That Guy is My Soulmate: Liar! Uncover the Truth- Mr. Right

We started this journey with ten “perfect” guys, each more impressive than the last…But, nine of the ten are dirty rotten liars, despicable men with no qualms about bending the truth to suit their needs… (The guys are not in order)

We unmasked nine liars, exposing them for the scum that they are: Mama’s Boys, Gambling Addicts, Fanboys, Mobsters, a Divorcee, Scam Artists, Raging Lunatics, Cheaters, and even a  “Drug Addict”! It’s been a long road and there’s only one man left standing…If you want a spoiler free review click, HERE, if not keep reading!

Since not everyone that reads my blog has finished the game I ask that you all keep your comments as spoiler free as humanly possible rather than stating the name of the liars instead refer to them by their liar number (ie. Liar X) and for the victorious man, “Mr. Right”… Thanks in advance! 😀

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So this post is going to be a bit different from the other Liar! Uncover the Truth posts that I’ve written, because this guy isn’t a liar… He doesn’t have a whole story arc dedicated to him like the other guys did, so this post will mostly be based on Mr. Right’s appearances throughout the game!  Also, unlike the other Liar! posts, this guy doesn’t come with multiple alternate endings. At the end of the 9th Liar arc, Mr. Right and the MC confess their feelings and the credits roll… that’s it! There is no Scumbag End, True End, Secret End, Bad End, or Love End; however, that’s not the end of the story… Voltage promises to continue Mr. Right’s story in his Lovers Route, which will be out some time in the near future! So without further ado, the moment you’ve all been waiting on *drumroll*  Mr. Right is….

This is the last spoiler warning before the reveal… I’m serious, if you keep reading beyond this point you only have yourself to blame!

Itaru Yuikawa.png

Getting to Know the Liar…

Itaru.pngItaru Yuikawa is an easygoing FX Trader with a heart of gold and a heartbreakingly beautiful smile… *sigh* At the Matchmaking party, Itaru immediately stands out from the other guys because of his friendly disposition and his unexpected love of mascot character merchandise. He even likes the same mascot as the MC, Octokitty! So what is a guy as perfect as Itaru doing at a Matchmaking party? He’s handsome, sweet, has a great job that pays big bucks; women should be throwing themselves at him left and right!

No matter what, Itaru is always there when you need him, like a Captain Save-An-MC! Whenever the MC gets into trouble Itaru is there with bright smile and a warm embrace… He may be a bit awkward at times, but his heart is always in the right place.

Falling for Mr. Right…

Itaru 3.pngWhen I first started playing this game, I was initially interested in Haruichi MamiyaSotaro Shiga, Keima Katagiri… Itaru didn’t leave a big enough impression on me during the prologue to care about him one way or the other. But, all of that changed after the 2nd Liar arc! I’m not going to lie, I seriously thought Itaru was going to be the 2nd Liar. Voltage did a really good job of convincing me that Itaru was a raging lunatic, especially after he made such a huge scene in that restaurant when a waiter accidentally cut the MC’s hand.

Not to mention the suspicious run in with a police officer that seriously had me questioning Itaru’s credibility… The cop flat out warned the MC to be careful around the guy… But, when the true Liar attacks the MC in a fit of rage, it is none other than Itaru that comes to her rescue! Let’s just say that after that, I felt like a complete jerk for doubting him… His appearance at such a critical point in the route caught me off guard, I was not expecting him of all people to be the hero. But, there he was like a knight in shining armor, ready to kick Toya’s sorry ass for even looking at the MC! From that point on, my money was on Itaru!

But, Voltage, just couldn’t let Itaru be great, nope they did their damnedest to make him look like a Liar in just about every single Liar arc in the game! Most of the time it was obvious that Itaru wasn’t the liar in question, but then there were other times when even I had to admit that my precious cinnamon bun looked suspicious as hell!

  • Itaru 6.pngIn the 3rd Liar arc, Itaru finds himself on the liar chopping block after the MC gets kidnapped from their date.
  • In the 6th Liar arc, Itaru reveals that he and his folks aren’t on good terms, leading the MC to believe that he’s been disinherited.
  • In the 7th Liar arc, the MC catches him hanging out with an escort… shenanigans ensue…
  • In the 8th Liar arc, the MC accuses him of being a con artist after Itaru tries to give her some weird vitamins…
  • Finally, in the 9th Liar arc, the MC accuses him of being an alcoholic. Not, gonna lie, out of all the accusations, this is by far the most credible, hell he even lists wine as one of his hobbies! On top of that his house is full of booze and every post on his FriendFind account has something to do with alcohol!

