[Full Game Review] English Otome- Seduce Me 2: The Demon War

Seduce Me 2: The Demon War, like its predecessor, is a fully voiced, supernatural romance visual novel produced by Seraphim Entertainment and created by Michaela Laws. The original voice cast is back and in full form, their vocal talents shine as they give their all in a series of heart wrenching and emotional performances. In addition to the stellar voice cast, Seduce Me 2 (SM2) boasts a few new features which work together to bring the wonderful story started in Seduce Me (SM) to a satisfying and beautiful close. The five incubi and Diana the succubus are back, each with their own routes, however unlike SM, the romance routes feature both Good Endings and Bad Endings. The additional branching storyline, drills home the game’s message of fate and the burden choices have on destiny. As you play the choices become more difficult, as the player is forced to decide whether to selfishly cling to their love for their incubi or to secede their happiness for the greater good. In the end no matter what you choose, someone has to suffer. This game features some difficult topics, which may not be suitable for some audiences.

Like with the first game all sex scenes are optional.You can purchase the game on itch.io, HERE or on Steam, HERE.

**So the disclaimer… I don’t own these images or characters, they belong to Michaela Laws and Seraphim Entertainment. On that note, there will be some semi-NSFW images in this post, but no private areas will be shown, just some really suggestive angles. The thoughts and opinions presented in this post are my own, it’s fine if you don’t agree with me, but be respectful when commenting (I’m open to all opinions here). 

In this sequel, Mika Anderson finds herself torn away from her incubus lover just before their wedding and thrown into the Abyssal Plains. However, not all is well in the Demon World, after the events of the first game, civil war is at hand and Mika finds safety in the most unlikeliest of places. An old foe becomes ally as the war that will decide the fate of the Demon World takes center stage.

2016-06-03 (14)James (CV: Bradley Gareth)- This was the first route I played and I feel that it did an excellent job of setting the mood for the overall game. Fate and destiny play a huge role in his route, as both he and Mika fight against some celestial opposition to remain together. Throughout the route the strength of their love is tested time and time again, as both must come to terms with the repercussions of their actions from the first game. In the end no choice is without consequence, people suffer, some may die, and nothing is ever black and white. The events of Seduce Me set off a chain of events that changed the fate of both the Human and Demon Worlds, and now two lovers must pay the price for defying fate.If James was my favorite before, playing Seduce Me 2 has only increased my affections for the oldest incubus brother. The writing in this route really tugs at the heart strings, I was blown away by how tragic and bittersweet the romance between Mika and James truly is in the grand scheme of things. But, somehow all of that opposition made me root for them that much more, I needed them to make it work!

As a whole I was impressed with the plot progression, which seamlessly blends the romantic moments between Mika and James with some of the plot’s darker elements. With James there is always a give and take, at times he’s a commanding and capable leader, yet there are other times when he will step back and let someone else take the lead, 2016-05-24 (7)an aspect of James’s characterization that remains the same whether he is fighting an enemy or interacting with his lover. In the non-romantic routes, though, James may have met his match with wife, Iridessa, who dishing out just as much, if not more shade than he does. Underneath his cool and polished veneer is a very tender man, don’t get me wrong, he’s still the King of Shade, but it was nice to see him take a step back. I really want to commend Bradley Gareth on his portrayal of James… That thing he does with his voice when James is unleashing his inner dominant, had me purring like a kitten. He really knew how to mix the right amount of passion and control to make make me melt!

There were two endings (three if you count the mind wipe ending) for James, a True Ending and a Bad Ending… The Bad Ending was definitely a believable outcome, but that didn’t make it any less heartbreaking. On the other hand the True Ending added an epic end to a dramatic story. In contrast the final scene of the route was oddly mundane, considering the course of the story up until that point, but it worked. After all of the drama and pain of the main story it was refreshing to sink into some normal everyday sweetness. This was a solid route; the writing was well done and it was nice to see James relinquish his control a little.

2016-06-03 (15)Erik (CV: Christopher Escalante)- In the first game, I was not an Erik fan. In fact he was my least favorite of the incubus brothers, there was something too sweet about him for my taste. The way sweet words just rolled off of his tongue, really turned me off to him. But, after playing his route in Seduce Me 2 I’m singing a completely different tune, I am officially Team Erik! I don’t know what happened, it wasn’t like he changed much between the first game and the second game, it actually took me awhile to figure it out. But, the change in my attitude towards him is due not to anything he as a character did, but more so the course of his actual story. In Seduce Me, the overall story while good, only made sense in James’s route, as he is the true heir to the Demon Lord’s throne. For the other incubi, the succession crisis plot line really didn’t fit. But, in Seduce Me 2, each incubi is given their own separate conflict within the context of the over arching Demon War crisis plot, thus tailoring the conflict to the incubi and not the other way around. This change allowed for Erik, as a character to shine, in turn giving me the chance to understand him better within a more naturally occurring scenario.

