My Top 10 Favorite Generation Three Pokemon

So, it’s June and here we are again with another Pokemon Top 10 list! This time we’ll be covering my top 10 generation III Pokemon! While it was universally panned, upon it’s first release, the Advanced Generation of Pokemon games ushered in a shift in the Pokemon series. Not only where Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald not compatible with the first two generations, but it was the first time you could not catch ’em all, which pissed a lot of people off back then. But, for me the Hoenn region is a fond childhood memory, a tropical paradise that introduced us to 135 brand new Pokemon. Each design of the Hoenn Pokemon spoke volumes about the island and it’s rich natural resources. But, for this list I had to pick just 10, and believe me it was no easy feat!


Number Ten: Camerupt

This guy is so under appreciated! Coming in at number 10 is ground/fire type Pokemon, Camerupt. I love this little guy, from the two mini volcanoes on its back to its stoic expression. I very fondly remember evolving my cute little Numel into this clunky tank, and spamming the crap out of moves like Earthquake. I caused a lot of devastation with Camerupt at my side, but alas he was just no match for water type moves.


Number Nine: Mawile

So the Mawile’s design, while really cool, scared the crap out of me as a kid. But, instead of giving this guy a wide berth, I embraced this creepy little guy, and boy was I surprised at how amazing it was in battle! Even before GameFreak added its Mega Evolution and new Fairy typing, Mawile was a pretty wicked Pokemon in battle. This Pokemon was a mainstay in my first Hoenn run through and I still keep one in reserve now for when I compete in Wi-Fi battles…


Number Eight: Latios

I knew I had to have one of the Eon Duo Pokemon on this list, but it was so hard picking just one, both Latias and Latios have their merits…but in the end Latios won out. In my head Latios is like a scrappy older brother, his sleek design and penetrating eyes give this Pokemon an edgier look than it’s partner Latias. But, as a kid this Pokemon is the epitome of cool, even before it gained a Mega-Evolution in the sixth generation. Just look at it, it looks like a fighter!


Number Seven: Cacturne

Okay, so I will admit that I was kind of a weird kid, I like this Pokemon simply for the Pokedex entry alone. A creepy sentient cactus that stalks it’s prey under cover of darkness, this Pokemon gave me the willies. Can you imaging having this guy on your ass after getting stuck in the desert at night? I don’t see that situation ending well for anyone! Then add the fact that it’s even hinted that it might even eat people! WTF?! Good thing he’s on my side!


Number Six: Masquerain

As a kid, I always thought the little red markings on it’s face were it’s mouth, which speaks volumes about the effectiveness of this Pokemon’s design! Coming in at number six is, Masqeurain. The false eyes serve to deter enemies, giving the appearance that it is scarier than it really is. At first I used this guy in battle, but when it proved too weak for some of the later gyms, it became my go to Contest Pokemon. With Masqeurain at my side I dominated the Pokemon Contests of Hoenn, this little guy could not be beat!


Number Five: Altaria

As a kid, I never quite figured out how a bird Pokemon like Altaria was a Dragon type…it never made sense…and you know what it still doesn’t. I believe it has something to do with a Chinese mythical bird or something, but at the time I just thought it was weird. Because of it’s appearance, I mostly used this guy for Pokemon Contests because of how cute it is. However I was not prepared for how OG this guy is in a Pokemon battle!  This cutie is a menace in combat!


Number Four: Aggron

I really just liked how big and strong this guy was, especially when you taught it Earthquake! I swept many a team, just by spamming that one move, over and over again. To this day I still find it weird that Aggron could learn Surf though…one of those headscratchers I guess.


Number Three: Milotic

In Ruby and Sapphire, this was one frustrating Pokemon to catch! I remember searching the same six tiles of water on that God forsaken watery section of Route 119, just so I could maybe find a Feebas. I spent hours of gameplay in that one spot…hours… Then, after catching the damn thing, I spent hours mixing berries for the perfect blue Pokeblock formula…all so I could finally get this majestic beast of a Pokemon. Hot damn, look at how simply majestic it is!! A lot of my time and effort went into this guy…but it was all worth it in the end. This was my main Beauty Contest Pokemon.


Number Two: Flygon

Okay, so it was tough putting this guy in the number two spot, but I happen to have a soft spot for all of my starters… so number two was the best I could do! Think of this guy as my spiritual favorite Pokemon from the Hoenn region! Even as a kid I realized that this is one of the best designed Pokemon I’d have ever seen. Even now, it’s stellar design places this bad boy at the top of my all time favorite Pokemon list, getting in the way of my loyalty to even my starters. I love this guy, but what really puts Flygon over the top is its shiny form, which swaps the red accents for blue and yellow. Simply gorgeous! I bet this Pokemon looks so cool zipping around in the deserts, I can definitely see why he’s called the spirit of the desert!


