Liar! Uncover the Truth | Mr. Right Lovers Route Main Story Review: Can You Love the Real Me?

When I finished writing up all of the Liar Routes, I said I’d write reviews for the Lovers Routes too. Well here I am finally making good on that promise! Actually I was waiting for Voltage to release Mr. Right’s Lovers Route before I started in on these reviews. I just had to know if there was any truth to that plot twist at the end of the 9th Liar arc… and boy did Voltage go out with a bang on this one!!  I wasn’t ready for all of the feels!

Since this is the first Lovers Route review, I want to clarify some things… *ahem* Unlike the Liar Main Stories, the Lovers Routes are not free. Let me repeat that for the folks in the back; THE LOVERS ROUTES ARE NOT FREE! Lovers Routes can be purchased with coins, which players can purchase with cash!! The 12 chapter Main Stories cost 800 coins while the 3 chapter Epilogues cost 450 coins, which if you get both is roughly $8.00 total. But, Voltage has been giving away free daily login coins so if you horde coins you can purchase stories without spending any cash.

Now that that is out of the way, I should also mention that there are only FIVE Lovers Routes, one each for Liars 6-9 and one for Mr. Right. So, if you want to romance one of the earlier liars, you are plum out of luck! If you want a spoiler free review of Liar! Uncover the Truth, click… HERE! If you want to read more about Mr. Right from the Liar main stories, click right, HERE!!

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lover-itaruSo, after unmasking the nine liars in the Liar Main Story, the MC thought she’d finally found her soulmate in Itaru Yuikawa. But, before the MC and Itaru could walk off into their happily ever after, Voltage decided to hit us all with a bit of a whammy… Itaru might not be as honest as we all believed. In fact Itaru might just be the biggest liar of the bunch. Of course I immediately called BS on Voltage for even daring to suggest that Itaru was anything but the prince I knew him to be… Leave it to Voltage to try and stir up drama! But, even I had to admit that that last minute revelation had cast some reasonable doubt… so I played straight into Voltage’s hands by buying Itaru’s Lovers Route the minute it was released and OMG I couldn’t have been more pleased with my purchase!!

I know that I said in my previous posts, that nothing would taint my opinion of Itaru as a character, but Voltage actually managed to do just that (at least for the first half of the route). Itaru is a liar just like all of the other guys in the game, but his lie is by far the biggest and most complex of any that we have seen before. lover-itaruYou see, Itaru, has been lying to the MC from the beginning, and I’m surprised he managed to keep up the facade for so long. It actually pains me to say this, but under normal circumstances if someone had done what Itaru did, I’d have run for the hills and never looked back! It’s just too creepy, but then there’s another part of me that finds the whole thing romantic as hell… I secretly wish some one would go through that much effort for me in real life… *ahem* I mean, I completely understand Itaru’s motivations.

So, here’s what you’ve all have been waiting for, Itaru’s big secret is that he and the MC knew each other prior to the Matchmaking Mixer! Now for those of you confused by this rather mundane revelation, I am afraid that there’s a bit more… *takes a deep breath* Itaru is from the same hometown as the MC (he was known as Itaru Kayama back then) and he has been in love with her since elementary school. I should also mention that as a child, Itaru was a bit of a porker who was teased mercilessly and the only person to stand up for him was the MC, which in turn sparked his affection for her. But, since a girl like the MC wouldn’t even give him the time of day, Itaru came up with a genius plan to become her perfect man.

Lover Itaru 2.pngEverything Itaru has done from the start has been for the sake of dating the MC… See what I mean, it sounds creepy as hell, but also oddly enough rather endearing… Itaru’s devotion to the MC knows no bounds, he is willing to do everything and anything just to make the MC happy. Essentially he did the exact same thing the MC has been doing the entire game… He pretended to be someone he wasn’t so that people (the MC) would like him, only difference is that Itaru was better at it! So I found the MC’s rejection of Itaru extremely hypocritical, don’t get me wrong, Itaru’s actions are questionable… there’s no doubt about that! BUT, the MC has been doing the same thing since the beginning, from day one, she has been doing her damnedest to hide her country girl past in favor of her sophisticated, city woman persona. In public she the perfect woman; composed, intelligent, and fashionable, but at home, she’s much more lax with…everything. If anything, the biggest liar in the game is the MC! Rather than searching for someone that will accept her for the woman that she is, the MC is content with pretending to be something she’s not. On top of that she created a list ridiculous qualities for her ideal man, qualities that no one could ever hope to possess… that is except Itaru, but he wasn’t born perfect, he had to work hard to become the perfect man!

