I Date Hot Guys on My iPad: A Love Affair with Virtual Bishies

This post has been a work in progress for over a year, but I could never quite work out how write it out, until the other day when I went to play a game in my backlog and I actually groaned… can you believe that?!

Lately, I’ve been so caught up with all the schedules and reviews, that I’ve kind of lost sight of why I started this blog in the first place: because I love otome games and I want to share that love with the world. Ha ha, it sounds silly when I write it out like that, but it’s been a long time since I really, truly enjoyed playing a game. It’s gotten to be such a chore really, buying games, playing them, writing the reviews, editing… somewhere along the way, playing otome games became a routine… *shudders* it became work and that’s something I never wanted to happen! Sure there have been games that I genuinely liked playing, in fact I played a game the other day that brought back a little of that old spark, but the magic that I had when I first started playing otome games has been gone for a little while now.  So, it’s high time I reminded myself why I fell in love with otome games in the first place, before I wind up resenting them altogether.

Let me warn you guys now, this post is more for me than it is for you guys, I really needed to remember what it was that drew me to otoges. So this won’t be one of those pretty posts that I fuss over endlessly until the wording is just right and expect a lot of “…” so if you’re still with me, I want to write about how I got into otome games…

I started playing otome games about three years ago, give or take, lol my memory is kind of fuzzy about the detail, but I do remember it was right before I started Grad School. Ya, see I took a year off after I finished undergrad for “experience” but all I wound up doing was working during the day as a barista at a coffee shop and at night I was a host at hipster-y restaurant/bar… it’s not nearly exciting as it sounds, but my student loans payments went in on time, so I wasn’t complaining. When I think back on that time, everything was kind of hazy, I was at an impasse of sorts, I didn’t really know what to do with my life. I didn’t know if I wanted to continue my studies by applying to a Masters program, or if I wanted to find a low level job somewhere and work my way up the ranks pushing papers around… I was just kind of stuck.

It was around that time that I was given an iPad mini as a gift, I’d never had the cash to get one for myself so I was super excited to finally have one of my own. Of course I wasted no time downloading a ton of games from the App Store, including one of Voltage Inc.’s dating sims, A Knight’s Devotion. 


Even though I do my damnedest to hide it, I am and will forever be a hopeless romantic… I love rom-coms and cheesy shojo manga, it’s the one chink in my armor *looks at the bookcase full of shojo manga* the mushier the better. So, it’s a wonder I never downloaded one of their apps before… My BF swears it was probably one of the girls I met at Katsucon…But, who really knows lol… I like to think it was fate or something like that, because from the minute I started up the app, I couldn’t put it down! It was like the heavens had opened up, lol I even think there were angels singing somewhere in the background… But, the short free prologue wasn’t enough to soothe my rapidly beating heart, I wanted more! No, I NEEDED more! So, I did something I never thought I’d ever do… I purchased one of the routes!

As a student, I was (and to an extent still am) usually kind of broke. *ahem* What I mean to say is that I know the value of a dollar, I don’t do impulse buys, especially on stuff like games or clothes, if I don’t get it as a gift, I tend to go without… But, in that one moment, I was weak, for the first time in my life I made a selfish, purchase… it was the beginning of the end for me and my poor wallet. Because from that day on, I stopped playing Candy Crush during my breaks, instead I was falling in love with a handsome knight named Lute *swoon*

characters a knights devotion
I eventually bought them all…

Lute was absolutely perfect, a gentleman through and through… *sigh* He was my first otome guy and even now I still have fond memories of our time together… Wow, I’m getting a little misty eyed just thinking about it! For me playing otome games was a way to help cope with all of the stress in my life… If a customer yelled at me during a shift or my BF and I had an argument, I could always de-stress with a few hours on my iPad, I could just lose myself in the stories and of course the perfectly drawn features of whatever 2D pixel hottie I desired. The only thing that comes close to that in my life is probably Pokemon… but I’ll save that for another time ha ha ha…