Number One: Swampert

Okay, say what you will about me putting a starter Pokemon’s final evolution in the number one spot, but at least hear me out! I always pick fire type starters, always, but when I saw Mudkip for the first time, I was swayed by its cuteness, picking him over Torchic without even batting an eyelash. This is probably the Pokemon that made me fall in love with water types. In my 15 years of playing Pokemon, this was the first and only time that I had ever not picked a Fire starter as my first Pokemon. I was enamored with the cutie christening the little guy ‘Muddy’, yeah I know it’s cheezy, Muddy the Mudkip, but I was twelve. When Muddy finally evolved into Swampert, I was floored by how simply badass it was in battle, this guy is a literal tank, with relatively high Defense and HP stats. Even now I always make room for this guy on my competitive team. In fact, I still have Muddy in my copy of Alpha Sapphire right now, which is kind of nostalgic…

So that’s my list, were there any Pokemon you though should have been on the list that weren’t? Something on the list that you think shouldn’t be? Do you have any suggestions for posts? Any burning questions? Want me to review a specific game or character? Feel free to Comment on this post or Ask Me on my tumblr! As always Thank You for reading!

28 thoughts on “My Top 10 Favorite Generation Three Pokemon

  1. Great choices! I’m especially pleased that you chose Aggron. He doesn’t get enough love. Also, no shame in liking the final form of a starter. I’ll share my top 5, and you’ll see why!

    5. Aggron – This guy is tough! He’s not that strong competitively, but I used him on my first Gen III team, and was always proud of the way this guy handled situations through sheer power. The champ uses one too, in both the anime and the games! Very cool!

    4. Sceptile – He’s really cool, in a reptile warriors sort of way. Ash has one in the anime, and it ends up being one of his strongest Pokemon. His inclusion in Pokken Tournament also helped make him shine!

    3. Breloom – He was on my original team. Breloom is a fighting mushroom! He’s very underrated, and him gaining Technician as an ability only made him better in recent generations.

    2. Salamence – A real dragon! No offense against Dragonite, but Salamence is one of the finest looking dragons in the series. He also was very overpowered before, though Fairy balanced him out this generation. He’s a great strong Pokemon with a wonderful design.

    1. Blaziken – He was my Gen III starter, and I don’t regret it! He’s incredibly cool, especially in both the anime and Pokken Tournament. His fire kicking style reminds me of the character Sanji from One Piece. I even named my Alpha Sapphire Blaziken after him. He also got a special Mega form during X and Y and only became cooler, or should I say hotter.

    1. Waaah! I love your list, thanks for sharing! I agree Aggron is so underrated, more people need to talk about how cool of a pokemon it is!

      Sceptile is one of the coolest Grass-types there are, and with the additional Dragon typing for it’s mega-evolution makes it even cooler!

      In fact, yes to this whole list!!

      I actually did something subtle with each generation’s list…I wonder if anyone picked up on it yet…

      1. Thanks! I’m glad you approve of my list! I’m trying to figure out your subtle something with each list, but I’m ashamed to say that I can’t figure it out… Hmmm…

      2. hint: look at the Pokemon on each list (generally speaking not individually) there’s something different about how they look from list to list

  2. Got a typo with the second word underneath Latios. Also, it’s spelled “Cacturne” and “Masquerain.”

    Nice to see Cacturne up there. Love Cacturne. Also dig Aggron. And Water starters are (typically) the best starters. Only pokemon that seemed out of nowhere was Camerupt. Didn’t expect to see it there. Nice list!

    1. Thanks for that, I fixed them and thanks for reading my post!

      I’m glad you enjoyed my list! I know Camerupt seems like a random pick, it’s a Pokemon that definitely needs more love than it gets. I guess I’m weird that way! 😛

  3. Gen 3 is where I fell off the Pokemon fandom train. I hated Sapphire.

    But Mawile is on my current Wifi team, but I’m torn on whether to keep her or not.

    1. Yeah, I feel you. After Gen 3, I was “too old” for Pokemon so I really didn’t play Gen 4 very much. Mawile is a cool Pokemon for competitive play, but I know that the Mega Evolution is banned in some tiers…

      1. Aww man my condolences! Are you holding up okay?

        And it’s cool real life is important, so take your time! I guess I should be more active on twitter lol

        But enjoy your time with family and sending good vibes your way!

      2. Yeah, I’m fine. It was difficult at first but I’m better. The funeral starts in an hour so I’m just preparing for it.
        haha no dont worry. whatever is best for you!
        And thank you, poke! The same to you^^

      3. Well I’m glad you are doing better! And it is nice to hear from you too!

        I wanted to tell you I’m gonna start picking up Japanese again so I’ll definitely hit you up when I have questions about it!

      4. Thank you again, Poke! Really, all of you have been so supportive and kind and really helped me get through it.
        And omg yes!! I’m actually taking classes this fall too so let me know whatever you need!!

      5. No problem! Online friends are real friends too! We got your back!😁

        Please believe I will hold you to that lol so be prepared for a lot of questions. My past Japanese skills are all but gone now so I’ll be starting from scratch lol

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