I really felt for Erik in this route and a lot of the credit for that goes to his VA, Christopher Escalante! He really nailed Erik’s confusion and pain in the first half of the route, I felt his anguish with each and every line.2016-05-26 (1) I don’t know what he did, but damn I was really moved by his performance, he made Erik seem vulnerable and that really made him come alive for me. As a whole, Erik was much more than the token flirt character, somehow he was much more grounded than before. In Seduce me he was kind of a one trick pony, but here in Seduce Me 2, he was allowed to grow. It’s hard to put into words but I guess he was much more three dimensional this time around. The writing really played up his motivations, his fears, his…anger, making for a more well rounded character. Even in the non-romantic routes, his interactions with his wife, Irene, really added to my love for him as a character. He was gentle and teasing like before, but somehow it had more focus.

There were two endings (three if you count the premature death ending) for Erik, a True Ending and a Bad Ending… The Bad Ending is not for the faint of heart, that ending hurt. On the other hand the True Ending was very satisfying and sweet. This was an excellent route, the writing was spot on in this route, I really saw a new side of the obnoxiously flirty incubus.

2016-06-03 (16)Sam (CV: Alejandro Saab)- As I’ve said before, Sam is an awesome character and while James is still my favorite, Sam is a close second. As I said before, the individual route differences did wonders for Sam’s overall characterization. While he was a hard ass with a heart of gold, in the first game, it was even more pronounced in the sequel. I really got the sense that Sam has grown considerably in the two year time skip between the first game and its sequel. He’s the same rugged demon he was in the first game, but it was somehow more endearing now than it was before. I was genuinely surprised at how much he was willing to give up for the sake of his love for a human. Sam gets a lot of flack in this route because of his inability to completely let go of his demon past,  but it was good to see him stick to his guns despite all the opposition he faced. In doing so Sam becomes a stronger person, as he comes to terms with himself, with his new found clarity, Sam is able to tap into a power that could change the fate of the Demon War.

His route really plays up his romantic compassionate side, and I for one was impressed by how downright perfect he was during the story. I definitely got to see Sam’s sensitive side in this route, despite his gruff personality Sam is a very thoughtful and compassionate character. 2016-06-01 (3).pngAlejandro Saab did a wonderful job of adding a softer inflection to Sam’s usually gruff voice to convey emotional depth. It must have been pretty hard to make such a tough guy sound sensitive, and he did it perfectly. Also, don’t get me started on his anguished screams and weak broken cries, just know that it was devastating. While the other routes dealt with external conflicts, Sam’s route focuses on the internal dilemma Sam faces as he tries to reconcile his demon nature with that of his new human lifestyle. There’s a really emotional scene where he and Mika visit her grandfather’s grave, so that he can ask for permission to marry her. I thought that was a nice touch and that it really showed just how serious he is about committing to his new life in the Human World. It was just one of the many things that put Sam’s route a step above the other routes in the game. It’s the little details like that, that make Sam such an endearing character. Sure he’s rough and sure he can be silly, but deep down he isn’t a bad guy. He’s just a guy trying to make his way in the world the best way he knows how, sometimes he makes mistakes, but he never gives up.

Sam having a wife in the non-romantic routes hurt me more than any of the others. Don’t get me wrong, Carrie is awesome, she and Sam just click…but, dang it still hurt.

I swear Sam must be somebody’s bias, because this guy has not one, but two Good Endings! Both reflect Sam’s overall conflict very well, and neither is without a bittersweet twist, no happiness is without sacrifice. As for the Main Bad End…NO, just NO! That was not okay, that was just too tragic. In addition to that there are two other bad endings.

2016-06-03 (3)

Matthew (CV: Ethan Nakashima)- This route is the best example of the consequences of choices. Man, does poor Matthew get it rough this time around. As the “baby” of the group, Matthew is often underestimated by everyone, especially his brothers. He desperately wants to prove that he is just as capable if not more so than they are, which is what causes most of the conflict in this route. As the Demon Lord’s youngest legitimate son, he was never expected to amount to much. However, his mother had the forethought to put him through the same rigorous training James went through as a child. Were it not for his mother’s ambition and influence, Matthew wouldn’t be half the man he is today.  Matthew’s unwillingness to rely on his brothers is what makes him vulnerable to temptations.

