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Seduce your way through six of Lucifer’s Seven Deadly Sins in the modern day city of sin! Sinsations is an 18+ modern fantasy boys love visual developed by Frigid Delights Studios. Set in Las Vegas, take on the role of Lucifer’s newest Deadly Sin, Lust. As a test to see if you’re up for being the embodiment of lust, Lucifer has given you the task of seducing the other six Las Vegas Deadly Sins… and you only have 2 months to do it! Sinsations is fully voiced in English and there are loads of choices that can either lead to success or failure as you bed your way across the Vegas Strip!

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You play as Kosuke Arai, the newly recruited Deadly Sin of Lust. As part of your role, Lust has been given a task from Lucifer to prove his worth: seduce the other six Deadly Sins, within two months. You’ll have plenty of opportunity to succeed, and fail, Lucifer’s test. All decisions made in the game carry weight, so you’ll have to put in some thought for each one!

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Sinsations Game Review

It’s literally all on the tin with Frigid Delight’s Sinsations. Step into the shoes of Kosuke Arai, an artist (he draws gay porn) who is hand picked by Lucifer to be his newest Deadly Sin of Lust. Of course, not just anyone can be Lust, it requires a certain…vigor. So Lucifer sets Kosuke up with a test to prove he can handle the burden of breaking in so many beds: he has to get the other six Deadly Sins to fall in love with him in less than two months…or else. No pressure. So Kosuke plows his way through each of the Las Vegas Sins on his quest and maybe makes some meaningful connections along the way.

I’m used to BL devs jumping through hoops to get characters to jump into the sack, but you can’t get any simpler than Lust having to f*ck his way through the Vegas Strip for Lucifer. That’s it. That’s the premise. And when you have a premise like that all you can do is lean into it hard and have fun. Sinsations is a hilarious, campy romp, between Kosuke’s innuendo heavy dialogue and the over the top antics of the Deadly Sins, this is a game that isn’t afraid to go for the cheap laughs. And I appreciate that, not everything has to be doom and gloom, sometimes a bit of camp is all you need to tell a fun story.

That’s not to say Sinsations is devoid of emotion, there are some truly genuine moments between Kosuke and the other Sins, Envy and (surprise, surprise) Pride’s routes tugged on the heart strings a bit. And I cried having to break things off with Sloth at the end of his route. Because, at the end of the day Kosuke has to seduce ALL the Sins. In a fun twist on the usual visual novel gameplay, Kosuke doesn’t get to stick around for the long-term, at the end of each route you inevitably have to say goodbye and move on to the next guy.

You can only unlock the true romance route with the last Sin you pursue. So if you are looking to make a true love connection with one of the guys, be sure to save them for last (or if you’re like me SAVE OFTEN and on replay switch up the order for each Sin). It can be a bit annoying having to skip through all of the routes six different times to get the best ends for all the LIs. However, I have been assured that the sequel Modern Gods did away with this feature. Though, in this game they do sweeten the pot with the Bonus content where you can have some intimate time with Lucifer (and the other side characters). Lucifer is fine as hell…and his bonus content is *chef’s kiss*

Each of the love interests is the embodiment of their respective sin, but not always in the ways you’d expect. Some like Greed, a wealthy casino owner who lives a life of excess, and Envy who lives in the shadow of his much more successful older brother, are a bit on the nose in their portrayals. While others like Wrath, a seemingly chill nightclub owner (who likes to do a little Acid before bed), and fit, abs for days having gym rat, Gluttony are seeming subversions.

The Deadly Sins are a concept we have seen done over an over again in media, we all know the drill, Gluttony is supposed to be a chonky boi, Wrath is supposed to be ready to pop off at a moments notice. But, in Sinsations that’s not the case at all! These characters have nuance and depth. Yes, they are flawed and in some cases, criminals, but they are people too. They aren’t just one note trope characters, they have families, friends, and lives. It’s really fun getting to know all of the Sins and seeing how they operate. I can’t say there was any one guy that I didn’t like, which is super rare.