Liar_2016-11-21-23-20-27 (2).pngOf all the guys in Liar! Uncover the Truth, Itaru is the most suitable man for the MC, and it’s not because he meets all of her silly standards. Itaru is the perfect lover for the MC, because the MC doesn’t have to keep up pretenses with him. Being with Itaru is easy, because he loves her for who she is, both as the sophisticated city woman and as the mud caked country girl. So in accepting Itaru and his love, the MC is also accepting herself and that is really what made me love this route so much. Now, I still find her selfish and a bit of a witch with a capital B, but the growth she showed in this route really helped make her a much more relatable MC than any Voltage has given us in the past. She isn’t the perfect cyborg she pretends to be in public. The MC is vulnerable, she’s flawed and if it weren’t for Itaru knocking down all of her defenses and forcing her to look inside of herself, I don’t know if I’d even like her. Itaru humanizes her, he softens her less than stellar personality traits and because of Itaru, she becomes a better person! Ah before I close this out, I want to give a special shout out to Sotaro (yes, you read that right) and the MC’s friend, Yuri! Those two are the real MVPs of the route!! Both of them call the MC out on her BS throughout the route, and at one point help in convincing the MC to give Itaru a second chance and for that they get my utmost respect! Especially Sotaro, dude definitely did some serious growing up between the 9th Liar arc and this Lovers Route (why couldn’t he be like this from the beginning?)!!

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Now that is how you close out a game, Voltage! We really get some phenomenal character development and growth from not just Itaru, but from the MC as well. This route finally offered some closure for the MC and her search for the perfect man, but it also added a bit more depth to Itaru as a character. I just didn’t think it was possible to love a character this much, but gosh darn it, I found myself falling for this guy all over again. I loved this route so much, that I can even overlook the continuation of the stupid Sotaro/Itaru/MC love triangle (which says a lot)!

Since this is a otome game, the romantic development between Itaru and the MC takes center stage in the overall narrative, however, at it’s core Itaru’s Lovers Route is a story of acceptance. The MC learns to come to terms with her hang ups about her past, while Itaru learns that it’s okay to be himself and not the MC’s perfect man. After learning to accept themselves, both the MC and Itaru become much better people, which makes their happy ending that much more satisfying! Overall, this was one of the best Voltage routes I have ever played! Itaru’s Lovers Route is fitting conclusion to Liar! Uncover the Truth, the story was compelling and the romance gave me butterflies! If you play any of the Lovers Routes, this is definitely the one to purchase, it gave me so many feels!!

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18 thoughts on “Liar! Uncover the Truth | Mr. Right Lovers Route Main Story Review: Can You Love the Real Me?

  1. I’ve just finished playing Itaru’s route and I can say without a doubt that this is one of the top character (story development as well as looks) out of all voltage games I’ve played (A LOTTT). It got me teared up at some points and made me laugh at the same time.

    At the start I had my eyes on Itaru and Sotaro and my boy Sotaro has just won the best man of the year award. His overwhelming support for your relationship with Itaru just shows how much he cares for you, I still remember how he gave you that last push (broke my heart). Now I have a completely different view on Sotaro as a whole and will play his route very soon (after I get over my precious bae Itaru ).

    But voltage you made a masterpiece out of the characters and storylines. Each character had their unique personality and reasons to deceive the MC. I especially loved playing the secret and true ends of the characters as learning about their past is what intrigues me the most.

    Now if you’re wondering “should I spend money on Itaru’s lover route?” Girl you goddamn need to right now, cause you’ll be in for a long ride of feels here!

    1. Oh my gosh yes!! Itaru is one of the best Voltage routes ever!! I had my eye on the sexy Doc too, but somehow or another my gaze turned to Itaru! But, in this Lovers route, Sotaru really redeemed himself!! OH EM GEE, YES!! He has justt been bumped up on my list!!

  2. Thanks so much for your post!

    I enjoyed Itaru’s route very much! I would say, though, that unlike MC, he doesn’t hate his country/backwater hometown background. He may have suffered through teasing and bullying in elementary/middle school, but he got over it, as we see in the Epilogue where they go to their school reunion. At the reunion (epilogue), meeting all those classmates that were mean to him, he’s all like, “Hey, it’s water under the bridge! ^^”

    Also, despite Itaru not telling MC that he knew her in the past, he did say that if she had asked him if he was Itaru from elementary/middle school, he would have told her. So, more of a lie of omission on his part. 😉 I also liked, that even though she broke up with him in the middle, he didn’t try to make up excuses to get back with her then, or force her to love him. So it may have started that he changed his whole life because of her, but I think he grew into his new-and-improved self, as well.

    Also, MC, wow — she really grew up a lot in Itaru’s route, and confronted her country background that she has been trying to run away from for the longest time. In that sense, it was good she ended up with Itaru, who knew her before she grew up and transformed herself into “fabulous Tokyo career woman”.

    I definitely recommend others to buy this route!

    1. Thank you so much for taking the time to read my post and for also taking the time to leave such a thorough response.

      I definitely agree, Itaru wasn’t 100% in the wrong in this route, and I totally agree, the MC really grew up! I was starting to hate her, but this route definitely redeemed her for me.