Of all the guys in the game, Itaru is by far the most suspicious! But, even with all of those bumps in the road, Itaru is the last man standing! Everyone I talked to predicted that Itaru would be Mr. Right, even I kind of knew that he was the obvious choice. Itaru 4.pngI mean why else would Voltage try so hard to convince us that he’s one of the Liars? But, for every time the MC accuses him of being a liar, Itaru does something else that makes you fall for him regardless.

Whenever the MC is feeling down, Itaru is the first person to come to her aid. He always seems to be in the right place at the right time… and I know that sounds creepy as hell, but after dealing with all of those liars, it’s nice to have a sweetie like Itaru waiting in the wings. No matter what happens you can trust that Itaru will come running to your side!

But, it’s more than that, Itaru has been pretty transparent from the beginning. Sure he’s been on the chopping block more than any of the other guys in the game and sure, he’s probably got some skeletons in his closet just like everyone else.  But, no matter what, he always puts the MC first! When the MC posts a sad message on FriendFind he’s the type of guy that will leave work early to make sure she’s okay. When someone threatens the MC, you can bet your bottom dollar that Itaru will be there to kick his ass! Itaru 5.pngEven when he’s feeling down, Itaru is the kind of guy that will do his best to make you smile. Itaru is like a warm blanket on a cold winter’s night… He may not have started off as one of my favorite guys in the game, but after all of the lies and deceptions… Itaru has proven himself to be a man we can all trust…

Ah, one more thing… So if you’ll remember way back to the beginning of the game…. like waaaay back to the Prologue, the MC received a phone call from her mother in the country. During that phone call the MC’s mom pretty much said that she wanted to set the MC up with someone special, that is if she wasn’t already seeing someone. Upset at the idea of an arranged marriage, the MC decided to attend a Matchmaking Mixer in order to snag a man on her own terms…. well as the game progressed and the MC eliminated liar after liar, that little plot element was kind of fell to the wayside, until now that is… We finally find out the identity of the young man the MC’s mother tried to set her up with…IT WAS ITARU!!!!!

final thoughts

My Reaction…


Alright! Crisis averted!! *crumples up angry letter to Voltage* I have been fangirling over Itaru since the 2nd Liar arc, so ya’ll can’t even begin to imagine how satisfying it was to find out that Itaru was Mr. Right! I have been waiting for this reveal since the beginning of October! Itaru is a prince and I am so glad that Voltage didn’t break my heart! I would have been so hurt if anyone other than Itaru had been revealed to be the MC’s soulmate! But, unfortunately, Voltage had to go and ruin my happily ever after by throwing in a damn M. Night Shyamalan twist at the end… Itaru may not be as perfect as he seems, he may actually be liar just like the rest! Nice try Voltage I’m not buying that crap… there is nothing Voltage can do to taint my opinion of dear sweet Itaru! But, just to be on the safe side, I’ll be getting his Lovers Route… you know, to make sure everything checks out…(Yes, I will be writing reviews for the Lover’s Routes, but not all of them)

I rarely play free to play mobile otoges, so for me to not only pick up a game like Liar!, but actually finish the damn thing, that really says alot about how good the game is! So, Voltage really deserves a slow clap, for getting me hooked on this game!! I can honestly say that this is the first time in my life that I have completed a F2P mobile otoge! I usually get bored with them fairly quickly, but there was just something about Liar! that kept me coming back to it every single day! As a whole I thoroughly enjoyed the game and I highly recommend playing! Liar! Uncover the Truth is a nonstop roller coaster ride from start to finish. The characters are interesting and the story is addictive, and even though I have a few issues with the game, I still think that Liar! is one of the most fun games I’ve played all year! 

Ah yes, before I close this out… *ahem* A little while ago a reader asked me how I would rank the guys in the game, but at the time I was still finishing the game up so I didn’t give a concrete answer. However, now that I’m done with the main story, I think it’s time I give them a real answer… My Liar ranking, from best to worst:

Itaru→ Kazumi → Haruichi → Sotaro → Azusa  → Shuto →  Joe → Toya → Keima → Kunio

Itaru’s Lovers Route→

← 9th Liar  

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36 thoughts on “That Guy is My Soulmate: Liar! Uncover the Truth- Mr. Right

  1. Amazing review as always girl! Gotta love Itaru lol. (Don’t make me love him more, damn it!)
    Aww, thankies! I never expected to do this ranking but thank you anyway!
    And I also don’t believe our sinnamon bun Itaru can be a liar! Never!
    Anyway, great job!

