My Top 10 Favorite Generation Four Pokemon

It’s September and I’m back again with yet another Top 10 Pokemon list! This time around, I’ll be covering my Top Ten Gen 4 Pokemon. So let’s get this party started…

I don’t really have the fondest memories of the Fourth Generation, by the time Diamond and Pearl rolled around I was becoming more and more disillusioned  with Pokemon in general…*sigh* there, I said it…I almost gave up on Pokemon. I guess I was getting older, and the games just weren’t as fun as they used to be, in fact, the fourth generation is my least favorite Pokemon generation. The only truly redeeming part of the generation was the reboot of Gen 2 with the releases of Pokemon Heart Gold and Soul Silver! I can’t even tell you much about the Sinnoh other than the fact that the Underground was a gold mine for fossil hunters! Oh and those really weird and random evolutions for Tangela, Electabuzz, and Magmar… But, yeah…Sinnoh introduced us to 107 brand new Pokemon, and I’ll be picking just 10 of them. So without further ado, my Top Ten Gen 4 Pokemon!!


Number Ten: Gallade

This Pokemon, is just really cool looking it just looks like a badass, coming in at number 10 is the Fighting/Psychic-type, Gallade. The fourth generation introduced us to some truly strange and in some cases unnecessary Pokemon evolutions, but thankfully Gallade is not one of them. When I think of a Fighting type Pokemon,  this is what I envision, a Pokemon that is both a protector and fighter!


Number Nine: Weavile

This Pokemon just looks so sneaky, plus I’m just as partial to Dark-types as I am to Fire-types. There is something about Dark-types that makes them seem mysterious, and Weavile is one of my favorites. According to its Pokedex entry, Weavile hunt in pack… Could you imagine running into a pack of these guys late at night on a lonely mountain pass? The very thought of it gives me the chills!


Number Eight: Mismagius

So, if you guys remember back to my Gen II list, I had Misdreavus in the Number 8 spot there. Well, it’s two generations later and I fell in love with its evolved form Mismagius as well. So coming in at Number eight is Mismagius! I love this Pokemon’s design, it’s a cross between a ghost and witch but somehow it works. This Pokemon just looks like it’s about to brew up some mischief.


Number Seven: Munchlax

This guy is cute, plain and simple, so coming in at Number seven is Munchlax, the pint-sized Snorlax. Of all of the baby Pokemon introduced in Gen IV, Munchlax is my favorite. It looks like a cute little chubby bear and the fact that it has the highest base stats of all the baby Pokemon is nothing to sneeze at either.


Number Six: Torterra

I’m not a huge fan of Grass-type Pokemon, they always seemed more vulnerable to attack than the other Pokemon types. I guess it might have something to do with my affinity for Fire-types, but whatever it is I usually avoid picking Grass-type starters…on principle. However, when the fourth generation rolled around, I found myself drawn to the Grass-type starter Turtwig, and boy did it pay off in the end! Torterra is a badass tank, plus look at it’s sweet design based off of the legendary World Turtle. I just remember thinking this guy was so cool when I got one in Pokemon Diamond.


Number Five: Shellos (East Sea)

I love when Pokemon have different forms based on where they are found or on the weather conditions present during battle. I think it’s cool that Pokemon adapt to their environments by developing different color patterns and designs. In the fourth generation that Pokemon is Shellos! Originally, Shellos was supposed to have been introduced in Ruby and Sapphire, but was pushed back until Diamond and Pearl. It’s a shame because Shellos would have been the perfect edition to the tropical Hoenn region. Especially the East Sea version, it just looks like something you’d see crawling around a sunny beach somewhere…


Number Four: Luxray

Shinx was cute cinnamon bun, Luxio was an awkward teenager, but Luxray… Luxray is the epitome of cool! This Pokemon has a regal air that always manages to take my breath away, with it’s penetrating gaze and imposing stance, Luxray is simply magical! Throw in it’s ability to see through walls and you have a pretty badass Pokemon!


