PokeNews: Special Pokemon Moon and Sun Announcement

Five minutes before: Today at 8AM, Nintendo is making an announcement concerning the seventh generation of Pokemon games, Pokemon Moon and Sun!!! I wonder what the announcement is going to be about. Since the Nintendo Direct reveal back in February, there have been a ton of leaks and theories surrounding the next generation of games. This will be the first official announcement put out by Nintendo! I wonder what the announcement will be about!

So the big announcement was the trailer for the game, which finally revealed the three starters for the game!

Which so far look interesting, I’m especially interested in Litten, but a grass owl is a very interesting choice so, I also have my eye on Rowlet! I’m really curious to see their evolved forms though!

Nintendo also revealed over world images and maps, and from what I’ve seen it looks like the new region, the Alola region, will be a tropical paradise like Hoenn from Gen III. The design looks similar to that of the other Gen VI games, with 3D graphics!! I dunno about you guys but I loved the trainer customization from X and Y, and I would be glad to see them back again, so here’s to hoping!

But the biggest news from the announcement are the reveals of the game mascots and the release date! Let me say the mascots look badass!!!

2016-05-10 (7).png

I am so stoked for this game and I can’t wait to get my hands on a copy this November! See the full video below:


Fellow trainers, what do you think of the trailer? Are you as excited as I am? Which starter are you looking forward to? Which game are you going to get? Let me know in the comments section! And as always thank you for reading!

14 thoughts on “PokeNews: Special Pokemon Moon and Sun Announcement

  1. Hot damn Rowlet looks cute! Probably go for that or Litten. Though knowing my track record I’ll avoid Poppilo only to find it’s evolutions look amazing, just like Oshawott…
    In any case I just hope I’m finished with Y before these come out!

    1. I totally agree with you! I dunno which I want more, Litten or Rowlet! I might just have to get both games so I can get both lol! Poppilo looks so derpy, but I bet it will have the best evolutionary line…

      I hope you finish Y, by then too!

  2. Today was the best ;w; I had no idea there was an announcement and I woke up to a Twitter timelime full of lovely Pokemon art and memes :_D

    I love fire-types! so far I’m definitely choosing Litten, but to be honest I like the 3 of them, the only other time when that happened was gen 2 ;w; Let’s hope all the evolutions are cool too ;w;

    Also, I’m getting both games xDD since Pkmn X and Y I successfully managed to drag my little sister into the magical world of Pokemon, so she gets one and I get one. I really like the moon legendary but I will probably wait until the list of exclusive Pokemon is available to make my final decision.

    I’m just so happy, it’s been such a happy day ;w;

    1. I know right! This has been the best Pokémon year ever! I’m going to go for Litten first too, but I am so excited for Rowlet too! I agree I hope the evolutionary line is on point otherwise I might cry a little…

      I can’t wait for more info! XD

      1. But there’s only so much inspiration to be gained from mushrooms before you run out of ideas for new Pokemon. XD

  3. I’m torn between Rowlet and Litten. I usually pick the fire or water starter, but Rowlet may be my very first grass starter! Between Sun and Moon, I like the lion more, but I usually pick the “secondary” version since slightly less people tend to pick that one. It works out better for trading.

    1. Thank you for reading and for the follow!

      I know exactly what you mean! I usually go for fire types, but Rowlet is too cute to pass up lol

      I totally agree about the secondary game being the better choice for trading, everyone always seems to go for the first game. But I’m fine with either, I might even get both! 😀

      1. You’re very welcome! Assuming that the lion will be in the sun version, my wife will probably want that so I would end up having to get the secondary version anyway, hahaha.

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