Amnesia: Memories | Ukyo Review: My Lover Has Had a Hard Time

Ukyo is my last route in Amnesia: Memories and it has been a long road to this point. Playing every route in a game is definitely a full time commitment. I have seen good, bad, and just plain ugly in this game. So after watching Ukyo kill the MC with absolutely no warning what so ever in just about every bad ending of the game, I was a little curious about how his route would play out. I guess I was expecting some big character revelation or something, perhaps even a little explanation for his actions throughout the game. And you know what I got? Ukyo’s route explains everything!

amnesia memories ukyo

So, I landed every single bad ending this route had to offer (and there are SEVEN of them) before I could land even the normal ending. Ukyo’s route is not for the faint of heart, you really have to work to earn your happy ending!

*Side Note: I will not have an MC/Heroine section in this review. I feel that there just isn’t enough about her to fill an entire section in this game.

Ukyo’s Route Review

Feels Like the Whole World is Against Us

So, Ukyo’s route is only available after you finish all of the other character’s good endings (yes…even Toma’s route). If I had to sum up Ukyo’s route in one word it’d have to be, Tragic. The whole route is heartbreakingly tragic. In every other route in the game, Ukyo will kill the MC in the most random and over the top ways imaginable, but in his own route he spends the entire game trying to save the MC. That is if you decide to trust him.

amnesia memories ukyo

If you decide not to trust him…I really and truly hope you enjoy dying…because the death’s in this route are ridiculous! After reading this route in it’s entirety, I felt bad for the guy. I wanted to give him a big hug and tell him that everything was going to be all right! I think I actually forgive him for killing the MC so many times in the other routes. Hell, if I’d been in the same situation, I might have killed her myself!

Ukyo Route Spoilers (Click to reveal)

In the Joker World on August 1st, the MC gets in an accident at the school caused by an explosion in one of the labs. The building catches fire and the MC gets trapped in the blaze, she survives, but remains in a coma until August 25th. On that day she dies without ever regaining consciousness. Ukyo, her lover, is distraught and makes an impossible and selfless wish for the MC to live.

amnesia memories ukyo

The god, Nhil hears his wish and moved by his grief decides to help him by granting his wish. Nhil, fuses with Ukyo and takes him to other parallel worlds where the MC is still a live so he can maybe fulfill his wish. So all the reasons he was such a weirdo creep in the other worlds is because he was trying to fulfill his wish! However, his world hopping is not without consequence. He and the MC can’t exist within the same world at the same time. Think Harry Potter and Voldemort–Niether can live while the other survives.

amnesia memories ukyo

So, in each world one of them has to die. Usually, Ukyo just kills the MC, which causes him to develop a split personality. This nasty cycle continues on and on, until Nhil, in a last ditch effort to grant Ukyo’s wish, reverses time in Ukyo’s original world so that the MC doesn’t die on August 1st. Causing a time paradox, so the world tries to rectify the issue by attempting to kill off the MC. This causes all the weird weather in every single world and it is the reason Orion bumped into the MC. In the Joker World, the MC is a virus that the world is trying to purge itself of. So, it’s up to Ukyo to use his knowledge of the other worlds to save the MC from death.

Maybe Ukyo isn’t All That Bad Afterall

In the Joker World, Ukyo is a photographer from Kobe. He and the MC met when she was there on a school trip. Ukyo just returned to Japan after years of being abroad. The MC catches him crying outside of his old home and becomes interested in him. She attempts to approach him, but upon seeing that he is crying she stops herself. Ukyo notices her and tells her about his past. Smitten, Ukyo is immediately smitten with the MC and spends the remainder of his trip with her.

A few months later he then moves to her town in hopes of meeting her again and confessing his feelings to her, but fate had other plans. Just like Romeo and Juliet, the MC and Ukyo’s relationship is doomed from the start. But, when tragedy threatened to tear the pair apart, Ukyo made a desperate plea to the gods, sacrificing his own happiness for her own. 

amnesia memories ukyo

The Plot is finally explained

Ukyo’s route explains everything and I mean everything! I almost felt bad for romancing the other characters (except Toma, I felt extremely dirty after that route). In the game, Ukyo and the MC are the canon pairing. Ukyo falls in love with the MC at first sight. But circumstances always seemed to get in the way. In the beginning of the route the MC is constantly getting herself into accidents and each time Ukyo is there to keep her out of harms way.

