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This is one of those games that I absolutely enjoyed playing, but never really got around to writing a review for…So, now that I have some free time and in honor of the sequel coming out on May 20th on Steam, (I got the game from itch.io, so I have to wait until June 20th) I decided to go back and play the game that started it all! So whether you’ve already played this game and are in need of a refresher before Seduce Me 2 is released, or someone new to the game, you’ve definitely come to the right place!

Released in 2015, Seduce Me is a fully voiced PC English visual novel, produced by Seraphim Entertainment and created by Michaela Laws.  First, I can’t tell you how awesome and rare it is for a FREE indie English otome game like Seduce Me to have a full voice cast…and for said voice cast to be good too! It’s like winning the lotto right after you lose your job, not necessarily impossible, but unlikely as hell! So big props to Seraphim and Michaela for pulling this off with the help of their backers on Kickstarter, some out of pocket money, and a whole helluva lot of determination!

The game follows eighteen year old Mika Anderson, granddaughter to the famed CEO of Anderson Toys. Upon her grandfather’s death, she inherits a large portion of his estate, which includes his spacious mansion! In an attempt to prepare her for college life and living on her own, her father insists that she move into the mansion immediately, so our still grieving protagonist packs her bags and sets out for her new home. When she arrives she finds five strange men unconscious and bleeding just inside the entryway. In no time the men are awake and she finds herself at a loss for what to do about the unexpected situation. When asked to explain the incubi tell her that they are on the run from a group of demons and that her house just happened to be the closest shelter they could find. They then ask for her permission to stay there until they can regain their strength, in exchange for helping her maintain the mansion (which she wouldn’t have been able to deal with on her own). She reluctantly agrees to the deal, gaining five handsome incubi as roommates.

In addition to the five incubi, the player can also choose to romance Mika’s best friends Suzu and Naomi; a succubus, named Diana; and Andrew the son of one of the executives at Anderson Toys. However, their routes are considerably shorter than those for the five incubi.

2016-05-16 (1)James (CV: Bradley Gareth)- So this was the first route that I took on in the game, and my favorite. I can already hear the Sam fangirls sharpening their axes, but hear me out first! I have a thing for megane characters so when I saw James in the prologue my first thought was, “That right there is bae,” mind you this is before he even opened his mouth! When he did speak, *fans self* the panties were off, Bradley Gareth made James sound so sexy, his performance in the game had me squealing like a schoolgirl! On top of that, he is nothing but sweet to Mika and his devotion to his brothers and their safety made him even more endearing.

2016-05-16James is the oldest of the incubus brothers and the heir of the Demon Lord. Since birth he has been groomed to one day become King of the Abyssal Plains. Unlike his brothers, James led a very restricted life within the the Abyssal Plains. As a child he spent most of his time isolated from his brothers, devoting all of his time to studying and training. Despite being the Demon Lord’s most favored child, he never enjoyed his life in the Abyssal Plains. The only times he’d ever been truly happy there, were the times when he could be with his brothers, but even those moments were few and far between.  His motivation for leaving the Abyssal Plains, was so that he could finally be free of the burden of being heir and live the life that he chooses, with his brothers as equals.

Due to his extensive training, James is a capable leader, proficient in both Human and Demon military and political tactics. James possess a gentlemanly nature, usually acting as the voice of reason among his brothers. He is very protective of his brothers, going to extremes to keep their family together at all costs. As a lover James can be very passionate, but tends to be on the dominant side sexually. His true demon name is Raestro and his special demon power is super intelligence.

2016-05-16 (2)Erik (CV: Christopher Escalante)- I don’t really care for the overly friendly/flirty types, so, I decided to leave Erik’s route for last. He wasn’t terrible, in fact I found myself liking his route way more than I thought I would. But, I couldn’t help but give my computer the side eye of doom, because every word out of his mouth was just too sweet, it was giving me a toothache. That much sweetness in one person just came off really fake, so I had a hard time taking him seriously. While I did’t really care for Erik’s route, I do want to commend the voice actor. He did an amazing job, with this role, his voice was slow, drawling and very seductive. Also, I think Erik had some of the best CGs in the game, you can really tell that the artist really put a lot of time and effort into each and every one of them!

2016-05-16 (3) - CopyErik is the second oldest incubus brother and the shameless flirt of the group, but there is so much more to him than that. As the second born, Erik’s only purpose in the Abyssal Plains was to serve as a replacement should James ever become unable to fulfill his duties as heir. He too was subjected to training like James, but his regimen was no where near as extensive. Erik received most of his education from his mother, who instructed him in the art of seduction and manipulation. She taught him to serve women, make them happy enough that they would give their energy to him willingly. In time the facade he used to woo women became his default personality. In reality, Erik is a rather submissive and hesitant lover, putting the needs of his partner before his own. He usually refers to Mika as ‘his princess’ or simply ‘princess’.

When the Matthew and Damien suggest leaving the Abyssal Plains for the Human world, Erik is the first brother to agree. He, like James wants to live a life where he is free to be himself and not the “incubus way” his mother trained him to live. His true demon name is Uzaeris, and his special demon power is dream manipulation. He also seems to be able to manipulate plants through magic, as his demon aura tends to manifest as vine like tendrils.