    1. Lol ikr! Itaru stole my heart and I usually don’t go for nice guys like him at all! So Itaru is special.

      Of course I had to do the rankings!! 😄 What do you think of my ranking?

      I refuse to believe that itaru is a liar! I’m still gonna like him!

      Thank you so much for sticking with me this long!! 😊

      1. He really is *sigh*… Ahem, so your ranking is very similar to mine, actually, but I guess the order would be:

        Itaru → Haruichi → Azusa/Kazumi → Azusa/Kazumi(a tie) → Sotaro → Toya(he’s cute lol) → Joe →Keima →Shuto →Kunio (rot in hell:3)
        No problem, again!
        But, regarding Liar, am I the only one who noticed a glitch in the whole “Free Value Corner”?Like the first time I downloaded the app, it worked, the second time I downloaded it however…it didn’t. Then I tried a few more times, but still it didn’t! I even sent a message to Voltage this afternoon, damn it!
        So yeah, can you check it out as well and maybe…pretty please send a message too? I’ll forever be thankful for this! (And I’m not the only one with this problem.)

      2. Ahhh, Itaru… he’s a prince!!

        Woah, yeah our rankings are almost the same lol! Glad to see that we are in agreement about Kunio! He was by far the worst one in the bunch!

        Hmm I think the Value Corner is a one time thing 🙁

  2. I’m currently on the 5th liar story and I couldn’t help but research about MC’s soul mate. Though I’ve already read that Itaru is the one, it was a joy reading this post. I kinda am on the same boat with you in the beginning. My heart was leaning towards either Haruichi or Sotaro, but then bam! Itaru turned out to be an adorable character who loves octokitty.

    Also, this is my first time sticking through an F2P game. But as a voltage fan I had to give this a try and it didn’t disappoint. Will be reading your other routes soon!

    1. Thank you for reading my post and for taking the time to leave a comment! 😀

      LOL, I know what you mean, the suspense was killing me and it was so hard avoiding spoilers on Tumblr!

      Exactly, Haruichi is my megane bias and Sotaru was just a hot doctor! Can’t really go wrong with either of them lol.

      But, Itaru just kind of snuck up on me… and I was in LOVE! He swooped in and stole the show everytime he showed up on screen…

      OMG, you’re a voltage fan?! What’s your favorite app? IKR, I almost passed this game up, but in the end, I just couldn’t pass up another Voltage app lol!

      Aww thank you again for reading and I really hope you enjoy reading my other posts!! 😀

  3. I’m currently on the 5th liar story and I couldn’t help but research about MC’s soul mate. Though I’ve already read that Itaru is the one, it was a joy reading this post. I kinda am on the same boat with you in the beginning. My heart was leaning towards either Haruichi or Sotaro, but then bam! Itaru turned out to be an adorable character who loves octokitty.

    Also, this is my first time sticking through an F2P game. But as a voltage fan I had to give this a try and it didn’t disappoint. Will be reading your other routes soon!

  4. Omg I am on the 7th liar, I was so in love with Haruichi and Sotaro I still line Haruichi he was the first one that cought my attention after Sotaro tjen after I really have to say that Itaru was anso Hot but as you mention he was really suspicious what make doubt about him every time 🙁 but reading your comments I know that is Itaru the Mr Right, I wasn’t expecting that one, I was so impact when I realize that kunio well actually Kohei was married he is the worst really a wicked man, but I really love this game for some reason It can help me in my personal life, since I am a single girl this game open my eyes that anyone can ve a Liar so I wiñl have to be alert on these guys.

    My liar ranking is based o the way they handle the lies in this game:

    Itaru→ Haruichi→ Azusa → Kazumi → Sotaro → Shuto → Joe → Toya → Keima → Kunio

    1. LOL Haruichi was the guy I was hoping for at first, but the minute Itaru swooped in and saved the MC in the 2nd Liar arc… let’s just say I was seeing hearts lol

      Itaru has been on the Liar Chopping Block more than any of the other guys and a few of those times he was the most suspicious option. Like in the 2nd Liar arc, when that cop pulled them over or when he snapped at that waiter when the MC got hurt…

      OMG, Kunio was the worst and his endings! Where was the punishment?!

      Same, this game opened my eyes to a lot of things…

      I love your ranking, we have some of the guys in the same spots too! Oh, do you plan on playing the Lovers Routes?

  5. I really have a question?

    Which Messenger chat have the Octokitty stamps! I really love that caricature its very funny, and I will love if someday whatsapp or facebook put those in addition to the rest of the Icons 🙂

    1. I dunno if any of them have it, but I do know that Line has the Liar Uncover the Truth bunny stickers for the Japanese version.