While I will admit that this was not one of my favorite route in the game, I was surprised at how complex Matthew is as a character. 2016-06-03 (11).pngBehind his cheerful disposition and boyish charm is a huge amount of pent up resentment towards his brothers. I didn’t realize how hurt and angry Matthew truly was until I played this route!  But, it’s completely understandable, for years he has taken a backseat to his older brothers, when he’s mentally and physically their equal. If I had been in Matthew’s shoes, I’d have acted the same way he did, however he is also responsible for the way things have been up until this point. Instead of trusting his brothers with his feelings, he kept everything to himself until it quite literally blew up in his face. He desperately wants to be treated as a man, but before he can he has to understand that even the manliest man knows when to ask for help. During this route, Matthew learns that part of being a man is the ability to make impossible decisions. In the end Matthew is forced to choose between family and love, as one would expect neither choice is without consequence.

I have always loved Matthew’s VA, Ethan Nakashima, there is just something about the way he voices Matthew that makes me swoon. He has a way of conveying Matthew’s maturity while still maintaining the youthful tone of voice, which I find refreshing. As for the endings, *prepares self for rage driven comments* I actually liked the Main Bad End better than the True End… I dunno, I just liked watching Matthew give into his dark side, it was tragic, but oh so sexy! In addition to the previously mentioned ends there’s an additional premature death ending.

*In the non-romantic routes his wife is Noryn.

2016-06-05 (1)Damien (CV: Jonah Scott)-When the Steam Achievement for a route is titled ‘A Soulmates’ Sacrifice’, you start off expecting the worst…As usual the youngest incubi brother gets the short end of the stick. The trip to the Demon World is especially taxing for Damien, who has been living as a human for the past two years. Ever since Diana took away his powers at the end of Seduce Me, finally giving him the one thing he ever desired. But, being back in the Demon World comes with, it’s own set of consequences and Damien must come to terms with his past if he wants move on from it.

Okay so the main conflict in this route is relatively close to the conflict presented in Sam’s route except in reverse. 2016-06-07 (8)While Sam’s route focused on trying to reclaim his demon self, Damien’s route focused on his desperate attempt to escape it. I wasn’t a huge fan of this route, while it was well written, I felt like Damien’s journey was pretty much settled by the ending of Seduce Me. The additional conflict presented in Seduce Me 2 just seemed unnecessary. I’m a little disappointed, I really wanted to like this route, and don’t get me wrong I love Damien as a character. He’s sweet and compassionate, everything a girl could ask for in a lover. On top of that his tragic past was compelling and I really felt for the guy, as he really had to work for his happy ending. *shrugs* I just wasn’t feeling Damien here…While I didn’t like the route very much, I did enjoy Jonah Scott’s performance during the game. His patient portrayal of Damien was very soothing and endearing. But, I especially loved the scene where Damien and some of the trainers have a drunken conversation in one of the hallways of Lilith Castle. I nearly died laughing at how adorable he sounded arguing with Saero about whose lover was the best. Also, while Damien’s romantic route fell flat for me, I did however love him in the non-romantic routes. I found his interactions with wife, Twila to be very sweet, each moment exuding a quiet intimacy that I just didn’t get from the main story arch.

There were four endings in this route (three bad, one good). The True Ending was super sweet, and was a bit of a throwback to the end of the first game. While the main Bad Ending was yet another drop in the bucket of Damien’s tragic life.

2016-06-08Diana (CV: Michaela Laws)- Diana’s route takes place immediately after the events of the first game. She and Mika have just left the Human World for the Demon World, only to find Diana’s home in flames and her family slaughtered after a surprise attack by the Demon Lord. Her route covers the early stages of the rebellion and like with her SM route, you learn more about the Demon World. I especially liked that I had the chance to learn about the four Demon Generals and their motivations for joining Diana’s rebellion. However, I did find it interesting that for the first half of her route, Diana is very vague about her relationship with the Mika, which causes conflict between Mika and Saero. 2016-06-09 (3)His devotion for the succubus is the same as in the other routes of the game, so Mika’s presence in the Demon World serves as a huge blow to him. I’m not going to lie, I really enjoyed his and Diana’s romance in the other routes, it was very well done and I definitely felt the emotionally invested in it. His devotion to Diana both romantically and as her comrade in battle was both admirable and extremely sweet, so I felt bad vying against him for Diana’s affections in this route.I love Michaela Law’s performance as Diana, she brings the perfect amount of sex appeal to the role that really makes my heart thump! Her delicious way of delivering her lines always manage to steal the spotlight in whatever scene she’s in, truly a wonderful performance.

