Behind the Games Interview with Anne Lee

Hey Blerdy Tribe! I had the chance to chat with Anne Lee about her work as a Localization Consultant & Proofreader on the new Norn9 Var Commons Switch port and the upcoming fandisk, Last Era! Many of you already know Anne, she has made several appearances on the Aksys Games streams with Sami as THE Otome Expert, sharing her vast otome knowledge with us all. But, for years Anne has been running the Japanese pop culture site Chic Pixel and most recently serves as co-host to the Pixel x Pixel podcast!

Of course first and foremost, Anne is an avid otome fan and that shines through in her informative and fun commentary! I am so glad that I was able to chat with her about what it was like working in otome localization!

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Behind the Games Interview with Red Spring Studio

Hey Blerdy Tribe! I had the chance to chat with Lulu, Vika, and Dev of the indies studio, Red Spring Studio–the team behind the upcoming gothic romance visual novel, TOUCHSTARVED! The team gives the goods on their debut title and what it’s like being an indie game developer in the latest Behind the Games interview!

Red Spring Studio is a small, POC and queer-owned indie studio made up of diverse talent from the gaming industry. United by a shared passion for dark, mature stories, they’ve poured their hearts into TOUCHSTARVED with the goal of telling ground-breaking tales for outcasts, danger lovers, and hopeless romantics.

Red Spring Studio About
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Behind the Games Interview with Jessinia of Jellyfish Parade

Hey Blerdy Tribe! I had the chance to chat with Black game developer, Jessinia, the founder and head of indie game studio, Jellyfish Parade. This is not the first time I’ve spoken with Jessinia, we chatted back in 2018, but with their latest release, Belle Automata finally here, I wanted to circle back and see what they’ve been up to!

Jellyfish Parade is an independent visual novel developer dedicated to bringing ethnically diverse casts in every game across a variety of genres! Our main characters take the helm of their own love stories – whether they be chronically unemployed bunny girls, personified moons, or androids discovering a whole new world.

We specialize in character-driven GxB romance stories that focus on emotional intimacy and positive relationship dynamics – just beware of the more bittersweet bad endings! Join the parade and fall in love with our androids and celestial bodies, our ice princes and ocean kings, our perfumists and knights – and more to come!

Jellyfish Parade About

Where to find Jellyfish Parade

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Behind the Games Interview with Yana and Kayla of Lovely Inc.

Hey Blerdy Tribe! I had the chance to chat with otome lovers and game developers, Kayla and Yana, the dynamic duo behind otome publisher, Lovely Inc. The team is best known for their office romance otome game, My Love For You Is Evermore.

Lovely, Inc. is an otome gaming company made by fans for fans. Our goal is to deliver unique personalities and experiences to our readers, so you can live out your own special love story!

Lovely Inc. About
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HoverGirls – Webcomic Review & Interview with Creator Geneva B. (GDBee)

HoverGirls is a webcomic series by artist Geneva B. (GDBee) that combines the kickass crime fighting of superhero comics with the girl power of the Japanese magical girl genre and a heaping handful of #BlackGirlMagic! HoverGirls follows cousins Jalissa and Kim Vasquez as they navigate the ups and downs of their life in the bustling city of Los Aguaceros. By day they’re baristas in at Big Chain Coffee slinging coffee and trying to make ends meet on a minimum wage salary. But, by night the duo masquerades as the monster-fighting duo the Hover Girls! After a freak storm, mysterious fish monsters started wreaking havoc on the city and it’s up to Jalissa and Kim to take them down…

The series just entered it’s second arc and you can read it for free over on Webtoons (modified for mobile reading) or directly from the HoverGirls site in a standard comic format. I also included a short interview with the creator of HoverGirls, Geneva B. at the end of the review!

Geneva B, creator of HoverGirls
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