Orion speculates that perhaps Ukyo can predict the future. Ukyo dismisses that explanation, instead telling her that he merely “saw” the outcomes in a dream. He then warns the MC to avoid getting close to him, because he is dangerous. Yet our poor tragic heroine does not heed his warnings. Instead she does the exact opposite and goes out of her way to get closer to him.

amnesia memories ukyo

Crazy is kinda Cute… Maybe

Ukyo has the unfortunate misfortune of having two distinct personalities, lets call them light Ukyo and dark Ukyo. Light Ukyo is a sweet, socially awkward loner, who just wants to save the woman that he loves.  While dark Ukyo, the coldblooded murderer we all know and love.

I sympathize with the Ukyo, I really do. He has to experience some of the most gruesome deaths imaginable, not once, but several times. The whole route reminded me of the Shakespearean tragedy, Othello. He wants to to protect the MC, but in the end he is the one that winds up killing her. So I was extremely glad that in spite of all the tragedy and death, the two of them FINALLY got their happy ending!

Do I Recommend Ukyo’s Route?

oprah cry yes.gif

I don’t think I can accurately sum up how tragic and wonderful this route was. This was definitely a fitting conclusion to Amnesia and I am extremely glad that I played through the entire game. This was well worth my money! Playing all of the bad endings in the game definitely helped me enjoy this route. In fact, I highly suggest playing all of the bad endings from the other guy’s routes and the bad endings from Ukyo’s route BEFORE attempting to get the good ending. It makes the sweet ending that much more satisfying!

There were entirely too many Bad Endings in this route, so I made a table instead! 🙂

amnesia memories ukyo

In the Good Ending, despite Ukyo’s warnings to stay away the MC winds up going to the school on August 25th. The lab explosion occurs leaving the MC and Ukyo trapped. Dark Ukyo appears and attempts to kill the MC. But she appeals to his better nature and he stabs himself instead. The MC watches in horror as Ukyo begins to breathe his last breath. The clock strikes twelve and he happily proclaims that he finally got to fulfill his wish. As he dies the god Nhil appears and thanks a confused and grieving MC for helping Ukyo.

Orion explains to the MC that Nhil was drawn to Ukyo’s wish used up all his powers to make it come true. He fused with Ukyo and the two of them searched parallel worlds for one in which the MC was alive. But, fate won’t allow for Ukyo’s wish to be granted. Which is why he is cursed to die over and over again.

So Nhil takes pity on Ukyo and brings him to the “World of Origin”. This is the only world in which he and the MC exist together. Nhil rewinds time so that he and the MC can have a chance at happiness. After explaining this Nhil asks if the MC forgives Ukyo for all that he has done. If you answer yes, the two of you are returned to to Earth to live happily ever after. Orion and Nhil are punished for interfering in the human world.

In the epilogue Ukyo and the MC are out walking and enjoying themselves, when two boys call out to them. It would seem that the MC dropped her handkerchief. The screen pans out to reveal that the boys are Nhil and Orion. They were turned into humans as punishment for the events of the game. Only Ukyo recognizes them.

In the Normal Ending you don’t forgive Ukyo, and Nhil kills him. The MC wakes from the hospital with no memories of the incident at the school or Ukyo.

While Ukyo’s route isn’t my favorite route in the game, I did enjoy it! I’m glad that Ukyo’s actions throughout the game are finally explained. But it does not excuse the fact that dude killed the MC so many times before. That is just one thing I can’t quite forgive, and I’m glad that they didn’t magically erase his memories. I want Ukyo to suffer a little for what he did. I want him to suffer by staying with the MC forever. So my verdict, I definitely recommend this route. It is a fitting conclusion to Amnesia: Memories and you won’t be disappointed by it.

