PokeNews: Volcanion Distribution

Here we are again with another PokeNews report! In honor of the release of the nineteenth Pokemon feature length film, Volcanion and the Mechanical Marvel, Nintendo is holding a Special Volcanion Distribution!!


Volcanion, the Steam Pokemon, is a Fire/Water type legendary Pokemon and although it has not been featured in any of the main series games it is still considered one of the sixth generation Pokemon. Volcanion is able to use the water stored within it’s body to create steam, which it shoots from the connected cannons on its back.  Like Hoopa and Magiana, Volcanion was leaked in Coro Coro Magazine prior to it’s official GameFreak reveal.

This will be the first time Volcanion will be made available to Pokemon Trainers in the US, so be sure to take advantage of this event while you can!! The Volcanion Event will be a Serial Code Distribution and will take place between October 10th to 31st 2016 at participating U.S. Gamestop locations (I’m not sure about other countries). In order to use the distribution code, players must have a 3DS or New 3DS, and Pokemon X, Y, Omega Ruby, or Alpha Sapphire.

The event Volcanion will be lv. 70 and have the Ability:  Water Absorb, it will also come loaded with the moveset Steam Eruption, Overheat, Hydro Pump, and Explosion, with the item Assault Vest!

Were you as surprised by this distribution as I was? Are you planning on snagging this Legendary Pokemon? I wonder what other special goodies the Pokemon Company has for us in the coming months!? Feel free to leave a comment, share, or like…And as always, Thank you for reading!!!

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