My Top 10 Favorite Generation Six Pokemon

It’s been a long time since I wrote my last Pokemon Top 10 list, I originally intended to have all of these posts done before the release of Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon, but one thing lead to another… ah well, better late than never! This time around, I’ll be covering my Top Ten Gen  6 Pokémon. So let’s get this party started…


The sixth generation games brought Pokemon to the third dimension with improved 3D graphics and a whole host of interactive features! While liked all of the new advancements and features added to the Gen VI games, I wasn’t quite so impressed with all the new Pokemon that were introduced this time around… they just weren’t as memorable. In fact, I think this was the generation with the fewest new Pokemon rounding out at just 72 critters to capture.

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PokeNews: Volcanion Distribution

Here we are again with another PokeNews report! In honor of the release of the nineteenth Pokemon feature length film, Volcanion and the Mechanical Marvel, Nintendo is holding a Special Volcanion Distribution!!


Volcanion, the Steam Pokemon, is a Fire/Water type legendary Pokemon and although it has not been featured in any of the main series games it is still considered one of the sixth generation Pokemon. Volcanion is able to use the water stored within it’s body to create steam, which it shoots from the connected cannons on its back.  Like Hoopa and Magiana, Volcanion was leaked in Coro Coro Magazine prior to it’s official GameFreak reveal.

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