*waves away the feelings of nostalgia* I bought and played all of Lute’s available stories and the stories of his fellow knights too, but it still wasn’t enough I wanted more… So I did what any sensible person would do and I downloaded as many Voltage apps as I could, soon my poor iPad mini was full of nothing but mobile otoges… I even had to delete some of my non-otome apps to make space for them all! Hell, my iPad mini is still full of mobile otoges (I lost the first one and had to buy a new one with more space)… I guess that’s why I’ve stuck with Voltage so long, despite some of their “questionable” choices over the years, they were the first otome games I ever played and even though I’ve moved on to other companies and games, I still really enjoy playing their games…

So whenever I get stuck or feel discouraged, I grab my iPad mini and load up one of the various Voltage games I have on there and I sink into the world of the game. Of all the games I’ve played and all the reviews I have written I’m fondest of the Voltage Inc ones. Actually, this is a secret, so don’t tell anyone, but I put way more effort into my Voltage reviews than I do into the other ones, because with every new app I download, I remember a bit of that magic I felt when I first played A Knight’s Devotion all those years ago.

There’s more to my otome games journey… a whole lot more, but for now I’ll just put a pin in the story here. I actually feel a lot better now that I’ve written this up, so while my energy is up, I’ll go try and finish up some playthroughs… *looks at backlog* or on second thought maybe I’ll just play another Voltage Inc. app…

I really want to hear from you all, whether you play otome games or not. What was your first experience with a game or an anime or a manga? How did it make you feel? Do you have fond memories of that time? And of course for all my otoge players out there, who was your first otoge man? Your first game? Let me know what you think in the comments section. If you like what you see, like this post or follow Nice Job Breaking It, Hero! As always THANK YOU FOR READING!!

68 thoughts on “I Date Hot Guys on My iPad: A Love Affair with Virtual Bishies

  1. Aww, poor sempai!XC But, in all seriousness, I truly know how it feels because I’ve been there too…and I still am. So now, story time:

    More than three years ago(give or take tho-2017 is most probably my fourth), during my very own shit year(2016 may have been horrible, but in my case -it was 2013), I was always caught in a doctor’s office so I never really was that happy…Anyway, one night in May, due to my boredom, I browsed the MLP Wiki and stumbled across an “Equestria Girls” video (featuring my first OTP ever, Flashlight~~~).
    I watched the video, I liked it and then, the stupid idea of seeing the movie came and boy, am I thankful for that? Yes, yes I am. And so, with every year that passed, I grew more and more attached to it until…the pleasure was all gone. And trust me, in my first years of fangirling over EQG, I wasn’t some sort of quiet fellow.
    Instead, under the same very name, “CartoonGirl”, I created ships(between background characters), headcanons for them(and the main characters too) and hell, even story ideas for them(no matter how ridiculous or weird, I created them anywayXD). And I continued to create them until…I realized how weird they were. I slowly started to lose confidence and even love for this movie franchise and even my love for art(writing+art, fyi).
    Now, it’s better, my love for the movies is still intact and nothing could ever destroy my adoration for art, but my confidence in my capacity of writing…not so much. Knowing how different are the principles of writing in Romanian and English, it’s a bit hard to create something in a language while ignoring the other. Not to mention writer’s block and insecurity are bitches. But I’ll be fine, I know I will. And now, I truly am.:):D
    …Anyway, I hope you forgive me for writing about myself, but all I want to tell is…that I know how you feel.
    I know how it feels to lose your love for something and then trying hopelessly to regain it. It’s painful, it’s horrifying, it’s crazy.
    It’s an agony. But as some say, “A first love is never forgotten”, so I want-no, I force you to never let your love for something perish just because it’s become too routine-ish. Please, my friend, don’t make the mistakes I made and never let your dreams sink.
    If anything, you should write reviews for no one, but yourself. You should enjoy it without fearing others’ opinions and when will you write the next review.
    Sure, your reviews are a bless to the otome world and you’re such a pure angel for letting us know what’s good and what’s not, but please, enjoy yourself too.
    We love you and your opinions, Naja. You must know that already, my dear. And you must also know as well that we’re here with you, regardless of the circumstances.
    I love you girl and stay awesome! If not for me, then for yourself.
    I’m sorry, I truly am, but I had to say this. You’re a marvelous soul.
    Forgive me.

    With love,

    1. I am seriously tearing up at work right now!! This comment was so beautiful and wonderful!! I’m glad to know that I’m not the only one that gets like that sometimes!!

