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Bacchikoi is an 18+ PC BL visual novel from Black Monkey Pro an international BL artist circle. The game tells the story of a first year transfer student, Toshu Kanada, after he joins the baseball team at his new school. There he meets his new teammates, Ichiru Yanai and Masaru Nakahara and the trio become fast friends. But, as he spends more time with his new friends, new feelings start to develop, suddenly Toshu’s life becomes much more exciting!

There are two versions of the game: the Uncensored version which is $39.99 and the Censored version which is $17.99. So, if you are interested in the game, I strongly urge you to purchase it from Black Monkey directly. There is also an expansion pack which focuses on the sexual exploits of the team’s coach Genji… If you want to read my thoughts about the Expansion Pack, check out my review, HERE!

*Disclaimer: I don’t own the images used in this review, all CGs and screenshots belong to Black Monkey. Since this game is NSFW there will be some NSFW images after this point. I tried my best to hide some of the naughty bits, but… *shrugs* you’ve been warned!

Edit: In October of 2015 Black Monkey Pro disbanded, so Bacchikoi and all of their other content is no longer available for purchase, but feel free to still give this review a read! 

The young transfer student, Toshu Kanada, gets himself recruited in a nearly-falling apart baseball club. His once small world opens up as he gets to know his teammates Ichiru and Masaru. Lead Toshu with his choices and take teamwork and friendship to a whole new level!

-Official Description

Okay, so Bacchikoi is both an improvement on their earlier title, Sleepover and a regression of sorts… On one hand the story is much more immersive and with two potential love interests rather than one and there was much more in the way of story progression, as each guy had their own branching storylines and conflicts. On the other hand, I never thought that I’d say this, but this game made Sleepover look like a well written romance game… The sex scenes in this game were even more arbitrary than in the first game! Like I said before, I like mindless sex in BL as much as the next fangirl, but at least ease me into it! One minute they’re having a normal conversation, the next they’re at it like rabbits… I get it, Bacchikoi is a BL game, the boys like boys… they are going to have sex, I know that and you know that, but is it really too much to ask that they EASE ME INTO IT FIRST?! 

Characters and Routes

Toshu Kanada

This time around our uke, I mean protagonist is the sweet and impressionable, Toshu Kanada. There really isn’t much in the way of a personality, other than the fact that he loves baseball and cares deeply for his friends… typical protagonist qualities. At the start of the game, Toshu is just a regular high school student looking to make some new friends by joining the school’s baseball club… and that’s pretty much all there is to him. I guess I was expecting more substance from the character, especially given the over the top protagonist from Sleepover. bacchikoi-ed-1But instead the Black Monkey team decided to play it safe with a rather bland leading man… Thankfully, the two potential romantic interests had a bit more going for them than our jail-bait cutie, Toshu, but not by much. Each of the main love interests have their own conflict that makes up the entirety of their individual routes. I’m not gonna lie, after playing Sleepover I wasn’t really expecting much in the way of plot, but both route actually surprised me! Now, don’t get me wrong, they were both far from being the best routes ever, but they weren’t the worst either…

Masaru Nakaharu

Since I’m not really into the whole shota thing, I went with the slightly more mature looking Masaru Nakaharu’s route first. He’s a handsome teddy bear with striking green eyes and dark hair… totally my type 😉 and apparently tall, dark, and handsome is also Toshu’s type as well. Our red haired uke was drooling over big bro Masaru from the moment he laid eyes on him.  I mean, what’s not to love, Masaru is a sweet, lovable cinnamon bun captain of the Yakyusha High Baseball Club and an all around good guy. Sure, he’s your run of the mill nice guy character, with nothing all that remarkable about him, save his tragic backstory and knack for getting lost… On paper, Masaru is a character that I would normally write off as uninspired and weak, but instead I found him endearing and commendable. He’s a hard working student that balances his school obligations with his tumultuous family life. I really felt for the guy, he just couldn’t catch a break, but in spite of all of his hardships, Masaru still manages to keep a smile on his face.

