PokeNews: [Nintendo Pokemon Direct Announcement] Pokemon Moon and Pokemon Sun are a GO!

So I thought I’d document my thoughts before the Special 20th Anniversary Pokemon Direct Announcement…I really dunno what to think, earlier this week sites leaked that Nintendo obtained copyrights to Pokemon Moon and Pokemon Sun, speculating that these are the titles of the 7th generation of Pokemon games. A new game would be awesome, I dunno what to expect but I know it’s gonna be big!


Feb 27th 1996 was the exact date that Pokemon Red and Blue were released exactly 20 years ago. And to commemorate that they had a really sweet and nostalgic video showing people playing pokemon in all of its iterations.

HOLY SHIT A NEW GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

pokemon_sun_moon.0.0They Officially announced Pokemon Moon and Pokemon Sun for 3DS later this year! I am so excited right now I can’t contain it! They also announced the digital release of the original Red, Blue, and Yellow with access to the Pokemon Bank so we can finally trade pokemon from the original games to the newer games!

Are you guys excited about Pokemon20? What about Pokemon Go? Feel free to comment and share, and as always THANK YOU for reading!

13 thoughts on “PokeNews: [Nintendo Pokemon Direct Announcement] Pokemon Moon and Pokemon Sun are a GO!

  1. I never played Pokemon. I never watched it. I didn’t have any Nintendo consoles until I bought a DS myself some years ago. I never got the craze, but I sure got jealous when I was younger and saw everyone playing and I with none xD

    BTW, I think it’s funny it’s Pokemon S&M /shot

    1. lol I have been playing pokemon since the second generation of games and I am beyond excited about the announcement! Pokemon was my first introduction to gaming and I have not stopped since…lol i will admit that Moon and Sun caught me by surprise I was definitely expecting another color or letter…

      1. But it was leaked (・∀・)everyone was saying it was going to be sun and moon because of that leak/rumour.
        Man, I wish I was in love with the series, but I don’t think I have patience for it anymore (or any RPG and I started with Final Fantasy, so it’s me tired of grinding haha).

        Though if Nintendo does a dating/VN Pokemon series I’ll play. Furries are all the rage 😛

  2. I’ve been so buys I never got to finish ORAS:( I love pokemon, but I feel like all the school stress has dampened that since it’s just the same game each generation lol and I want to play one with a diff formula. Sure, don’t fix what ain’t broken, but I LOVED how Black and White gave us N and his backstory. I cried at the end and I freaked out when I saw he’d be back in the sequel:)
    I feel as though pokemon has lost it’s “orignality” tbh, and I honestly want a remake for Leafgreen/Firered. I’m still interested in this game but I haven’t been keeping up with Pokemon for a few months now…I guess I need to force myself to make time for ORAS since I was sooooo excited for it and now it’s just sitting there lol.
    Thanks so much for the news!

    1. lol no problem…I feel you Pokemon is pretty cut and dry the only thing that really changes from generation to generation are the graphics. But, despite that I always find myself coming back for more!

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