That Guy is a Divorcee: Liar! Uncover the Truth- 9th Liar

Here it is the very last liar! We started this journey with ten guys that seemed too good to be true… wealthy businessmen, international sports stars, and more. But, the thing is when something appears to be too good to be true, chances are that it is… Nine of the ten are dirty rotten liars, despicable men with no qualms about bending the truth to suit their needs… (The guys are not in order)

We unmasked eight liars, exposing them for the scum that they are: Mama’s Boys, Gambling Addicts, Fanboys, Mobsters, Scam Artists, Raging Lunatics, Cheaters, “Drug Addict”, and now we’ve made it to the final stretch! It’s been a long road, but we are finally down to the last two contenders…If you want a spoiler free review click, HERE, if not keep reading!

Since not everyone that reads my blog has finished the game I ask that you all keep your comments as spoiler free as humanly possible rather than stating the name of the liars instead refer to them by their liar number (ie. Liar X) and for the victorious man, “Mr. Right”… Thanks in advance! 😀

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This time around there were two potential Liars to choose from, Sotaro Shiga and Itaru Yuikawa; and I was so nervous ya’ll, my hands were shaking when the Liar Selection screen popped up on my phone! It’s no secret that I’ve been a member of Team Itaru since the 2nd Liar arc, dude is a PRINCE…but, by golly, that Sotaro is effing sexy! This was a tough one, because both guys seemed pretty damn suspicious… I mean, perfect… So without further ado, the 9th Liar is…. 

This is the last spoiler warning before the reveal… I’m serious, if you keep reading beyond this point you only have yourself to blame!


Getting to Know the Liar…

sotaruSotaro is the guy that knocks the MC over at the Matchmaking Party. After making sure that she’s okay, he declares that she is his ideal match… and then he runs off like a sexy weirdo. When he isn’t hitting up local matchmaking mixers, Sotaro spends his days saving lives at one of the most prominent hospitals in the country as their head surgeon. Oh and if that wasn’t impressive enough for you get a load of this tasty morsel, Sotaro comes from a long line of doctors and  the next in line to inherit the hospital. However, despite his lucrative career and stunning good looks, Sotaro can be a bit distant.

See the face he’s making in the pic to the left? Well get used to it, because that’s how he looks 98% of the time (not that I mind much, he’s really, really, ridiculously good looking). Sotaro isn’t one for sweet words and love ballads, at one point the MC laments that out of all of the guys at the mixer, he is the one that seems to be the least interested in her. Hell, I’m having a hard time even remembering him taking her out on any dates or saying anything remotely romantic to the MC at all. He’s the type of guy that expresses his affections in much more subtle ways, rather than telling someone “I love you”, Sotaro would express his love in more practical ways. And then there’s this intensity about him that just makes my heart go pitter patter… *fans self*

Falling for the Lie…

sotaru-1Before I get to Sotaro’s lie there’s something I have to get off of my chest about him, something that has been bothering me about him since the beginning. Unlike the other guys who were chomping at the bit to win the MC’s hand, Sotaro never once seemed like he was serious about being in a relationship with anyone, let alone the MC. So when he suddenly started declaring his undying love for the MC in this last Liar arc, I couldn’t help but feel like it was a bit forced…

Sure you can argue that spending time with the MC helped to melt his heart of ice, but I’m not buying that at all… The only time in the entire game that Sotaro showed any genuine affection towards anything was when he was talking about his damn Roomba! Then when you see the way his parents interact with one another, it’s not hard to see why he is the way he is… From birth Sotaro has been groomed to take over the family business, taught how to what to say, how to act, what to do; never once straying from the plan written out by his overbearing father. It’s a wonder Sotaro isn’t more messed up than he already is….

Sotaru 4.pngOn a side note, I really have to give it to Voltage this time, they managed to incorporate two of the things I hate most in this world into one Liar arc: an effing love triangle and a bitchy female rival!