      Oh nooo, you have to show me some of your stuff do you have like a tumblr or something where I can view it all? I love MLP, maybe not so much EQGs, and you have so many wonderful headcanons about Arcana, that I would love to see what you have! Don’t ever feel bad for loving what you love!!

      I’m trying to get back into the writing for me stage lol It’s a slow go, but that Asuka Hino review was definitely a big step in the right direction!! I guess I just had to get back to my roots a bit! Have you tried that? Maybe it’ll help you too!

      I am so blessed and lucky to have so many supportive people like you in my life and I am so glad to have met you someone as special as you!! *hugs*

      1. Aww, no problem! It’s nice to have someone to share your feeling with too!

        Well, all you have to do is go on Derpibooru and search “artist:cartoon girl”. That will also direct you to my account too. Sorry in advance for my trash art, I’m much better at traditional art tbh, but I’m way too lazy and busy to post them. At first, three years ago, my art really was trash, but I looked up on some tutorials on DeviantART and I improved during the summer. Now, I’ve been drawing in the same style for nearly 2-3 years and I’m eager to change my style this summer. In the past, I first colored my drawing, then switched to black and white in order to learn more about light and shadows. Nowadays, I started to color(color pencils and watercolors, respectively.I’m been thinking about Copic markers too, but…they’re too expensive in my country.XD) again using what I learned about lights and shadows. Maybe I should start posting again. Also, search “paisley” and look at pages like 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10.(There you’ll find all the comments and headcanons I made more than three years ago and even nowadays.)
        Also, thank you an awful lot. Besides my very few friends(especially my bestie Background is Best Pony/Berrypunchrules/Tennis Match Fan) I made on Derpi/FiM, some of my teachers and family members(along with a few new/old-I guess?- classmates of mine), I was always quite the lone wolf so it’s always nice to have someone to talk to.
        (Regarding “The Arcana” and some of the latest QaA/Questions and Answers, I’ve got some fresh ones I’ll tell you bout on the respective page.;3)
        It surely was! Srsly, the review was so good! Really?! I’ll try, but on which language I should work on first: Romanian(My current teacher praises me and isn’t like the bitch for the last year.XD) or English(When it comes to speeches, this teacher congratulates me as well, but I’m far more insecure regarding Showing/Telling and Characterization/OOC-ness. Given the fact that my first story is also happening in an AU, it’s even worse.) ? Thx for the advice!:D
        Thank you and np! If anything, I’m always here!*HUGGLES*

        *Just checked the FM(Fangirl Moment):Sherlock* OMG the 4th season aired??!! I knew something was going on when I saw the post about the dog on BuzzFeed(which became my new abode due to boredom.XD), but really?!
        I also saw that comment about Sherlock and Toby and I can’t help but think:

        Sherlock:*sees dog, thinking*What a goddamned creature…
        Dog:*makes puppy eyes as they lay on the couch*
        Sherlock:*his heart can’t bear the cuteness**mutters*We’re so going to snuggle when I get home and no one sees us, you’ll regret your existence!
        Dog:*seems confused**lets out a confused bark/soundXD*

      2. Sorry it took me so long to reply, I’ve been all over the place lately! I checked out your art and it’s so cute! Much better than anything I could do lol I’m a stick person kinda gal 😛

        I didn’t get a chance to check out the headcanons yet, but I will soon!!

        OMG, I missed the Arcana Q&A, gosh we gotta find a better way to contact each other than the comments section! Did you ever get that twitter? I need the deets on that Q&A!!

        OMG! You watch Sherlock too!!!? I keep hearing about the dog, but I have yet to watch season 4! GAAAAAH I need to hurry up, but I tend to binge watch shows!!

  2. Kinda reminds me of our recent conversation over on Twitter, haha. It’s cool to read about how you fell into this particular rabbit hole, and how you’re finding your own place between otome blogger and otome lover. Sending you much love! 😘😘😘

    1. LOL that convo definitely helped give me the push I needed to start working on this post again. Yeah, it’s hard to find that balance sometimes, but I am glad to have people like you in my life to help give me the push that I need to keep going!

