Rambling About…Conventions: Katsucon 2016-Day 3

So Day 3 of Katsucon was the day that the Hotel caught fire!

calcifer fire

It wasn’t a big fire, I hear it was a small kitchen fire or something, but nonetheless, everyone had to evacuate the building until the fire department checked the building. Let’s remember that this Con takes place in February, so it was FREEZING outside! I didn’t cosplay this year (thank goodness), but those that did must have had a really hard time! I saw many a Luffy and Yoko’s huddled against the bitter cold, or fleeing towards nearby buildings for warmth. It was kind of chaotic, no one knew what was going on at first and most folks just thought it was a drill, that is until the fire trucks arrived and we started seeing smoke! In the end everyone was okay and we were allowed back in the building about an hour later.

After that the rest of the Con went without a hitch, I finally found the BL corner of the Dealer’s Room and blew my budget clean out the window! I never did get that onesie…maybe next year!

Notable panels, Bad, Anime, Bad! and 3rd Annual Pokemon Gameshow! Finally, I ended the evening with a trip to the Maid Cafe! The Maid Cafe was super fun and our maid Himiko was especially awesome. They served traditional Japanese food, I had the Omurice and some Pork Dumplings…it was a dollar per picture so, I don’t really have any, but Himiko drew a heart on the Omurice in ketchup. For dessert I had Vanilla Mochi, which was delicious, i don’t really like mochi, but somehow ice cream made it better!

Katsucon 2016 was super fun, and I am looking forward to next year’s conventions and some of the other conventions later on in the year!

As always thanks for reading! Tell me about your Anime Con stories in the comments section (no pressure)! Have you ever cosplayed before? I’m thinking about giving it a try for my next Con!

3 thoughts on “Rambling About…Conventions: Katsucon 2016-Day 3

  1. That must have been so scary! /shivers

    I’ve actually never been to a convention, but it sounded you had a really good time there (fire scare aside). I’ve actually never eaten traditional Japanese food, not even sushi. They look amazing, though

    1. it wasn’t so much scary as it was a little annoying…it was 20 degrees outside yesterday and the hotel is near the water so it was freezing! The food was super tasty!

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