Slow Damage, the latest Boys’ Love title from JAST BLUE, Releases this November

Hugely anticipated since its smash-hit Japanese release, the English translation of Nitro+CHiRAL’s Boys’ Love title Slow Damage will be released digitally on November 14th 2022.

Slow Damage is now available! Check out the full review for all the details: Slow Damage BL Game Review – Beauty in the Macabre!

Physical copies will be available for preorder through J-List and the game will be sold digitally through the JAST Store and GOG. JAST BLUE is currently exploring a Steam release in the near future as well.

Slow Damage tells the story of Towa, a hedonistic artist living in a yakuza-controlled city of the near future. Intent on painting people’s darkest desires, Towa seeks out extreme sensation and seedy underworld connections. But in exposing the truths of those around him, Towa may have uncovered more than he bargained for…

Game Details

  • Developer: Nitro+chiral
  • Publisher: JAST Blue (EN)
  • Platform: Windows (PC)
  • Genre: BL | Mature | 18+
  • Release Date: 2020 (JP) | November 14, 2022 (EN)
  • Preorder the Game: Digital | Physical


The year is 20xx, and the declining nation of Japan has built the ultimate casino resort: Shinkoumi.

This “special economic zone,” once known as Tokyo Waterfront City, is functionally its own separate country under the complete control of a private managing organization known as the Takasato-gumi.

But of course, a city with open doors has its dark side. Amidst the rampant crime and decay, degenerate hedonist Towa lives each day like it’s his last…

Official Synopsis

With stylish art, taut writing and a soundtrack infused with noir atmosphere, Slow Damage represents the pinnacle of the Boys’ Love genre and the Visual Novel format.

Boys’ Love, also known as BL or yaoi, is a popular genre depicting romantic and sexual relationships between men. The fanbase is primarily women, much like that of m/m slash readership demographics in Western fan communities.

“From the moment the script landed in my lap in the summer of 2020, it has been a tremendous honor to serve as translator for Slow Damage, and I’m thrilled that English-speaking fans will finally have the chance to explore these grimy streets for themselves. Just take a deep drag, exhale… and follow where the madness takes you.”
  – Molly Lee (Translator)

“Slow Damage truly is a leap forward for the BL genre, exploring sexuality in new and eye-opening ways. The gameplay pushes the limits of what the Visual Novel medium can accomplish, allowing unprecedented interactivity as the player explores Towa’s world and the desires of those around him.”
  – Mary Borsellino (Director of JAST BLUE)

Previous Nitro+CHiRAL titles released by JAST BLUE include the haunting and visceral sweet pool, the dystopian killing-game classic Togainu no Chi – Lost Blood – and the international phenomenon DRAMAtical Murder, which has also been translated into Chinese by JAST USA.

JAST USA was the first publisher to commercially release BL titles in English, with 2006’s Enzai – Falsely Accused, followed by Absolute Obedience – Zettai Fukuju Meirei in the same year.

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