      I just need a little reminding sometimes lol Love ya girl and know that our twitter fangirl sessions mean the world to me!! 😘

  3. Aww, that’s such a nice journey that you had!
    I’m super fond of Yo-Jin-Bo for being my first, even if I don’t remember anything about it aside some parts hehehe

    1. Yeah, it’s why I like Voltage games so much 😛

      Yo-Jin-Bo is a good one!! It was definitely one of the earlier games that I played too! I might have to replay it one of these days….

      1. I need to get intimate with Voltage, but there’s so many games i just go back to where i came from, backlog is already a hell that exists without their help 😹😹
        Oh man, same, i need to replay it too, it’s been sooo long!

  4. I have never played games like these before (and I honestly don’t think I ever will, because my gaming days are pretty much over). That said though, this post was so much fun to read that I would almost consider checking one out. Great and well written, fun post 😀

    1. LOL that’s fair, otome games are a bit of an acquired taste 😛 I’m still working on spreading my otoge obsession with the world!

      I’m really glad you enjoyed reading my post and if you want I can suggest some not so romance heavy visual novels for you to start with if you want! 😉

      1. Already have way to less hours in a day lol, but I guess there is always room for more things to do lol 😂 Sure, always in for new things to try. Thank you in advance 😊

      2. LOL I feel you there, it always seems like there is just so much to do and not enough hours in a day to get everything done. My gaming time has taken a bit of a nosedive 😛

        Let’s see Winter Wolves has a BxG game, Summer in Fairbrook about a guy that visits his uncles farm for the summer. While there he interacts with some of the women that live there….

        The Shadows That Run Alongside Our Car from Lox Rain is a phenomenal short visual novel! It’s not a romance game, more suspense with a bit of horror thrown in for extra measure! I wrote a spoiler free review about it awhile back and there are download links there.

        Golly this was way harder than I thought LOL… what kind of stories do you like so I can narrow some stuff down?

      3. Haha….wow thank you already for all these recommendations. I’m pretty much open for anything storywise. I like horror, but also sci-fi and fantasy. The only genre I pretty much avoid is comedy. I really find it awesome that you went out of your way to search for these tips. Thank you, truly appreciate it 😀

      4. It was my pleasure!! I’m always down for tempting folks into visual novels lololol!

        But, baste on your tastes, Shadows is a good start! It’s a great game and definitely good for people who don’t normally play VNs.

        Royal Trap from Hanako Games is also a really good one, it’s about a female knight. It has some political intrigue and of course romance, but the story mostly focuses on her journey as a knight.

        My tastes are pretty all over the place so I have a wide net to work with 😛 Let me know if you like any of the games!! I’d love to hear your thoughts!

      5. Thank you so much for all of this. You are simply too kind 😊Will defintely check a few of these out, and will let you know my thoughts on them. Royal Trap sounds very cool, but I think I will start with Shadows first 😊

  5. Great post! I discovered otome games 3-4 years ago, and my first Voltage guy was Yamato from My Forged Wedding. Like you, I immediately bought all his stories, and was so in love! And it’s been a crazy spiral down from there lol. I haven’t played many other non-Voltage otome. They have their problems, but I like them better then the other companies. Although a part of that is probably because they were my first mobile otome. 😀

    I feel you with the blogging is work…I haven’t updated my blog in over a year, because I promised myself I wouldn’t do it if it began to feel like work. I began to not want to play otome because I didn’t want to have to think about it for a review, or take notes, or type something up afterwards. I just wanted to PLAY and enjoy the games. I was also trying to not spend too much money and was focusing more on watching anime. So, what I’m trying to say is, you are not the only one that feels that way! And I’m glad I’m not the only one lol. Take a break if you need to, maybe switch gears and blog about other things for a bit, but don’t stress yourself out. You run a great, interesting blog. Just remember to have fun, no matter what. 😉

    1. That is exactly like me!! Also, Yamato is frickin adorable! I loved his stories, though I still have to play the honeymoon stories….

      I’m glad to know that I’m not the only one! I’m definitely going to take things down a notch! I really appreciate you sharing your story, we have so many similarities!! And your right, I gotta have fun otherwise what’s the point! What are you currently playing?

  6. Really interesting to hear how your otome fetish starter hehe

    Hope you don’t always have a poor wallet forever dear . My first anime was angelic layer very special experience as my parents bought me that 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

    Can’t wait to get into otome games more 😆😆

    1. Aww thanks Lita and Thanks for sharing your first anime!!

      I sure hope not, my wallet is already giving me the side eye… OMG YES!! I can’t wait to see what your first otoge is!