Sure, Pride is a whinny little, b*tch most of the time, but he has a good heart and he does a lot to support local charities. Of course I have my favorites: Greed is best boy, just all around perfect. He’s fine, wealthy, always down for a good time (and a random drug fueled orgy), sure he can be a bit pretentious, but he really just wants to be happy. Runner up award goes to soft boi, Sloth, baby needs all the hugs and love.

Sinsations is a boys love game, so there is a lot of hanky panky going on and it is 100% uncensored—free range willies for everyone! There are plenty of steamy scenes to keep you entertained, gotta give the devs props for all the creative sexy times (they especially seem to like blow jobs and shower sex). All of the guys have different experiences with sex and relationships that plays into their sexual encounters with Kosuke.

Sex is a big part of the story, but I like that there isn’t a one size fits all approach to sex in the game. Sloth has zero relationship experience, so their courtship is something along the lines of a first love, high school romance. With Kosuke gradually getting him used to different sexual experience. Gluttony has experience, but wants a more fulfilling relationship, so they build up to sex in his route. While Greed and Pride take the love at first nut approach and hop into bed not long after meeting. This is a surprisingly sex positive game and I’m here for it.

I did notice that the art in the CGs is a bit inconsistent almost like some of them were drawn by different artists. It’s more than a little distracting because there’s a distinct stylistic difference between artists that really takes away from some of the scenes. I don’t know what was up with that…

If you’re not up for the extra sausage there sadly isn’t a way to opt out of the sex scenes however you can turn on the SFW feature to toggle the censorship (I didn’t see it at first). But, consent is a big part of the gameplay, so you can be sure everyone is down to fuck at all times. Kosuke especially is not afraid to ask for what he wants and I am always here for a protagonist that is open to sex. Some of his come ons can be a little cheesy, but I like the more lighthearted tone of the story and the more playful character interactions.

Another plus is Sinsations is fully voice acted. The VAs did a phenomenal job with their roles, Mylo Reid definitely laid it on thick with the sex appeal as Lust, and only a true professional could say lines like, “Go get turbo dicked” out loud without cracking up. However, one of the minor downsides is that the game is FULLY voiced. Every single line, thought, and description is read in painful detail and it can be a bit much as the game goes on to listen to Kosuke narrate everything. But, the performances are so good I don’t mind it much.

So the Verdict: Is Sinsations Worth Playing?

Absolutely! I don’t think I’ve had this much fun with a game in awhile. Sinsations is campy and cheesy and the dialogue likes to ham it up a bit too much, but it’s fun! This is a chill experience that knows exactly what it is and leans into it. Sure, it has it’s flaws and having to replay all the routes 6x to get the best endings for everyone is a pain in the ass (but you can fuck Lucifer at the end), but at the end of the day there is so much more to love about this game! The characters are fantastic and I really enjoyed getting to know all of the Sins. Kosuke is a riot, one of my new fave BL protagonists and I can’t wait to see more of him in the sequel.

Sinsations had me cracking up from start to finish (and yes, it made me feel things). So, if you haven’t already, give this game a play! You won’t regret it!

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7 thoughts on “Sinsations 18+ BL Game Review – Sex in Sin City

      1. Hm. If they drug them all, then definitely. Sober… dunno. Depends how good Wrath is in a fight?
        And if it’s after the seduction, that would provide an advantage because the LI might not want to hurt you.
        I’ve put thought into this 😌✨

  1. MAH GIIIIIRL! GREED IS INDEED BEST BOY! Can’t wait for modern gods for more greed! I’m greedy for Greed!

    1. YESSSSSS A FELLOW GREED LOVER!! This man stole my whole heart! YES! I am so hype for the 2nd game! Which character from the sequel are you excited for (that isn’t Greed lol)?

      1. Lucifer lol hopefully he pounds kosuke again lmao. i simped so hard for greed when i played the game. maybe the same will happen in Sins 2 for the new 4 dudes

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