2016-12-16-27Overall, Masaru had the better route, his conflict was well written and it did a fair job of showcasing Masaru as a character. His conflict was believable and just compelling enough to keep the player reading until the end. However, I have just one complaint… the relationship between Masaru and Toshu seems forced and wholly unnecessary! But, I can see how a Kouhai/Senpai relationship can lead to a romantic attraction, at least from Toshu’s point of view and I guess if I squint really hard, I can maybe understand Masaru’s attraction to his cute, innocent teammate…but, that’s not the story they told us, instead we get another copy and paste, sex equals love story… wonderful!

Ichiru Yanai

The second love interest, Ichiru Yanai, is about as different from Masaru as a character can get. Itaru is blonde, outgoing, rich, and not nearly as sexually repressed as our dear sweet Big Bro, Masaru; which is probably why I enjoyed his route the least. Ichiru is a feisty little spitfire with some serious daddy issues and a problem with authority figures, especially the team’s coach, Genji (and with good reason given the plot of the Bacchikoi Expansion Pack). On the surface, he’s just another spoiled rich kid with way too much money and time on his hands, but really, Ichiru’s status isolates him from the other students and teachers at Yakyusha, who treat him differently because of his wealth. The poor guy is starved for attention so when Toshu arrives he is immediately attracted to him, because he doesn’t treat him like anyone special, he treats him like a normal high schooler. The pair strike up a rather convenient friendship which devolves into a sexual “romantic” relationship.

2017-01-02I dunno, maybe it’s because they both look like ukes… or maybe it’s because I felt so dirty watching two baby faced teens pork each other for no apparent reason, *sigh* but I really hated the romance in this route. I don’t throw that word around lightly, so when I do use it, I mean it. This is one of those routes that would have been much more interesting if Ichiru and Toshu had remained just friends, their romantic chemistry is non-existent. Hell, I feel like this route is just in the game to bring in the shotacon fans! Oh, and I don’t care how many times they throw the word “friend” around, it’s obvious from the start that Ichiru wants nothing more than  to jump Toshu’s bones. He latches on to Toshu, or Tofu, as he is affectionately nicknamed from the the first moment he sees him, and when anyone even so much as looks at his “best friend”, Ichiru becomes a whiny possessive brat.

The boys and Coach Gay-ji Genji, all dolled up for an afternoon of rigorous “training”

Gameplay Features

I should clarify that Bacchikoi was released an entire year after Sleepover… that’s twelve whole months to fix all of the crap that was wrong with the first game. *ahem* So, can someone please tell me why it seems like the only things that changed between the release of Sleepover and the release of Bacchikoi were the premise, an additional love interest, and the inclusion of a mini game? ARE YOU SERIOUS?! -_- All of the things I complained about in Sleepover are back and better than ever! There are even more grammatical errors and awkward sentences and even more mindless sexual encounters!

In addition to visual novel aspects of the game, BMP decided to make Bacchikoi a bit more hands on than their first title by adding baseball training mini games. Usually, I’m not a fan of mini games, they’re tedious and often a complete waste of time and honestly speaking, the mini games in Bacchikoi are exactly that. They have absolutely no effect on the plot and from what I can tell they don’t even effect the outcome of the damn baseball game at the end. So why am I even bothering to talk about them? Well, because I actually enjoyed them. From the design to the execution, both the Batting Practice and Pitching Practice mini games are great, my only complaint is that they don’t have any effect on the main story! But, alas, this was just another missed opportunity for BMP to add a bit more substance to the overall narrative…

Finally, Bacchikoi is visually stunning, each character design, background, and CG is beautifully rendered full of lush vibrant colors and rich details. If this was just a CG Set, I’d give this title a 10 out of 10, but it’s not and I won’t. All the pretty pictures in the world can’t save this game from it’s mildly entertaining plot and dismal writing. I really wanted to like this one, I tried to like it, but I just couldn’t do it to myself. For a game that costs $40, I expect more bang for my buck and pretty pictures alone are not going to cut it!

The Verdict – Is Bacchikoi Worth Playing?