  7. I don’t play otome? otoge? games though I did try once. i can’t even remember what it was called but it was free and i figured, why not? but i guess it was only a trial and so i didn’t want to pay for more and i stopped playing LOL

    My first anime was Inuyasha and it’s got a soft spot in my otaku heart! i don’t watch it anymore, I didn’t watch the final arc where it finally ends (phew!) but I just love it? Like, it technically wasn’t my first anime but it was the first I knew of to BE anime so it’s just special 🙂 i do go back and rewatch the movies though lol

    AHHHH, I can’t remember what my first game was! But it was probably on a sega and i played it with my mom xD I vaguely remember this little green man who would shoot green balls at the enemies and i would ALWAYS lose at killing the boss at the end so i would enlist my mom to help me (she was really good at playing this game LOL)

    1. OOOOH what was it about? Do you remember? Ya can’t just drop a bombshell like that and leave me hanging! 😛

      I loved Inuyasha and like you, I have yet to see Act 2, but I finished the manga so I guess that makes up for it 🙂

      That’s kind of like how DN Angel is to me, it isn’t my “first” anime, but it is the first one I consciously knew was an anime when I watched it… and even though it doesn’t hold up very well I still love it!

      OMG was the game Vectorman?!

      1. so i just learned the google play store will save the apps you’ve downloaded which was super helpful bc it looks like i got it on my previous phone and that ones dead xD

        the game is called Love Tangle / SHall we Date? and i remember why I decided to try it out now. i went to a con and the Shall we Date (what is it, a group of something?) people had this huge booth where if you took a picture with their stuff they’d give you a button (so i took like 5 pics LOL). way later i was like, ehhh let me check this out.

        since this first one was free i thought i’d check it out. it was pretty ok and i seriously would have continued if it was all there (but alas, it wasn’t LOL)

        you finished the manga?? WOW, idk how many volumes there are but just wow. i don’t think i’d go back now to read it, just because it’s not an anime i want right now but i do own the first manga volume (which young me desecrated by coloring it) and some random animanga volume xD does the manga end things? like the journey/romance stuff?

        Oh man it’s been forever since i last watched DNAngel!! i think i own like some random anime volume (back when you got 3 ep in one disk xD). i wasn’t a huge fan of the anime but i did collect the manga because the art is just 👌👌👌 haven’t finished it though (but now i have the urge to :D)

      2. YES GIRL! That google play and App Store purchase saver is my life! I dunno what I’d do if I had to remember all the otoges on my phone and iPad! O.o

        LOL that’s as good a reason as any to download a game! Free stuff is always a plus!! What Con was it?? I played Love Tangle and I agree it’s so so, there are much better free SWD games out there….

        Heck yeah! When the series ended a friend was like, “*sigh* I can’t believe Inuyasha is finally over”

        and I’m like, “whatchu talkin’ bout… Inuyasha is gonna go on for ever!”

        So she goes, “Bruh… it ended a week ago…”

        So when I got home I looked it up and sure enough there it was clear as day, so I binged the rest of the manga… took me two days and nights lol YES! It ends everything in traditional Rumiko Takahashi fashion… *sigh*

        LOL you colored it?! I thought about doing that once, luckily a friend stopped me… I’d have been crying rn!

        See me and the author of DNAngel are beefin’ right now… that woman never ever finishes any of her series and she brought the series back from years of hiatus only to drop it on one of the worst cliffhangers in the history of cliffhangers!! I almost pulled my hair out it was so bad! I have all of the tokyopop manga releases for the series but I am too salty to read them… as questionable as the anime was, at least it got a proper ending unlike the manga, which is a shame because, it’s a phenomenal story!!

        OMG I remember that! We have come a long way with anime releases!!

      3. LOLOL magic 😛

        Nah, I used to play the game with a friend of mine when I was younger, so the minute you said green man with green balls I was hit with a wave of nostalgia 😛

  8. I’m sorry to hear that your passion for otoge games is not quite the same as it used to be. It’s tough (and now I feel like a stinker since I kept bringing up your games queue. You can now refer to me as 💩), but your friends and fans and supporters won’t mind if you cut yourself some slack. Well, you’re a hardworking senpai so you’re trying to abide by a schedule (which isn’t fun), but don’t burn yourself out! We all still love you in the end!