Number Three: Floatzel

It’s a water weasel, what’s not to like?  This little guy is equal parts cute and scrappy… I don’t know what it is about Water-types, but they always look like they are ready for a good brawl. Perhaps it’s their cheeky smirks, I so see a whole hoard of Floatzel strolling down the streets of Brooklyn, snapping their fingers while chanting… This is just a cool looking Pokemon, plus you can never go wrong with a cheeky Water-type.


Number Two: Glaceon

Gen IV introduced us to two brand new Eeveelutions and I’m not gonna lie, Glaceon is the better of the two. I mean look at it, Glaceon is absolutely stunning with it’s sleek blue fur and elegant features… simply divine!


Number One: Lucario

So when I first saw the movie Lucario and the Mystery of Mew, I was captivated by Lucario! Loyal and strong, this guy just seems like the perfect Pokemon companion…the kind of Pokemon a trainer can grow old with. I can imagine this Pokemon sitting by my bedside as I prepare for my journey to the afterlife, it’s steady gaze reassuring me that it would never forget me… even after I’m gone. Okay that sounded way better in my head, but you get what I mean. Lucario just seems like a Pokemon that is more evolved than other Pokemon, much more human-like than the rest.

So that’s my list, were there any Pokemon you thought should have been on the list that weren’t? Something on the list that you think shouldn’t be? Do you have any suggestions for posts? Any burning questions? Want me to review a specific game or character? Feel free to Comment on this post or Ask Me on my tumblr! As always Thank You for reading!


15 thoughts on “My Top 10 Favorite Generation Four Pokemon

  1. Gen 4 is also my least favorite Pokémon generation. Didn’t seem to add a lot to the game in hindsight and the pokémon designs were pretty bland (on top of all the random new poké-evolutions for pre-existing pokémon). Although, I played Platinum somewhat recently and had a pretty good time with it. I should finish that…

    Cute list. I personally really like Toxicroak, Bastiodon, and Bronzong.

  2. Like what you did there with the graphics! 😉

    Great list! Lucario is also #1 on my list. He’s really cool and had a great movie. I’m glad he’s the one they wanted to become popular, and it worked especially now that he’s in Smash Bros. and has an amiibo. As for the others:

    10. Arceus – Because it’s Arceus!
    9. Togekiss – I love doing paraflinch combos with this Pokemon! I like that they gave Togetic an evolution!
    8. Weavile – Fast and strong Pokemon with a fun typing.
    7. Piplup – Most adorable of the starters! My first water starter!
    6. Heatran – One of the few pseudo-legendary Pokemon that I actually use competitively
    5. Magnezone – Love this evolution for some reason.
    4. Gallade – Really cool Pokemon and typing!
    3. Garchomp – Such an OP Pokemon, and yet I like it a lot.
    2. Rhyperior – First Pokemon I ever trained competitively!
    1. Lucario – Favorite for reasons listed above!

    1. Lol thanks! I snuck that in there to see if anyone was paying attention 😛

      I love your list! You play competitively? That is so cool, I suck at competitive battling lol

      1. I do play competitively, but I’m not like world champion status or anything nor do I do a lot of those official competitions. I just enjoy breeding and training quality Pokemon for fun competitive battle.

  3. Like before, I don’t have a full list of favourites for this Gen either, but I’m glad to see two of the Pokémon I DO like here. Luxray is definitely my favourite addition from this era; I love electric powers in games and Luxxy is a total boss. And I have a great fondness for the Torterra that my girlfriend gave me when I started (she hatched both a Turtwig and a Chimchar for me when I started) Both of them are in my Elite Four party and I hope they can help me triumph once I’ve put in a few hundred levels’ worth of training!

    1. Yes, Luxray is such a cool Pokemon! I usually don’t go for electric types but I just couldn’t help but love this one!

      Aww that was so sweet of your girlfriend! I hope the training goes well!

  4. I missed this gen, but I did fall in love with Lucario! Floatzel, however, annoys me. They look like they are coming to interrupt your fun while you swim. “I don’t need a lifeguard right now! You’re supposed to be on the sidelines watching, not bothering me while I Surf!!”

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