂

Just like in Beginnings and Always your friends and family play a big part in your life in Now and Forever. Through the ups and downs of life, all of your relationships help shape your journey through the years. Some are there for a lifetime, and some just a season. But, whatever the timeframe, make each interaction count!

🍂Our Life Now and Forever Features🍂

Create the protagonist of your story:
Pick a first name, last name, honorifics, and have a nickname, too. Use any pronouns you prefer, including using multiple types and implementing your own set. Design your appearance using a dress-up doll, from skin tone, to the face, to hair, to clothes and accessories. Your mom’s appearance is partially customizable to have a family resemblance!

Take it Step by Step:
Experience four distinct periods of time: childhood, teen-aged, young adulthood, and grown. With all the highs and lows, the fears and fun, and the endless possibilities of self-discovery.

Live as you please:
Express your personality and preferences through hundreds of choices, then see those traits reflected in the story as people remember who you are. And you can always change as the years go by, whether that means discovering a new passion, shifting your disposition, or transitioning to different pronouns.

Find friendship, family, and romance:
Your own mom, peers, their parents, teachers, and other acquaintances; there’s a whole community in Golden Grove, and it’s up to you to choose your place in it. Meaningful connections of all kinds can be nurtured. Is the stoic elderly man on the street scary or is he your new adopted grandpa?

Develop relationships that are truly yours:
Use your own judgement to set how quickly bonds develop. Grow closer or farther apart as years go by. And how you feel towards the people in your life is what determines your closeness. There are no limits on which behaviors you can have to be liked.

Enjoy a world to return to:
Our Life: Now & Forever features a welcoming, sentimental story that can easily be played over and over using new qualities for yourself or different relationship types with those around you.

Read your way:
Customizable lettering size and font type, two different textbox arrangements to choose from, and a self-voicing option built into the engine. Present the words in whichever style works best for you.

Why You Should Support the Campaign!

The campaign is set to run from October 10, 2023 to November 9, 2023 with a funding goal of $70,000 USD. In addition to the base funding goals, the team has a number of stretch goals that will expand on the content of Our Life Now & Forever, including Wedding DLC!! There are also a ton of physical rewards and merch to add to your collection!

Learn more about GB Patch

We’ve been around since 2015 and love Visual Novels! The team we’ve got consists of a diverse array of people. Having our projects reflect that and feel inclusive to players is a definite priority. Our games are markedly different from one another in terms of style, tone, themes, and just about every other way. We enjoy expanding our horizons, trying new things, and sharing those experiences with others.

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