  3. Can i ask u a walkthrough for Itaru’s route?? TvT Thank you so much, i’m too afraid of getting the bad end :((

  4. So the MC and Itaru didn’t end up together? Instead they just both came to terms with their true selves and moved on?

    1. Oh no, they definitely end up together in the end! I was just saying that I liked that both characters came to terms with themselves through their relationship. Sorry for the confusion.

  5. I stumbled upon your blog, and I love your reviews! My top three are Sotaro, Haruichi, and Itaru. I have to agree with you that in real life, I would definitely stay faaaar away from guys like Sotaro, but since I really liked his face, and MC’s the one stuck with him and not me, I went for Sotaro’s Lover’s Route anyway, and I really really enjoyed it. His Lover’s Route also showed a lot of growth, and a surprisingly interesting side to him; in fact, Voltage convinced me that Sotaro and MC actually do suit each other 🙂 I’m not trying to persuade you to jump ship, but I feel compelled to “defend” Sotaro because he turned out to be such a cutie pie in his own way.

    1. Awww thank you!! I’m glad you found my blog and that you liked what you read, that really means a lot to me!!

      I love your top three picks!! Sotaru the sexy doc, Haruichi the megane mobster, and Itaru… the ultimate bae! XD

      LOL there is nothing that would convince me to abandon the SS Itaru, but I definitely get where you’re coming from with Sotaru, he’s a gorgeous guy and even while I was ranting about him in my 9th liar review, I will admit that I still wanted to learn more about him. I just have to get around to those lovers routes!! 😛

  6. Awwwww.. Thank you so much, i’m dying with my curiosity about this game. I thought sotaru or itaru who’s gonna be the perfect man, and it’s itaru then. I’m so happy 😆😆
    I’m so happy just reading your blog, and i think i’m gonna hate voltage more after i buy the route. Because they always make a very good story that made me think it’s worth it buying the stories. 😭 and it’s always worth it!
    Thanks again. 😘

    1. #TeamItaru LOL This game is so good, the whole premise had me hooked from the start and to have Itaru be Mr. Right, I almost died of happiness!!

      Awww thank you for the kind words dearie!! Yeah, every guy after Itaru just wasn’t the same, he stole the show!!

      Definitely stop by again, I have a few Voltage reviews for you to check out if you have the time and of course I am always open to suggestions!!

  7. sooo, I found your post about Yuikawa’s lovers route. I totally agree with your opinion! as someone who barely play otome game, I admit that Yuikawa’s route is the best one. I played Kagami and Shiga’s route too but somehow Yuikawa’s route stole my attention! But, I prefer the good ending rather than the happy ending one, because I like how Shiga/MC/Yuikawa interaction on Yuikawa’s than Shiga’s. Three of them can became a good friend without hurting their feeling. Shiga as a good guy for both MC and Yuikawa won my heart on Yuikawa’s route (haha). XD

    1. Aww I’m glad you found this post and thanks for leaving a comment!! 😀

      Itaru is hands down my favorite character in the game!! Voltage managed to create the perfect character and single handedly ruin every other lovers route for me in one fell swoop LOL No one can compete with that level of perfection.

      Both ends were fantastic, but I can definitely see where the good end had it’s merits.

      OMG yes, Sotaro was way better in this route than he was in the entire rest of the game. I really wished he’d been like this throughout, maybe I might have liked him more… Is he better in his own lover’s route? I never got around to playing that one.

      1. okay, I found a mistake in my own comment. I played Haruichi’s route, not Kagami’s.

        this is my honest opinion, Shiga’s route actually interesting, but not as much as Yuikawa’s. I don’t like to see how Yuikawa getting down by MC in Shiga’s route, somehow it makes me hurt, too 😅. you can see how Shiga actually is a good boy. one of his ex-wife and his parents appeared too and you can feel his developement character (especially about his workaholic), but not for MC because somehow I felt MC just being as a usual MC in another otome game in his route, while Haruichi’s so…. emm…. like “meh? a really usual otome game” for me.

        at first, I like how Shiga’s route looks perfect for MC but it ruined after I played Yuikawa’s. I LIKE HOW THE THREE OF THEM INTERACTING IN YUIKAWA’S ROUTE 😶 sooo yes. I agree thatbno one can compete the level of Yuikawa’s route

        Shiga actually my fav character after Yuikawa (ha ha).

  8. Thank you so much for the review! To be honest, from the beginning my heart already attracted to Itaru and i am really glad he is the Mr.Right❤

  9. I CAN’T THANK YOU ENOUGH for your blog!!!
    You know what, I fist try this game ‘Liar! Uncover the Truth’ for about more than one year ago. At that time, I finished only 2 routes (2 liars), and had kept log-in to the game for getting daily rewards. And today, I’ve come back to continue playing it from the 3rd liar route with 190 tickets that I’ve spared it for whoever knows how many days I kept collecting…but the app didn’t work well. (Luckily that it still work with other Liars Stories: Office Deception & Scheming Socialities). Your blog has git me from the 3rd liar till Mr.Right. It is very nice and kind of you to spent a lot of time writing these!! Thank you so much!!

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