So first things first, the love triangle… I will admit that I found  the love triangle/ rivalry between Itaru and Sotaro oddly amusing. There’s just something about two grown men acting like children that really gets the blood pumping. But, for the most part this aspect of the route was little more than comic relief… it was freaking obvious who was going to wind up being the victor…Actually, I can’t for the life of me figure out why Voltage even bothered putting it in the final liar arc other than to add a bit of unnecessary tension. Unfortunately, this senseless rivalry persists throughout the entire route… but, at least it doesn’t really have much of an effect on the overall plot progression.

sotaru-5Now, there is one thing that I hate more than love triangles and that’s bitchy love rivals!! There is nothing that pisses me off more than vindictive, bitchy women who make it their mission to destroy the happiness of others… The bitchy rival in this story is a delightful young doctor by the name of Tsubasa.

This woman, and I use that term loosely, goes out of her way to screw with the MC every single chance she gets. Of all the women Voltage has created, she is by far the worst… she’s a fire breathing dragon in white lab coat. In front of men she’s as sweet as can be, but once you get her alone, she does nothing but spew acid. Early on in the route, she attempts to dissuade the MC from pursuing Itaru and Sotaro by relaying some rather damning information about both men….most of which prove to be false… Thankfully, she just kind of disappears after 10 chapters and she doesn’t make a repeat appearance for the rest if the route!

sotaru-2Finally, the part you guys have all been waiting for, Sotaro’s lie: he’s divorced. But, it isn’t just that, he wouldn’t be the final liar if it was something as trivial as that, besides divorce in this day and age isn’t really all that uncommon. Except, Sotaro wasn’t just divorced once, he’s been divorced twice and let’s remember that the guy is only 28 years old…

So I asked myself, why has a handsome man with tons of money and a career as a surgeon at a prestigious hospital been through two divorces within the span of three years? What’s wrong with him? Is he abusive? Is he gay? Does he have a weird sexual fetish? While I waited for my tickets to load up, I came up with all kinds of theories, but you know what, I was giving Voltage too much credit! The real reason behind his failed marriages was much simpler than all of that… You see, the reason Sotaro has had so many failed marriages is because he’s an insensitive man, who is completely unable to empathize with the thoughts and feelings of his partners. In short, dude is just a jerk, but that isn’t completely his fault.

Sotaru 3.pngI’m not one to make excuses for any of the liars and I’m not going to start now, however I have a pretty good idea why Sotaro is the way that he is. Thanks to his father’s influence, Sotaro has a skewed notion of what makes a “happy” marriage. He doesn’t want a love marriage, he wants a marriage of convenience.

As a doctor, he’ll be away from the home at all hours of the day and night, so he needs a low maintenance women, one that is content with staying at home, cooking and cleaning all day; a trophy wife. For him a wife is little more than a maid, and the fact that he sees nothing wrong with this philosophy makes my stomach churn…

The Endings…

So in Liar! Uncover the Truth eliminating one of the Liars unlocks five alternate endings (Bad End, Secret End, True End, Love End, and Scumbag End) that either continue the story after the MC kicks the Liar to the curb or explain the origins of each guy’s lie. In order to unlock all of the endings in one fell swoop, the player must achieve S rank by the end of the Liar arc. However, the Bad End is unlocked when the player fails to answer the final question correctly and usually depicts the MC’s unhappy marriage with her Liar.

In Sotaro’s Bad End, the MC marries Sotaro and becomes housewife, spending her days supporting her busy husband. But, if you’ll all remember the MC isn’t really one for housework, so her married life is riddled with issues…

The “Trust Me” Secret End, gives us a sneak peek at Sotaro’s growing affection for the MC from the first time she visited his apartment up to the lie that sealed his fate. Sotaro’s cold indifference has led to many a failed relationships in the past, but with the MC things are different… But, when a rival for her affections appears Sotaro will stop at nothing to become a man she can trust!

In the “A Life-Changing Click” True End, we learn that Sotaro entered into his two previous marriages at the behest of his father, who insists that a man is only a man when he finds himself a wife. But, with two failed marriages under his belt already, Sotaro begins to doubt his fathers words, so he sets out to find a suitable mate on his own…

In the “Is Love Not Enough” Love End, after confronting Sotaro, the MC finds herself at an all time low point in her life as she reminisces over the good times she shared with him (all three of them *rolls eyes*). Suddenly Sotaro appears and he’s willing to change his ways so that he can win her heart…

Finally, in the “Take a Hint, Kid” Scumbag End, after getting dumped by the MC, Sotaro finds himself alone in his messy apartment…he assumed he and the MC would be married by now and that she would be the one to keep house, so he fired his maid. So, he sets on a noble quest… to find a wife that will keep his house clean…

final thoughts

My Reaction…


Special shout out to my buddy Bishie for helping me out with the gif for this post, I couldn’t have done it without her!!

