My Lover is a Playboy – Amnesia Memories -Ikki Review

Of all the routes available in this game, Ikki’s is probably the one that I was least looking forward to. I really don’t like the flirty, playboy types at all, I go out of my way to avoid them when I can. It was actually due to a mistake that I clicked Ikki’s route in the first place, I mixed up his route and Toma’s…not that I was looking forward to Toma’s route any more so than Ikki’s. He’s the typical playboy, good looking and always surrounded by women, but for some reason he’s dating a normal (mute) girl like the MC. So, the route itself, I want to say that despite my reservations his route managed to surprise me, but I’d be lying. While I didn’t outright hate Ikki’s route, I didn’t really enjoy it either, he’s just not my type.

As I did with Shin’s route, I did not get the Good Ending on the first try, I got one of the Bad endings, but weirdly enough I liked Ikki way more in that ending than I had in the entire game.

*Side Note: I will not have an MC/Heroine section in this review…I feel that there just isn’t enough about her to fill an entire section in this game. I was actually really disappointed by the MC in this game.

Disclaimer: I don’t own these images, they belong to Idea Factory…and this goes without saying, but there will be SPOILERS under the cut…

Hottie with the Medusa Eyes

IMG_0841.PNGAfter choosing the Spade World, the MC wakes up in her own room without any of her memories and no one she can trust around. So, upon searching the room the MC discovers a student ID card and learns that she is a first year Psychology student. However she and Orion don’t get to investigate any further because the MC receives a phone call from someone named Ikkyu. She assumes that the man on the other end of the line is her boyfriend when he invites her out for a date. But when he doesn’t show up the MC decides to go outside and look for him. To her surprise he is a short way from her apartment, surrounded by several of his fangirls. The two of you go on a date where he apologizes for earlier, blaming his “condition”. Orion wonders what his condition is but judging from the open way he discusses it with her, he assumes asking him about it would alert Ikki to your amnesia. IMG_0882.PNGThe mystery in this route surround the MC’s circumstances for dating Ikki. His playboy activities and his mysterious eye condition, cast suspicion on his true intentions towards the MC. When Ikki was a child he wished on a shooting star for girls to like him, and like magic it came true. From that day on any woman that looks into his eyes would fall in love with him. So in order to keep the peace among his many fans (and for his own sanity) he comes up with a 3 month dating rule. He will only date a girl for 3 months then he’ll dump her and start going out with another. The girls he dumps then join his cult fan club, run by the insane beautiful Rika. She controls the fangirls with an iron fist, forbidding any one girl to monopolize Ikki’s time and requiring that all of his girlfriends submit weekly reports about Ikki. IMG_0911.PNGThere was also this weird hierarchy, caste based dating roulette system, but it wasn’t explained in much detail (thank God). Of course Ikki oblivious to this, plows through the fan club’s girls one by one in three month cycles, however that all changes when he meets the MC. She is the only girl not to fall head over heels for him at first sight. In fact she hates him, apparently his philandering ways remind her of her father, who is currently on wife #4. So she rejects Ikki’s advances, but that just makes him want her more, so he eventually plucks up the courage to ask her out. The fan club (which the MC joined, for some vague reason) is not pleased, and warns her that she must follow the rules or else…However when she gets amnesia, she neglects her club activities and incurs the wrath of Rika and her cronies. I feel like I would have liked this MC more if she actually TALKED, she seemed like she could have been spunky, but all we really get are Orion’s snarky asides.

Hottie Alert!!

Orion is great, don’t get me wrong, but he’s not the MC… I found myself really wanting more from her than her usual brick wall impression, but alas it was not to be. Initially, I like the MC doubted Ikki’s intentions, in public he is a flirt doting on all of his adoring fans while shunning the MC. But, in private he’s caring and attentive always putting the MC’s needs before his own. It was like watching a tennis match, the whiplash I got from all of the personality switches was not endearing, it was just annoying! Then there was the side conflict with her super hot middle aged father, completely unnecessary! Three months is a little too soon to be moving in with anyone, let alone a boyfriend, I completely agree with the father on this one. There were a few times when I almost gave up on this route, I just wanted it all to end! Behind all of his womanizing, Ikki is really a lonely and depressed individual. Women flock to him in droves, but only because of his eyes. They never challenge him, treating him like a prize pig at a county fair. So, while he is nice to all of his “girlfriends” he’s never really been in love with any one, instead opting to treat all of his relationships like a game.

IMG_0894.PNGResigned to never finding true love, he contends himself with physical pleasures, which takes its toll on him. He desperately wants to fall in love with someone, but the scheming of the fan club always gets in the way of that. I actually kind of felt bad for the guy, he’s had to make up his playboy personality because of his condition. Deep down he really is a sensitive and caring man, who just wants to be loved. The MC is the first woman he has ever been in love with, and he wants nothing more than to make fall for him too. He does everything within his power to make her happy, but her amnesia and the fan club make things difficult. While I do sympathize with Ikki, I don’t empathize with him. He made a selfish wish and now he has to reap the consequences, not to mention his reluctance to tell off the fan club for their stalking. Even in the end he never completely cuts them off, he just scolds them like they’re children and lets them go on their merry way. NO, not okay, have those girls arrested for stalking and assault! *facepalm* So now with the fangirls out of the way (at least for the time being, Ikki and the MC are free to go public with their relationship, complete with their very own “big damn kiss”.