    As for my roots regarding anime or visual novels…I’ll have to refrain from talking about that for now, wahaha. It’s 2.23 am and I want to go through people’s Twitters before I sleep and get up for work. I’m a dummy.

    Thank you being so open with us, senpai. Pace yourself so you don’t lose yourself ;__;

    1. NEVER!! Remy, you have been so supportive and a true friend, I could never think of you as 💩…

      I’m taking my time with my current playthroughs so I don’t get burned out and I gave up on making a gaming schedule!

      WAAAAAAAAAH, don’t just leave me hangin’!! I need to know! LOL

      Aww, no, thank you Remy for being so understanding and supportive, it really means a lot to me! And I will! 🙂

      1. I’m glad to be of assistance! c:
        Good, good. Slow and steady, tortoises tastes better than 🐇(does it? I wouldn’t know)…
        HAHA sorry. I’ve got to follow your example and talk about my origins in a interesting manner some time in the future.
        Yay! I’m glad to hear that. Keep being awesome c:

      2. LOL I have no idea… I wonder what tortoise and hare taste like… probably like chicken 😛

        OOOOOH I’d love to read something like that from you!! I love it when people share their experiences with otaku stuff, makes ya feel more connected!

      3. Probably! It remains a mystery.

        Gaaah I’ll have to work at it to make at least a little interesting to read, but I’ll try someday! It really does make people feel more connected, though!

  9. First otoge was Hakuoki. I remember seeing the PSP version, and the cover looked like it was going to be a violent game, so I passed on it. Then I randomly preordered the 3DS version because of a promotion or something, and I thought about sending it back because I forgot about it. Now I’m a crazy person who owns all the versions of it… and the limited editions to boot. I blame Okita.

    1. LMAO, Hakuouki definitely has a way of worming its way into your heart! And Okita… my heart wasn’t ready for him! But my love of Saito trumps Okita…

      1. I liked Saito better after playing the PS3 version with the fandisk. His memories really are the best. Will be awesome to have it all flow together in the remakes.

      2. Oh, man, you are in for such a treat. Kazama’s is most improved (obviously), but out of the original guys, Saito steals the show in the fandisk.

  10. “Even though I do my damnedest to hide it, I am and will forever be a hopeless romantic… I love rom-coms and cheesy shojo manga, it’s the one chink in my armor *looks at the bookcase full of shojo manga* ”
    GURLLLLLLL me too!!! I used to be such a tomboy and I pretended I was too great for the romance but shit if I wasn’t the most girly-girl in denial (though I still don’t like the color pink) and I have literally 5 shelves worth of Japanese and English shojo because my addiction has manifested into reality.

    And rofl gurl I hear you on working all night trying to pay the college loans….so glad I’m done with that and found a scholarship that payed them off.

    Funny you were showing us that this becomes a routine becuse I know what you mean. We start these blogs to introduce others into something we love so much and hope others will, but it later feels like “I have to finish this now” vs “I want to finish this game.”

    Embarrassing side note: Getting my new phone and the guy is scrolling through my old phone’s settings. Sees pages of pages of these otoge and goes “Whoa. I guess these dating sims do sell.” and then my mom was like :O bc she didn’t know. (Still refuse to admit my romantic side to everyone rofl so it’s super awkward to watch romcoms with my family cuz I LOVE them but my family’s all MEH)

    Not only that but there was a line of customers behind us. I legit started sweating and shit rofl it was so awkward. The hilarious thing is that people don’t expect most of us who play these games because they assume it’s for “lonely girls” or no offense “not the greatest looker” you know what I mean? And the guy had asked me out several times before he saw all of this rofl and was really like :O because he didn’t know I was a weeb rofl

    1. OMG WE ARE LIKE TWINS!! Gurl, I agree with everything!! LMAO Girly-girl in denial indeed XD

      OMG lucky, I still have a ways to go, so I have to find a real job quick! And all these games coming out aren’t helping at all! My BF pre-ordered Hakuouki and Period Cub for me for christmas, but the rest I gotta get on my own… and Nightshade!!

