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PokeNews: Meloetta Distribution

Here we are again with another PokeNews report! We are now at the end of the Pokemon 20th Anniversary Legendary Pokemon Release Event! We’ve seen a host of Pokemon announcements and goodies from Nintendo since we started this thing back in February, from the announcement… Continue Reading “PokeNews: Meloetta Distribution”

PokeNews: Genesect Distribution

This distribution event is over, but feel free to read this post anyway! If you still have yet to enter your serial numbers into your games, you have until February, 28th 2017 to do so. After this date the serial code will be void! Also… Continue Reading “PokeNews: Genesect Distribution”

PokeNews: Keldeo Distribution

This event is expired, but feel free to read this post anyway! Also check the bottom of the post for information about future Pokemon 20 Legendary Distribution Events! Check back on the first of each month for information about the newest Pokemon 2016 Legendary… Continue Reading “PokeNews: Keldeo Distribution”

My Top 10 Favorite Generation Four Pokemon

It’s September and I’m back again with yet another Top 10 Pokemon list! This time around, I’ll be covering my Top Ten Gen 4 Pokemon. So let’s get this party started… I don’t really have the fondest memories of the Fourth Generation, by the time… Continue Reading “My Top 10 Favorite Generation Four Pokemon”

Fangirl Moment: Pokemon 2000

TGIF! Here we are again with another Fangirl Friday! This week I’m going to talk about one of my favorite movies from when I was a kid (and now too)! Today’s post is all about the second Pokemon film, Pokémon: The Movie 2000: The… Continue Reading “Fangirl Moment: Pokemon 2000”