Hard to Make a Romantic Cartoon (순정만화가 너무 어려워) BL Game Review

Steam is a treasure trove of hidden gems, but their search feature is absolute trash, so finding anything new can be impossible on the platform. While browsing the Steam Visual Novel Fest listings I discovered the Korean boys love game, Hard to Make a Romantic Cartoon! (순정만화가 너무 어려워) and this game is everything!

College student Yunjae is transported into the body of a side character in a romantic webcomic and forced to fulfill his intended role in the story. But when Yunjae inadvertently changes the story, he must deal with some unexpected consequences… an isekai adventure with a boys love twist~

Game Details

  • Genre: Boys Love | Isekai | Drama | Comedy
  • Developer & Publisher: Indigo & AK Communications
  • Rating: Safe for Work (16+)
  • Where to Play: Steam
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Boys Love Games You Should Play this Yaoi Day

Happy Yaoi Day! That’s right, it’s August 1st, a day of celebration for boys’ love fans, but what makes this day special.

Well, August 1st is celebrated as Yaoi Day because when you write “801“ in Japanese, it can be read as “yaoi”. The 8 can be read as “ya” (や) in the Japanese number “8”, when read as ‘yattsu’ (八つ). The 0 can be read as the western letter “O.” And the 1 can be read as “I” (い). Together that makes Y-A-O-I!!

Well for fujoshi, fudanshi, and fujin it is a day to celebrate our love all things BL! Since I focus on games, I’m going to spotlight some BL games y’all need to play! Like ASAP!

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Indie Spotlight: The Frozen Kingdom

Indie studio, Man Eater Games recently launched the Kickstarter campaign for their upcoming 18+ BL visual novel, The Frozen Kingdom. This will be a commercial release ($9.99USD). Join the barbarian Einar in his quest for revenge!

The Frozen Kingdom is inspired by the sword & sorcery fantasy films of the 80s such as Fire and IceDeathstalker, and of course, Conan. The idea behind it is simple: take the homoerotism of a genre full of hot, scantily dressed men and make it textual. There is a short demo available on itch.io and steam.

Game Details

  • Genre: Fantasy | BL | 18+ (Explicit sexual content)
  • Available on itch.io and Steam
  • Campaign Period: June 6, 2023 to July 6, 2023
  • Tentative Release Date: 2023
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Lkyt. BL Game Review

From Parade, the developers of NO, THANK YOU!!! and Room No. 9, comes a dark fantasy action BL game, Lkyt. Can two people find hope for the future with an outlook so bleak? Is it possible for friendship to turn into intimacy on the eve of humanity’s destruction? Can love save the world?

Game Details

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Sorcerer’s Choice: Angel or Demon? BL Game Review

Sorcerer’s Choice: Angel or Demon? is a boys love fantasy visual novel developed by Varenyett and published in English by JAST Blue. After being driven from his home, young sorcerer, Lucil is approached by an angel and a demon, each want to use his powers for their own ends. It is up to Lucil to choose which he will follow. Will he give himself over to the Light or will he fall into Darkness?

Game Details

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Doki Doki Dollmaker Boys Love Game Review

Doki Doki Dollmaker is a fantasy boys love visual novel developed by Karitsa. After the death of his parents, Lyle is forced to start over with his older brother in a new town. To help him cope with the changes in his life, Lyle makes five dolls. But, he gets more than he bargained for when the dolls come to life?! Be immersed in this heartfelt tale of love and discover what it means to find yourself, no matter who, or what, is willing to lend a hand!

Game Details

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Sorcerer’s Choice: Angel or Demon? Now Available For Preorder

Sorcerer’s Choice: Angel or Demon?, the newest title from JAST BLUE, is now available for preorder through jastusa.com and Steam, and will be released on the 21st of April.

When Lucil’s home is attacked by a violent mob, his grandfather teleports him to safety. Burned and battered, Lucil is aware of two beings standing over him: one of Light, and one of Darkness. Which hand will he take? What fate awaits him when he chooses?

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Indie Spotlight – My Alien Roommate

Indie dev, Wholesome Wraith (Purple Herring Games) recently launched the Kickstarter campaign for their upcoming otome/boys love visual novel, My Alien Roommate! In addition to the Kickstarter campaign, the team released a new extended demo with even more content. My Alien Roommate is a story-driven romance visual novel about having an alien roommate who you try to keep secret from the rest of the world.

Game Details

  • Comedic | Slice-of-Life | School Otome | BL with Thriller | Sci-Fi
  • Available on PC | Steam
  • Tentative Release: December 2024
  • Campaign Period: February 28, 2023 to March 30, 2023
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The Patient S Remedy BL Game Review

Sota Sasaki is affected by the lethal “candle disease”, however, it turns out that his semen is the cure?! From MADA labo, the creators of the (in)famous Hadaka Shitsuji – Naked Butlers comes the BL visual novel, The Patient S Remedy!

Game Details

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JAST BLUE to bring Varenyett’s BL Visual Novel, ‘Sorcerer’s Choice: Angel or Demon’ to the West

Boys Love fans rejoice! Fresh on the heels of their release of Nitro+chiral’s Slow Damage, BL publisher JAST BLUE announced that they’re bringing Varenyett’s fantasy boys love game Sorcerer’s Choice: Angel or Demon (Japanese title: Mahoutsukai to Tenshi to Akuma) to the West! This is JAST BLUE’s first non-Nitro+chiral localization and I know I’m not alone in being excited to see the publisher branching out!

There isn’t an official release date just yet, but I’ll be keeping an eye out for more details from JAST BLUE!

Game Details

  • Developer: Varenyett
  • Publisher: JAST Blue (EN)
  • Platform: Windows (PC)
  • Genre: BL | Fantasy | 18+
  • Official Sites: Japanese | English
  • Release Date: Nov 30, 2018 (JP) | TBA (EN)
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