Nothing, not his money nor his good looks would ever make me want to ever marry a guy like Sotaro… The very idea of giving up my identity for a guy who is not just unwilling, but incapable of genuine warmth or affection is just  horrifying and the fact that that man had to be Sotaro just breaks my heart! But there is a pot of gold at the end of this rainbow, and his name is Itaru Yuikawa, however, I will save my fangirling about him for another post… Just know that I squealed like a schoolgirl when I realized that Itaru was Mr. Right!!

 Mr. Right→

← 8th Liar  

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12 thoughts on “That Guy is a Divorcee: Liar! Uncover the Truth- 9th Liar

  1. I’ve really enjoyed your posts on this game and while I’m probably not going to play it any time soon it seems like it would be pretty interesting. Thanks for sharing your thoughts throughout.

  2. I also like your posts on this game. I actually thought Sotaro is the last man. Cause he was voted the guy with the most likes on their official Facebook page. I actually feel bad for him. I mean he grew up with that kind of influence. He needs a friend. Poor guy.

  3. Heya pal!

    Pardon my naming the last liar in the comments section in your previous post!

    I don’t have much to add about #9, but I still wanted to drop in and thank you for continuing to post reviews about this interesting game! I don’t think I’ll ever play this unless it miraculously gets ported to PC/PSV, but I definitely think it’s something a bit different and wish a game like this would be created on a larger budget scale.

    Looking forward to Mr. Right! =)

    1. Hey Laramie!! Oh no you were fine! I just figured that I should try to keep the order of the last two guys as hush hush as possible lol 😛

      Aww no, thank you for always stopping by and giving my posts a read! Like I said, I really look forward to your comments! 😀

      Now wouldn’t that be something, imaging voltage branching out from mobile games! Maybe other devs will start branching out with their game premises…. I’d love to see more games like this one come to the west!

  4. In my opinion, i think he isn’t very insensitive
    At least he care enough with the MC & go to 3rd liar’s apartement to save her when she is kidnaped. And he also ask MC for date at his house & a chinese restaurant before his chapter.

    I am very dissapointed with Sotaro become the 9th liar altough i already have guess about it. He is my favourite character

    1. First, thank you so much for taking the time to read my post and even more so for leaving sharing your thoughts!!

      Yeah, you definitely bring up some excellent points! Liar 9 was one of my favorites too, but over time I began noticing little things about his personality that kind of turned me off to him. Like when he asked the MC to clean off his desk or the time he asked her over to his apartment and completely forgot she was there…. and a few others as well.

  5. Thank you so much for sharing this. I really enjoyed your post :):) I still love him my So-channnn T^T

    1. Awww thank you for stopping by and reading my review!!😁

      Oh my gosh yes!! He is so dreamy looking… I was all over him at the beginning of the game too, until I saw Itaru and that was it lol

  6. I should have known from the get-go that my ideal man wasnt going to be the “Mr.Right”. Unfortunately, otome games usually dont grasp this personality type all that well.
    Its really not that hes incapable of love, he just looks at things from a practical standpoint and has a rough time viewing things emotionally.

    That said, he seriously reminds me of my fiance who loves roombas and is in school to become a doctor, so Im pretty bias. lol They pretty much have the same personality too. lol

    1. LOL I was a fan of Mr. Right after the events of the Liar 2 route, so I’m biased. But, I will admit that Liar 9 was definitely on my list of guys I wanted to win!

      Nah, Voltage didn’t do as much with him as I would have liked, so I really hope they do him justice in the Lovers Route! Really?! Woah a real life Sotaru!!

  7. I was actually laughing from the catfight of MC and Tsubasa XD The one when they’re fighting using the clothes they were wearing. I didn’t mind Tsubasa at all because she was like there for only a few chapters. And she does not spread nasty rumours like I usually see in shoujo anime.
    Btw do you have a review about the MC?

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