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This distribution event is over, but feel free to read this post anyway! If you still have yet to enter your serial numbers into your games, you have until February, 28th 2017 to do so. After this date the serial code will be void! Also check the bottom of the post for information about future Pokemon 20 Legendary Distribution Events! Check back on the first of each month for information about the newest Pokemon 2016 Legendary Distribution Event Pokemon!

Here we are again with another PokeNews report! We are now ten months into the Pokemon 20th Anniversary Legendary Pokemon Release Event! We’ve seen a host of Pokemon announcements and goodies from Nintendo since February, from the announcement of Moon and Sun to the release of Pokken Tournament! We’ve got nine legendary Pokemon under our belts already, we’re on the home stretch now, so let’s push forward with November‘s  release: Genesect!



I don’t know about you guys, but I’ve been waiting all year for this Pokemon to be released! Genesect, the Paleozoic Pokemon, is a bug/steel type. While, it doesn’t evolve, Genesect can utilize Drives that change the type of elemental blast when using the move Techno Blast. This Pokemon was created through several modifications devised by Team Plasma and it is the last Pokemon of the Unova region.

Genesect was released only once, through a WiFi event for Black 2 and White 2. So if you missed your chance to get Genesect back in 2012, now is your chance.

The Genesect Event will be a Serial Code Distribution and will take place between November 1st to 24th 2016 at participating U.S. Gamestop locations (I’m not sure about other countries). In order to use the distribution code, players must have a 3DS or New 3DS, and Pokemon X, Y, Omega Ruby, or Alpha Sapphire.

The event Genesect will be lv. 100 and have the Ability: Download, it will also come loaded with the moveset Techno Blast, Magnet Bomb, Solar Beam, and Signal Beam.

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Are you excited about the 20th Anniversary of Pokemon? Which Legendary Pokemon are you most looking forward to? Feel free to leave a comment and share!

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