Do I Recommend this Route?


I did not like this route at all, and to be honest I had a really hard time finishing it… I admit that Ikki is not a bad guy, he’s merely the product of his circumstances, which suck. The whole magic eye thing was kind of silly, I feel like there are much better ways to tell a sympathetic playboy/flirt story and magic eyes have no place in any of them. The whole fangirl cult drama could have easily have been handled, had Ikki just told them to back off from the beginning. I took a few days to cool off before writing this and I am still a little mad about his route…The only ray of sunshine in this route was Kent, after completing this route I am looking forward to playing his route that much more.

That bitch didn’t know how good she had it!

So the endings…I actually liked the “I’ll get rid of those who hurt you” Bad Ending and the Normal Ending way more than I liked the depressing “I wanted us to live together” Bad Ending and the Good Ending. In the “I’ll get rid of those who hurt you” Bad Ending, Ikki finally mans up and gives his fans what they deserve, sure the MC had to get a little broken in the process, but it’s better late than never… But the Normal Ending is really where this route shines, it was the most believable of all the endings. In it the MC moves away and Ikki decides to break all ties with her, he tells her that he won’t bother her anymore and that eventually they will both move on. The MC seems to feel bad about this and vows never to forget him. So a month goes by and Ikki keeps his promise, having not once contacted her since their break up, so the MC steps up and hits him up for old time sake…a much better ending than the Good ending in my opinion, definitely worth shooting for.

Personally, I really don’t like this route… There were some good moments, but not enough to save the route for me…Even Kent couldn’t save this route, everything was just too little too late. By the time I actually started to understand Ikki and his BS, the route was over and I just couldn’t muster the energy to care anymore…

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31 thoughts on “My Lover is a Playboy – Amnesia Memories -Ikki Review

  1. Omg you perfectly captured all I felt and thought of Ikki’s route! Bravo /thunderous applause
    I can’t even begin to tell you just how right in the ball everything you said is. From whiplash to wanting him to grow a goddamn spine (~‾▿‾)~
    Either way, amazing review! ヘ( ̄ω ̄ヘ)

  2. Poor poor Ikki xD I was excited at first wanting to see how he’ll warm up to the MC but unfortunately it didn’t meet my expectations 😛
    I really hated it when the MC went on a date with Ikki only to find him with the other girls -.- And I couldn’t even pick “I hate you” (which I did at first because that seemed like an obvious choice to me) otherwise I couldn’t get the CG >.> MC-chan why you so weak!! Ugh
    Kent should’ve just swooped her of her feet and run away

      1. Actually that would have been great, but unfortunately Kent doesn’t steal people’s girlfriends…alas he’s too Kent for that

      2. Yes I know :'( And the friendship between Kent and Ikki is very cute (in his route xd) so it would only ruin it I guess ._.

  3. Now that I played his route lol YAS to everything (even the hot dad rofl) and I wanted to see more of the MC in this bc she sounded like a baus!!! I def feel like Ikki felt obligated to the fan club but dear God was it difficult for me to be invested. I only felt bad for him and I also thought the normal end was the best for them.

    1. Yes finally!!! I know right I had the hardest time relating to him…Plus his eye issue was his own fault for making such a selfish wish in the first place

      1. lol I actually felt a little sympathetic towards his wish cuz he was like what, 10? Idk lol but I mean we’ve all had vain moments and wished for weird stuff (maybe that’s just me…lol) but it’s like dude could’ve done smt abt the fan club…

      2. Idk about his wish, maybe if they properly explained why he made it I might have been more sympathetic.

        The fangirl issue was ridiculously out of hand in fact I think they are the real villains of the game!

      3. It sounded like he just wanted to be popular like how smts we all want that. He just wanted women to like him and welp that backfired big time lol.
        OMG the fangirls I want to shoot them!!! Lol I only ave 3 routes left but they’ve thankfully left her alone so far in Kent’s route….well, except for Mine.

      4. I suppose that makes since lol Ikki just pissed me off.
        Kent’s route was a dream! It is so chill compared to all the other routes!

  4. I liked Ikki in most of his endings, he’s in my top 2. His good ending feels the most satisfying, probably because they actually move their relationship forward into the next stage (living together), though I do agree that it happens way too fast. I also like that he calls and texts the MC a lot, and is really open about his feelings.
    Other than that, I think his route was the funniest. It had some funny lines, (“… I went to this beef bowl place,” “He’s a pervert, I’ll call the police!”, “My grandmother once dyed her hair pink.”) and Shin was great in this too.
    The only thing that puzzles me is the “Not Bad, God” ending. It got pretty rapey… but I’m not under the impression Ikki was really going to do it? The way I took it, he was checking whether she really believed he would do that to her, noticed that she did, and got angry. I hope I’m not wrong; if he really tried to rape her (and only pretending to was incredibly shitty to begin with, he should be showing concern for her amnesia instead but he’s just being selfish and throwing a temper tantrum for no reason), then Kent seems to be the only decent guy in this entire game. Well, barring Ukyo maybe, I haven’t tried his route yet.

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