GrimmGirl Is BACK With Her Top Three Moments of Season 2 of Haikyu

Hello Heroes and Travellers, today we have a special guest post from the lovely, Katrina Sade from over at!! The Haikyuu Fangirl Duo is back with part two of our Haikyu Collaboration post series, so join me in welcoming GrimmGirl to Nice Job Breaking It, Hero!! So without further ado, I’m gonna turn things over to Kat!!

Hey everyone!

It’s GrimmGirl here, back again to guest blog here at Nice Job Breaking It, Hero. Some time ago Pokeninja 90 and myself decided to be batshit crazy and come up with our top three moments of season 1 of Haikyu. If you have seen the show I know what you are thinking, “But how can you choose just three? It is logically impossible.”

Let me tell you, it was a struggle but both of us managed the impossible! That’s just how good we are cue wink. If you didn’t get a chance to see our top three moments of season 1 you are surely missing out so make sure to check them both out ❤

Pokeninja90’s Top Three Season One Haikyu Moments

GrimmGirl’s Top Three Season One Haikyu Moments

Obviously our success at being able to choose three moments from season one turned us into gluttons for punishments because we are back again with our Top Three Moments of season two. If I thought choosing for season one was hard, choosing for season two was emotional whiplash.

So after much deliberation and maybe just a few moments of ugly crying as I had to remove some moments off the list… I came up with this fine list of Haikyu moments that are sure to evoke some sense of emotion. Enjoy!

Three: The Big Fight

At the end of season one our favorite volleyball team loses to Aoba Johsai. It’s heartbreaking and soul crushing. Particularly for Hinata and Kageyama. At the final moment Kageyama tossed a set for Hinata and Hinata’s fast attack was mercilessly blocked. It was their ultimate attack and when they needed it most it failed.
In Hinata’s fight to improve he decides that they need a new move in order to combat high level teams. He decides he wants to begin opening his eyes when doing fast attacks in order to have a degree of control over where he is spiking the ball. This will help give them a chance to not be blocked in the future.

Kageyama on the other hand feels like it is to late in the game to try to accomplish that. What Hinata is suggesting would be highly difficult and require a lot of work. On top of that there’s a chance Hinata would never be able to do it no matter how hard they worked at it. Kageyama feels that they should just continue working with their fast attack and try to strengthen other aspects of their volleyball playing, like their receives.

This causes a huge rift between Hinata and Kageyama that finally comes to a head in an all out fistfight. Gaaaahhh! Don’t do this to me boys! The scene was so heartbreaking because you know that both of them are just trying to do what they think will be best for the team. Both of them feel like they are right but can’t get the other person to see their side.

I loved this scene because it was so out there to see Hinata’s character this frustrated. Showing once again that sports can brink all of us to a tipping point. This scene also set the foundation for Kageyama and Hinata’s growth over the course of the series.

Two: The Crows Fly

The game between Karasuno and Aoba Johsai is intense. A lot happens during the game and emotions are very high. Honestly when I was watching the progression of the game the first time I really didn’t know who was going to win.

I of course wanted it to be Karasuno but I didn’t know if they would have enough after what happened last time. On top of the Oikawa and his team are fighting so hard. Neither team will give an inch towards the other.

When Hinata and Kageyama set up for their final attack and score… That win was everything. It was so emotionally charged and the lead up to the win was perfect. I also couldn’t help but feel devastated at the loss of Aboi Josi as well. That win was such a mixed back of emotions and I think that’s why I liked it so much. I mean this is just top-notch writing if you can feel with every fiber of your being pumped at the win for Karasuno but at the same time cry for Oikawa and his team.

One: Oikawa’s Declaration

Oikawa is by far my second favorite character. Noya is my all time favorite but Oikawa just barely losses out. There is just something about his presence on screen that it is no wonder that Hinata calls him the Great King. There is always this part of me that wants Oikawa to recognize and acknowledge Kageyama. Oikawa is still the better player and Kageyama knows it, which is why he looks up to him. So cute ❤

When Oikawa’s team loses to Karasuno and he runs into Ushijima his number one adversary I really didn’t know what to expect. I was feeling for my Oikawa okay! I didn’t know if he was emotionally ready to see Ushijima. I shouldn’t have worried though because Oikawa is always Oikawa.

When Ushijima claims that Oikawa chose the wrong team to play for (he believes he should’ve came to Shiratorizawa) because of his pride and all that got him was failure. Oikawa scoffs and tells him if he keeps all of his attention on him he’ll be stabbed from the direction he least expects. He goes on to explain that while his junior (Kageyama) isn’t smart or anywhere near his level, he’s not alone anymore and that makes him strong.

I have never been so pumped to watch Karasuno play Shiratorizawa!!!!! After this moment I wanted Karasuno to win even more so that Oikawa’s statements would be vindicated. I want Karasuno so to win so that Oikawa can just walk past Ushijima after his loss and say something like, “Seems my worthless pride put me on the right path after all. Like I said no team is guaranteed victory.”


Season Three I’m so PUMPED!

Thanks for sticking around for my top three. What are some of your favorite season two Haikyu moments?

Also don’t forget to head over to GrimmGirl and check out PokeNinja90’s Top Three S2 Haikyu Moments.


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  1. Great moments! The stupid combi are so awesome in this season. Well, the entire Karasuno are awesome here. They really grew. Tsukishima was also very cool near the end when he’s developing into a monster midblocker. Love this season! Can’t wait to watch s3!

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