      Yes, you feel my pain! Somedays I forget why I’m playing games and then I play a great one and go, “Yeah that’s right, I’m doing this because it’s fun!”

      ROFL I can only imagine the look on his face!!They don’t know the depths of our obsessions LOL But, you’re mom! I bet she was like BSOD! My mom is vaguely aware of the types of games that I play, but my bro who is into otaku stuff, definitely knows and he just shakes his head at me when I fangirl about them.

      Girl, I always wind up sounding crazy when someone asks me about otome games irl… OMG YES!! I’ve had people say, oh you’re cute why do you play those games… and I’m like, “*side eye* because they’re fun…. How about I educate you real quick about otome and why what you just said is problematic.”

      ahem… is he cute tho? Cus we can work with that, plus the cat’s out of the bag already…. 😛

      1. Hahahaha omg we are!!!
        Awww that’s so nice of your bf! I can’t wait to play these new games. I wish the others were available for preorder already.
        Hahaha you’re bro’s understanding too? Lucky!! None of my family gets it.
        RIGHT?! Like is it that shocking that a girl plays games? A cute one too? I mean at this point it’s like you hear that all the time so you might as well be like “So what? I’m attractive and like nerd shit. Fight me rofl”
        He’s cute but tbh I do go for personality > looks. I know a lot of girls say that but for me that’s the truth. It’s great if he’s cute and all but if he’s an ass or smt hellllll no.
        He smokes and has a ton of tattoos. Tats are fine but the smoking I can’t. It’s gross. He’s nice enough-until he tried to put the whole “I’m such a nice guy give me a shot” thing and I was like NOPE.
        If you’re a nice guy you wouldn’t need to say that to me. I’d already know. But as I’m sure you’ve had this before, pokeninja, they’re usually the assholes in disguise who whine that no “attractive girl that suits my high standards” wants me. And if you reject them they throw a fit….

      2. LOL I had to twist his arm about it but it worked out in the end 😛 ME TOO! I want to get them while I have the cash on hand, because I know when they come out, I’m gonna be broke again

        Understanding is not quite how it is… he’s more of a silently judging you type lol

        GURL, I’m sayin’! I have had to correct so many people about that! And guys lose their shit when you tell them you like nerdy stuff!! Tell him you like anime and they start buying rings XD

        Ah yeah I feel ya, the inside is what counts!! OMG yes, I hate smoking (still trying to figure out why they keep putting it in otoges… though I will admit that they make those CGs look hella sexy…. but I digress 😛 ), luckily my BF doesn’t smoke, but he does have some tattoos….

        OOOOH yeah, when guys say that it sets off the red flags right away!! Girl, yes! I’ve been like no thank you to many an unwanted suitor… and some guys just won’t take the hint, if it’s coming from multiple girls, there’s something wrong with you dude, not me… *sigh*

      3. Haha well at least he tries to make you happy so that’s what counts! XD
        And rofl right? I’m fine with a guy who also likes anime/manga all that stuff but I draw the line when they have an actual waifu…like one guy I went to coffee with who kept comparing me to Hatsune Miku. Like it was so awkward I kept laughing the whole time and then said I had work. Such a shame.
        You do you. Just don’t say you prefer 2D girls but go out with “3D girls” just to finally have a gf or get some rofl.
        AGREED! Like dude, I’m not saying lower your standards. I’m saying look at what you have to offer another person and what you think makes you happy. If you just want a trophy gf then you best be BOMBING rofl because that’s the only way.

      4. HOLY SHIT! Are you serious?! Who does that?! OMG I am so sorry you had to go through that!! SMH

        Exactly!! Preach! The gospel according to Leaf!!

      5. I honestly thought it was a joke for a while. Then I realized it wasn’t the case rofl. Glad I found out before we committed to anything lol.
        What are some crazy dating stories/guy stories of yours?
        Hahaha ^^

      6. Yeah, shoot imagine if on the third date he was like, “Let me introduce you to your fellow sister wife, Hatsune Miku *pulls out body pillow*”

        Let’s see, I turned this guy down for like the hundredth time, so he comes back a few days later and tells me that he’s moving to South Carolina in two weeks and that his last wish before he goes is to date me…. He even went and told all the teachers he was moving to make it more believable…and I was like…. uh I’ll miss you but no thank you. So, two weeks goes by and he’s still there and I’m like so you didn’t move? LMAO he was so pissed!!!