      If they had the Octokitty ones I’d buy them in a heartbeat!

  6. I have enjoyed reading all of your reviews. This would be my ranking from favourite to least favourite:

    Toya > Kunio > Keima > Azusa > Shuto > Joe > Itaru > Kazumi > Sataro > Haruichi

      1. When deciding my favourite characters, I had to consider a lot of factors, mainly their appearance, how they came across and how much they suited my own personality.

        Toya came first because I made a personality test for myself on Selectsmart and I got him. I took that into consideration, plus the fact that he was the second most attractive. He came first.

        Kunio was second because he came second on the personality test. All factors combined, he became my second favourite.

        Here’s a link to the personality test if you would like to take it yourself:

      2. Okay, so i just took the quiz and it is a almost a perfect match to my ranking! LOL it was 100% Itaru all the way, so that’s all the proof i needed, Itaru is my soulmate! Awesome quiz!!

        But, those are solid reasons for picking those two. Even I can admit that before the reveals, I really did like them as characters

      3. Thank you! These were my results:

        1. Toya Kashi (100%)
        2. Kunio Muroi
        3. Keima Katagiri
        4. Sataro Shiga
        5. Shuto Matsuki
        6. Joe Yazawa
        7. Azusa Kurono
        8. Itaru Yuikawa
        9. Haruichi Mamiya
        10. Kazumi Kagami (0%)

        Which order did the characters come when you took the quiz?

      4. 1. Itaru Yuikawa (100%)
        2. Haruichi Mamiya
        3. Kazumi kagami
        4. Sotaru Shiga
        5. Shuto Matsuki
        6. Azusa Kuruno
        7. Kunio Muroi
        8. Joe Yazawa
        9. Keima Katagiri
        10. Toya Kashi (0%)

        Our lists are almost the reverse of each other’s lol.

    1. You have to get an update for Liar! for it though. There’s a different MC, and 10 different liars, five of whom are female. Your MC is in an office with the ten liars. But one of them is your perfect partner. I’ve played the prologue but I don’t plan on starting until a bit later.

      1. Are you going to do reviews for them like you did for Liar! Uncover the Truth, when you get a chance?

  7. Love this! When i first found the game i picked Itaru out as the guy i wanted to win (based on looks) yet throughout the stages i kept thinking Itaru was the liar because i thought “what is the chances of the cutest guy being The One”. You have no idea how happy i was when it came down to him and Sotaro, and i knew immediately that i was going to be smiling like crazy or crying into my pillow 😂. I picked Sotaro as the liar and was so happy when i got it right! Now im trying to get another 150 coins so i can play all of Itaru’s story

    1. I was gunning for Haruichi, but the longer I played the harder I fell for Itaru, that man can do no wrong! <3
      Yes, Voltage really tried to make Itaru seem like such a bad guy, I was starting to get suspicious. I remember the moment that I realized he was The One I started jumping up and down and squealing! It was awhile before I could even calm down enough to finish the rest of the route and even then I had this big stupid grin on my face the whole time XD

      OMG the lovers route was perfect!!! SO GOOD!! I didn't think I could love Itaru any more than I already did!!

  8. Before playing the 8th I already knew who was the liar so I was laughing my butt when MC thought Itaru was an escort addcict XD his reactions were sooo cute XD XD XD

  9. Haha, even after finishing the game, I’m obsessed with it still!
    Your rankings and mine are pretty similar, too!
    Mines was:
    Sotaro (He’s so cute, especially in his lovers route! I was an Itaru fangirl for the 2nd-7th liar, but I jumped ship) > Itaru (He’s still bae-worthy AF) > Haruichi > Kazumi > Azusa > Shuto > Keima > Toya > Joe > Kunio
    Anyways, your blog is super fun! Keep doing what you’re doing!

  10. I just finished the game and am going through Itaru’s Lovers route. He was my favorite from the beginning based on looks and then his personality was so adorable I couldn’t help liking him even more!! I actually accused Itaru several times bc I kept thinking there’s no way my favorite is the one (usually I like unpopular characters). The scene where I accused him of being alcoholic was cute. MC challenges him to taking sake shots together so she could see why his coworkers find him to be an annoying drunk. It looks like he’s not getting drunk at first, then all of a suddenly he breaks out singing about how much he loves the MC. XD also accused him of being a divorcee and most of the suspicious things in his place turned out to be there cuz he thought the MC would like it. ❤

    My second favorite is Kazumi. His lie reveal really got me and I had to play his lovers route.

    Sorry long post but I’ve enjoyed your blog!!! Can’t wait to read your lover route reviews when I finish playing those!

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