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30 thoughts on “Amnesia: Memories | Ukyo Review: My Lover Has Had a Hard Time

  1. I truthfully found this route underwhelming after having done Kent before it :’D
    I liked that it explained why Orion was there, Ukyo knew stuff, why there were multiple worlds, but I also felt I didn’t believe into their love being a HEA. It felt like a fling, a first love type situation that you experience to move on to other guys (she going directly to Kent’s arms, yo!)
    I did have some sympathy for him, and he’s pretty and sweet, so without Evil Braid (that’s the nickname and hashtag I used in Twitter BTW xD) there he became better but didn’t surpass Shin’s nor Kent’s route, personally speaking.
    It’s nice to see how others react to routes and characters, specially when it’s different from your own, and it’s why I like following bloggers and reading reviews after playing games (☆^ー^☆)

    Sorry if I was long winded or rambled ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

    1. Thanks for the comment! Not too long at all! I think he’s a solid 2, Shin definitely got bumped down after this one…but Kent is still number one…Toma isn’t even on the list and Ikki just barely made the list at all! It was a little underwhelming, especially with all the build up, but in this case the pros outweighed the cons for me, personally. Ukyo was a big softie underneath all the crazy lol, plus I’m a sucker for destined love stories!

      1. Shin is more my type, plus shota CG sweetened it, and I like childhood friends to lovers the best xDD
        Ikki and Toma are the bottom of the barrel, they shouldn’t even get routes on the fandisk /sighs sadly
        I guess I expected more from a locked route, and it killed my enjoyment with how underwhelming it felt. I’m definitely surprised you liked him considering his evil braid self was a total bastard, but tragedy always helps to sweeten love stories~ x)
        Ukyo definitely was nice, plus I like the VA when I discovered he did a character from Danganronpa that I like~
        Nobody can steal Kent’s crown as best boy 😛 (except Japan and some girls that ended up preferring Toma/Ikki /judges hard )

  2. He looks so much like N from Pokemon lol.
    He genuinely scares me when he pops up so I;m looking forward to playing his route. And why is Shin the canon? Clearly Ukyo is, and yet Shin is on every single thing. Front and center. 🙁 Shin wasn’t even that good…

    1. It’s because he’s a secret character, and thus can’t take the spotlight on the covers. But Ukyo is the canon pairing.

  3. Hey, sorry my comment is a little late but I just finished this game (meaning: I got all the good endings for the boys, finally!). You’re right that this game requires a lot of commitment but it didn’t really came as an issue for me since I’ve become addicted to this game lol. I started with Shin (1st), Kent (2nd), Ikki (3rd), Toma (4th) and then Ukyo. Shin was my fav. but after playing Ukyo’s route, oh my god let me tell you, I am so enthralled and I’ve yet to get over it. I am really glad that I played his route last since it kind of explained all the interactions and incidents involving Ukyo in the other worlds. Ukyo’s route was really heartbreaking and I couldn’t help but analyze and put theories after theories the reasons why he kept randomly killing the MC in the other worlds. I’m glad they properly explained it in the game.
    I guess my favorite boy is still Shin (my tsundere bae) but route and plot wise is def Ukyo’s no question. (I actually love them all tbh, I was only attracted to Shin at first but after playing all of the routes I ended up falling inlove with each of the characters gdi! lmao). Btw, thank you for the wonderful post, & I couldn’t agree with you more on your thoughts with this review! Sorry if this comment was too long ^^

    1. Oml my sister sorry. I meant to say that Kent was a cinamol roll so go give him a hug. I didn’t’ Like shin due to the fact that there was a love triangle and I’m not a fan of them, plus I was too infatuated with Toma to even care but come on his design though!. Ikki I also didn’t like because I just felt that I was getting pushed around by fangirls which was a bit annoying. And then toma. I actually liked toma. I actually liked the phsyco maniac that tried to rape you and sleeps on the floor because he feels bad about locking you up in a cage. Like I actually couldn’ be in a darkroom because I would see scary Tomas everywhere. Maybe because of the lingerie scene and “Shin will be our child!”. Other than that I’m cursed. But Ukyo’s route was very interesting for me, not because of Ukyo, but because he is all 4 characters put into one. Shin’s mysterious ness, Ikki’s wish, Kent’s kind ness, and toma’s Insanity. So I guess that is another reason why you have to complete all other worlds before you play him! I really want Amnesia later, crowd and world to come up in English. Also has anyone realized that amnesia world has a different art style than memories?

  4. I have a question though, why didn’t Nhil just reset time in the original joker world in the first place instead of taking the Heroine a d Ukyo to other worlds?

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