Amnesia: Memories | Ukyo Review: My Lover Has Had a Hard Time

Ukyo is my last route in Amnesia: Memories and it has been a long road to this point. Playing every route in a game is definitely a full time commitment. I have seen good, bad, and just plain ugly in this game. So after watching Ukyo kill the MC with absolutely no warning what so ever in just about every bad ending of the game, I was a little curious about how his route would play out. I guess I was expecting some big character revelation or something, perhaps even a little explanation for his actions throughout the game. And you know what I got? Ukyo’s route explains everything!

amnesia memories ukyo

So, I landed every single bad ending this route had to offer (and there are SEVEN of them) before I could land even the normal ending. Ukyo’s route is not for the faint of heart, you really have to work to earn your happy ending!

*Side Note: I will not have an MC/Heroine section in this review. I feel that there just isn’t enough about her to fill an entire section in this game.

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