[Funded] Let’s Support Legend of Rune an English BL Visual Novel/RPG

Edit (10/4): The Kickstarter for this game was successful at meeting its funding goal and six of the stretch goals. The final funding amount was $29,246 from 651 backers! The game now has a tentative release date of August 2017!  

Okay, for once I’m not terribly late with this Kickstarter campaign!! This time I’m covering the upcoming BL visual novel from YesterJoy GamesLegend of Rune!! So what sets this game apart from the rest? Legend of Run combines the immersive story of a visual novel with the puzzles and technical elements of an RPG!

When I first saw this game floating around on Twitter, I was excited because we definitely need more BL visual novels on the market. But then after finding out that it was also part RPG, I nearly broke my laptop in my excitement! I have no doubt that YesterJoy Games’s  debut title, will make a huge splash in the visual novel community.


Unlike traditional visual novels, Legend of Rune incorporates elements of classic RPG’s for a wholly different gaming experience.

100 years from now, a child will be born who bears the mark of the fire clan on his face. When this boy grows older, he will become so powerful that the entire world will be destroyed by his hands.”

Meet Rune; a young fire mage who has been destined to destroy the world.

Rune grew up living in hiding with his father, Len. They lived peacefully in their small secluded cabin, but then, one day, soldiers from the Kingdom of Salvis came and took Rune away.

The kingdom keeps him imprisoned for five years, until, on his 18th birthday, Rune blacks out and wakes up to find himself in the middle of a forest. In his confusion, Rune begins to wander through the woods, and his journey to escape his destiny begins.

On his adventure, Rune meets 4 other mages that aid him in his travels; each with their own desires and motives for joining Rune’s party. What secrets do these men hold?

Official Description 


  • Rune is a fire mage and the protagonist of the game. Long ago, it was foretold that Rune’s powers would one day destroy the world. In order to protect him from persecution, Rune’s father hid him away from the rest of the world. Because of this, he’s a bit naïve about the outside world.
    • Aurin is an Earth mage. He serves as Rune’s protector on their journey. Aurin is a formidable fighter, who only shows his softer side to Rune.
    • Nikolas is a Light mage. He is an amnesiac who believes that he and Rune are destined to be together. Nikolas is an upbeat guy that gets along well with most people.
    • Mikhail is a Dark mage. He is a collector of knowledge and hopes he can obtain more knowledge through his interactions with Rune. Mikhail’s mannerisms can be a bit creepy at times.
    • Zero is a Water mage. Not much is known about him, he only joins Rune’s party in order to keep an eye on him. Zero is the mysterious loner of the group.


  • Four potential love interests
    • Each romantic partner is unique, with each romance path offering key insight into the overarching story of the game.
  • Beautiful sprites, CGs, and Backgrounds
  • An RPG style puzzle battle system to complement the visual novel aspects of the game.
  • Player’s ability to decide the fates of the characters through immersive choices and selections.
  • Explorable worlds and maps
    • Relive past battles and quests

There are a set of Stretch Goals that will expand the scope of the game if met. Some of the expanded features include an android/IOS release, a secret romanceable character, partial voice acting, skill trees and much more… Upon it’s release the game will be available for Windows, Mac, and Linux; but, there is also a campaign to get the game greenlit for Steam as well! Please keep in mind that this game is a commercial release, but there is a tier on the Kickstarter page that offers the game for ONLY $20! The tentative release date is set for August 2017! Currently the game has $23,226 of it’s $9,500 campaign goal with 116 Backers! The campaign will run until October 3rd 2016!

There are download links for the PC version of the demo, right there on the Kickstarter page! The demo covers the Prologue and a bit of Chapter 1, so if you are still on the fence about the game or just want to see what the game has to offer give it a try.

So PLEASE check out the Kickstarter campaign, HEREand lend your support. There are still 2 days left and they are currently at $23,226 and every little bit helps! I’ve already made a contribution to the campaign and I can’t wait for the finished project when it is released. The various price tiers come with some nice goodies so definitely check them out! Also make sure to check out the webpage and twitter for production updates and news!

You can also contact them on Social Media through the following channels:

If you can’t help out monetarily, SHARE this post or the Kickstarter page on social media and spread the word! As always THANK YOU for reading!!!

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