This should have been a home run for BMP… it’s a BL game about sports, the damn thing practically writes itself! *takes a deep breath* Overall, Bacchikoi is a vast improvement on their first game Sleepover: the characters are better developed and the story is not completely unreadable. However, instead of learning from their mistakes in the first game, BMP wound up repeating them… unfortunately I also have the expansion pack, so this hell is not quite over for me yet, expect a review for that soon.

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26 thoughts on “Bacchikoi-BL Game Review

    1. It’s a game, not an anime, but the art style does kind of make it look like an anime.

      Have you seen Kuroku no Basketball? I hear it’s really good and I plan on watching it soon!

      1. Omg these games are becoming more and more like movies and shows hahah. Omg kuroko no basketball I swear I started that last week and finished all three seasons already. I was obsessed with that show.

  1. Those who don’t learn from history are doomed to repeat it. Get a grip, BMP!

    …I now have the phrase “wild monkey love” stuck in my head after seeing the name, Black Monkey Pro, oops.

    Thank you for this honest review that let the readers and players know exactly they’re getting into. A great first review for the year, senpai!

    1. RIGHT!? I was facepalming the whole time lol But, I guess I only have myself to blame… fool me once shame on you, fool me twice…

      LMAO wild monkey love XD

      Thanks for the love Remy! At least someone else will benefit from my misfortune lol

      1. Can’t be helped!
        *whispers* maybe that’s the reason behind their bankruptcy…
        Oh, boy! The best kind of love? Np, not really. Not even the best kind of thing to do with monkeys, either. But we won’t see them eating chunky monkey flavored ice cream so we’ll have to settle for WML!
        It takes real grit to stick with a game that’s mediocre and I really appreciate your hard work, guts, and dedication. I know others do, too!

      2. LOL I thought that the entire time I was playing it!

        If I saw a monkey eating Chunky Monkey Ice Cream I’d probably do a double take lol

        I seriously kept expecting it to get better… I’m gonna play a really good game next to clear the palette lol

      3. Hahaha they dropped the ball there!
        So would I! Please, a monkey in a Planet of Apes movie has to do this. Just have one character lug a portable freezer full of Chunky Monkey Ice cream to justify this! 🐵
        Hopes were dashed and dreams crushed ;__; I hope your next game cleanses your feelings of disappointment!

      4. Oh, snap, I didn’t notice until you pointed it out. Must have been a bit loopy when I replied, wahaha.
        Voltage regaining your rust calls for a celebration, yahoo! Don’t mess up, V!

  2. Wow, that’s quite a price difference between the censored and uncensored release. Given the sport setting you can literally say that Toshu is batting for the other team 😉

    1. Yeah and a 10 dollar price gap between the fist game and this one!

      Lmao I had so many baseball puns ready for this post, and I wound up cutting all of them at the last minute😄😆 But that one was good!

    1. Yeah, I got Bacchikoi and Sleepover right before they went under… but, honestly you aren’t missing much.

      Those were just a few of the screens, there were a few pics I wanted to include, but it would have been impossible to censor them… not enough baseball stickers in the world lol

  3. ROFL the baseballs!!!!!!!! XD
    Such a shame that so many companies are just dying. Happened with Hirakmeki for Yojinbo, and Quinrose, and etc. Honestly, real fans support while “fans” steal. It’s expensive, this hobby. But if you love it you have to find a way to support it or it won’t exist anymore. Anyways, fantastic review and I’m really liking the style of your posts for full game reviews. They’re easy to read and catch your eye.

    1. I had too much fun censoring these pics!! I even played around with baseball bats lol XD

      Yeah girl we have to support these companies or else there won’t be any games!! My wallet hates me for it, but in the end I don’t mind shelling out the cash for great games… this being an exception of course… I seriously want my money back 😛

      Thanks Leaf, I’m glad you like it!! I’m still playing around with the style, but this is gonna be pretty standard for full reviews!!

      heh heh heh *wiggles eyebrows* are you sure it’s not the baseballs catching your eye? 😉

  4. Take out the Yaoi and Shota elements I think Baachikoi could be one of the best boylove stories ever!

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