The route comes with three main endings, one bad ending and two good endings. In the bad ending Saero “cleanses” Mika, which given his affections for Diana makes alot of sense. While in the Good Endings, one of two romantic scenarios play out, I’m not going to spoil it, but I will say I was both surprised and pleased by one of them. I was not expecting that type of scenario in SM2, but it made the most sense given the situation!

final thoughts

After all of the blood, sweat, tears, and some unexpected delays… Seduce Me 2 was finally released! Of course the first thing I did was install my pre-ordered copy and begin playing it! I couldn’t have been more pleased with the final installment of the Seduce Me series. This game was worth the wait! I was completely blown away by this game, it is definitely worth every penny, and at ten bucks, Seduce Me 2 is a steal! Everything that made the first game great is back with a few improvements added in for extra measure. You can really see how much Michaela and Seraphim Entertainment have grown since releasing Seduce me a little over a year ago! They really put their heart and soul into this game and you can feel their determination and skill woven into every line of dialogue, every chord of background music, and every perfectly rendered background, character sprite, and CG. I am not afraid to say that I fell in love with all of the incubi all over again.

I’m going to try and keep this short and sweet, since I ran long with the stuff in the beginning… The game features some updated art, so now the incubi look a little more ‘age appropriate’ (Matthew and Damien look younger). On one hand it’s great, but on the other hand it feels like I’m doing something illegal looking at Damien and Matthew shirtless (not that it stopped me much). I really enjoyed the overall story, as I said earlier, the individual routes could easily stand alone as their own separate stories. This is a vast improvement on the copy pasta from the first game. Even the writing is better, the sexy time scenes are 10x steamier and the dialogue is natural and easy to follow. Even the choices the player makes are better, about halfway through James’s route I noticed that the further along I got in the game the harder the choices became. I found myself seriously considering the consequences of my actions, which is the overarching theme in Seduce Me 2: The Demon War. Decisions shouldn’t be taken lightly, there are always consequences/repercussions for your actions and in the end someone has to suffer for your actions.

The music was amazing this time around, it really did a spectacular job of setting the mood in each and every scene of the game. The voice talents for this game were phenomenal! Everyone, both new and returning did an amazing job bringing the cast of Seduce Me 2 to life! You can really tell that they put everything they had into their roles and I am extremely impressed. I was especially taken aback by the new talents, they each managed to seamlessly blend in with the returning cast, it was like they had been a part of the Seduce Me family from the very beginning. While I’m on the topic of new people and characters, let’s talk about the wives for a minute… I get it, and they’re all great, but it still hurts to see the incubi in a relationship with someone else. What makes it even more painful is how absolutely perfect the wives are for their respective incubi. I love the wives but I can’t help but get a little jealous…I’m human and I’m selfish, at least I admit to it.

Yes I have a favorite route and no I won’t say which one it is, you guys can try to figure it out on your own. But, I will give you guys a hint…read the individual sections again, it’s obvious! So if you haven’t figured it out already, I highly recommend this game, $10 is a steal for a game of this caliber! Michaela Laws and her team did an amazing job of wrapping up the supernatural romance between Mika Anderson and her sexy Incubi lovers and I want say one more thing before I wrap this post up…

Thank you for all of your hard work! 


What did you think? Have you played Seduce Me? Who is your favorite character? Was it as emotional for you as it was for me? Let me know what you thought about the game or the review in the comments section or Like/Share. As always THANK YOU GUYS FOR READING!


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  1. I love the CG artwork, it looks gorgeous and those abs…/fans self
    I’m so glad you enjoyed this, I always like seeing you do good reviews. It’s so sad when we have to give bad reviews or get disappointed on something we were looking forward to! (>y<)
    I definitely need to play the first game, since it’s coming to android, and this one too (✪㉨✪)

    1. Yes, girl! It was even more heart racing because the guys were usually shirtless for most of the game…*wipes mouth* But, yeah this game was definitely worth every penny. Even the routes that I personally didn’t like as much were still very well written!

      I think I read they were working on releasing an Android version, but I haven’t seen anything yet. But, I’ll keep my ear to the ground and I’ll let you know if I hear anything.

      1. /passes you the tissues
        I’m definitely looking forward to the nak– I mean cute guys and good writing ofc ლ(-^〇^-)ლ
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      2. lol! I at least pretend to keep it clean here! heh heh heh 😛

        Sam definitely had the most risque CG of all the guys, but Diana had some really good ones! 😀

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        I can imagine how blessed he is 😂😂

  2. So I have been hesitant to buy this game because I am worried that it is once you play one of the incubi routes you’ve played them all like the first game (excluding a few line differences).
    So my question is when you play the game are all routes unique or are they all the same practically excluding a few scenes here and there?

    1. I was worried about the same thing when I first started playing. But, thankfully each route is different from the others. There are some similarities in the overarching plot of the game but not the copy pasta we got in the first game.

      Thanks for commenting and I hope that answered your question!

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