        I was like bruh, I’m not stupid, your tricks won’t work!

  11. I’ve been playing for holy shit 6 years? 7 years? Back when half the games were still on ps2 and kazuki yone was on everything? Mobile gaming, what’s that lolol.

    My first few games were Starry Sky and hakuouki zuisoroku. I’m not a very romance person but I enjoyed the interactions and cuteness of the handsome characters, so i stuck with it. My dynamics have definitely changed after a few years but I go mainly for the story and the thrill of expanding the plot as I play.

    1. OMG that’s such a long time!!! LOL a time before mobile games woah… it’s like a whole new world!

      Thank you so much for sharing your story, we need more otoge narratives out there!! lol I must admit that I’m in it for the romance, but, I do enjoy a really good story too!

  12. Oh wow. My gosh, Naja. That photo of your iPad screen. That’s yours, right? Actually yours? I’m so impressed. Wow. Everything is otoge. What an entertaining post to read. I’m like this with anime and manga. I have actually tried downloading some otoge because you and Cat and the other temptresses kept on beckoning me to the dark side. Some of them by Voltage, Inc. Beautiful graphics. However, I HAD to delete all of them and stop playing because they’re so freaking addicting. I just felt myself wanting to play all day, and I just had to stop. I suck at self-control in this kind of things. I won’t get anything done. I won’t even get to watch any anime or blog because I would just want to play otoge all the time. Anyway, moving on to your post. It’s really fascinating to hear about how you started playing otoge and why you play it until now. Very nice post, Naja. And a personal one at that. Keep up the great work. Cheers!

  13. I know I’m late to the party with this reply, I’ve lurked on your walkthroughs for quite a while but I’m glad I’ve stumbled upon this post in particular. I can relate quite a bit.
    2009 was the worst year of my life. Boyfriend cheated on me and I was fired from a job I thought I loved. All the trust and hope just crushed.
    I remember distinctly getting an iphone, and making a comment about how I didn’t have any friends or a reason to even have one. So looking around on the app store, I found OG Be My Princess. I didn’t know what a visual novel was or even that those things existed, but I downloaded it because I needed escapism in my life.
    I remember debating for days if I should buy a route it, was odd not buying anything really tangible but I did eventually. I started with Joshua’s route, then all their routes…. then all the apps…. And before I really understood what was going on I started changing a little bit. Personally.
    I’ve always been introverted, never really had friends and never really cared to but I swear, Voltage has helped me truly, not kidding at all here, make friends, make strides in my career and most importantly not to settle on what I picture love to be. I’m single by choice, not by circumstance and I have friends which I can’t say I’ve had before.
    I just wanted to share that. I know it may sound extreme but it’s the honest to goodness truth. I’m glad someone else found something, magic, strength or just a hobby.

    Thank you again for sharing and all your commitment to this website 😁

  14. My first game was Shall We Date: Obey me, which, while not a true otome, definitely helped get me hooked. I don’t think I would have tried anything ling those lines if it hadn’t been easily accessible via the App Store and “free.” But the over-the-top story and the flirty 2D fellows? Perfect escapism. I’m still playing it (it’s still going), but I’ve fallen behind in favor of more traditional games with actual routes.

    Since then, I’ve dived heading into them. Otome have been a lifeline for me during COVID. I have something to look forward to which is incredible these days. And the current wealth of games available is spoiling the hell out of me.

    It’s also revived some creative outlets. It started with fanfic. (I hadn’t written anything for myself in years). And has now moved onto to maybe doing my own games? I have ideas, but we’ll see what happens. Regardless, I’m having fun.

    Amusingly, though he doesn’t play them himself, my husband has been enjoying them through me. I routinely text him pictures of who I’m romancing from the living room. Yesterday I sent him a picture of Shinpachi Nagakura from Hakuoki: Kyoto Winds and got a “oooh, he’s cute” in response.

    Thanks for all of your recommendations and reviews— it’s been really helpful as far as finding new games and figuring out what might be right for me to try next.

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