2016-05-16 (5) - CopySam (CV: Alejandro Saab)- So this was the second route that I played and because of that Sam is my second favorite character in the game.  I’m pretty sure that if I’d played Sam before James, he would have been my favorite route, but megane beats tsundere/bad boy every time. The funny thing about Sam is that he is everybody’s bias, even the developers have a soft spot for him and it really shows in the game. So it’s pretty safe to say that Sam is most likely the canon route of the game, he just seems to get more love than the other incubi. Which I completely understand, he can be a rough bad boy at times, but then there are other times when he’s so endearingly awkward, you can’t help but love him…

2016-05-16 (4) - CopySam is the third incubus brother and the brute of the group. As the third son of the Demon Lord, he was unlikely to ever ascend to the throne, so he was largely left to his own devices. Sam spent most of his time rebelling against his father by spending time on the streets with common demons.  He is more impulsive than his brothers, and can be a bit of a hothead, but, he is not altogether unkind. In fact Sam has a softer, more compassionate side that he keeps hidden from others. If he does something to upset Mika he is quick to apologize, though he isn’t very good at it. He is physically stronger than his brothers, making him the best fighter of the group, but despite that he does practice tai-chi regularly for relaxation purposes. Sam is a passionate and tender lover, preferring a mutually satisfying experience for himself and his partner. Like Erik, Sam has his own pet name for Mika, doofus.

Unlike his brothers, Sam had no ulterior motives for coming to the Human world, other than wanting to be with his brothers. Because he was never expected to ascend to the throne, Sam has had no real education, and as a result he can’t read. He is very sensitive about his shortcomings, and works hard to keep from becoming a complete monster. His true demon name is Aomaris and his special demon power is enhanced strength.

* In addition to his main story, an extra Proposal Epilogue titled, Shall We Dance, was released separate from the main game. I highly recommend playing it, you can download it for free, HERE. *

2016-05-16 (6) - CopyMatthew (CV: Ethan Nakashima)- I always forget that Matthew isn’t the youngest incubi brother, because he looks so much younger than Damien (the youngest). He’s even portrayed as being the most childish and naive of the group. So, I wasn’t especially excited to play his route, in the beginning. I guess I was expecting him to be the typical shota character, in your face and overly excited, but Matthew couldn’t have been further from that. Instead I was surprised at how genuinely sweet and caring Matthew he is in the game. But, when he gets worked up, look out, Matthew is  highly skilled with knives.

2016-05-16 (7)Mathew is the fourth incubus brother and the last legitimate son of the Demon Lord. Like Erik, Sam, and Damien, he was largely ignored by his father, so he spent a majority of his time either with his brothers and mother.  Of all the Demon Lord’s wives, Matthew’s mother was the most jealous and angry when the Demon Lord took a mistress, so Matthew would use his power to create toys to make her happy. In return, his mother made sure that he gained the same education as James, in secret. Matthew is extremely sensitive about his young appearance, becoming upset when others treat him like a child. However, he doesn’t let it get to him, maintaining a cheerful and upbeat demeanor. Through his secret studies, Matthew learned a lot about the Human world and became interested in going there. He helped facilitate his brothers’ escape from the Abyssal Plains.

Matthew is the brother most sympathetic to humans, Sam even relents in his own route that Matthew likes humans more than he does demons. In addition to his innate demon abilities Matthew is a skilled conjurer, but his powers only extend to the space of his within his pocket. His demon name is  Zacaeru.

2016-05-16 (8)Damien (CV: Jonah Scott)- Damien, is by far the most troubled character in the game. He has the saddest backstory in the game and on top of that his incubi power is both totally awesome, and totally crappy at the same time. Damien can read minds, but he is unable to control his power, so he ends up accidentally uncovering things others wish to keep private. So you can imagine how awkward he must have felt listening to his brothers getting it on with Mika in each of their respective routes. You can’t help but feel bad for the poor guy, he really seems to get the short end of the stick, I wanted to give this poor little guy a hug and a cookie. But, I will admit that he had the hottest sexy time scene!

2016-05-16 (9)Unlike his older brothers, Damien is not the son of a Queen, he is the product of an extramarital affair between the Demon Lord and a mistress. His birth led the Demon Lord’s wives to become extremely jealous and vindictive so he had them all stripped of their physical bodies. But, the fate that awaited Damien’s mother was far worse, he kept her chained up for his personal pleasure. Meanwhile Damien was shunned and ridiculed, by everyone except his brothers. One day while alone, Damien made contact with Mika’s grandfather. He told Damien about the Human world, explaining that it was a place where he could be happy if he wanted to go there. Disgusted with the ways of the Abyssal Plains, Damien desperately wanted to go to the Human world, so he convinced his brothers to leave their home. Damien wants more than anything to be a human, so that he can finally have the chance at a normal life. Damien’s demon name is Izroul.

His route explains a lot more about the circumstances surrounding their escape from the Abyssal Plains and Mika’s grandfather’s role in it. Damien’s true ending is also very different from the other incubi’s True Ends.

2016-05-16 (18)Andrew (CV: Zach Aguilar)- Andrew is the son of the Vice Chairman of Anderson Toys and a contender for future CEO of the company. He looked up to Mika’s grandfather, who treated him kindly when he first entered the company. Like Mika, his father wants him to take over Anderson Toys, but he isn’t too keen on the idea. Instead, he wants to be free to choose his own life course. I really enjoyed this route, it was ridiculously sweet and I liked how the game set Mika and Andrew up to be the Seduce Me version of Romeo and Juliet.

My only complaint is that this route was too short, I want more Andrew! He is such a dork and super sweet, and after the events of the game, a nice relaxing normal human romance was just what I needed!

Naomi Patterson (CV: Samantha Chan)-She is the more feminine and demure of Mika’s friends. She is extremely studious and prides herself on her manners, she gets a lot of flack from bullies who believe that her father is a crooked politician. I’m not really a fan of GxG routes, but I do appreciate it when games have them. But, what I did like was that this route addressed the Naomi’s anxieties about her feelings for the female protagonist. The situation was made even better by the fact that Mika is understanding of Naomi’s feelings, letting her know it’s okay to feel the way that she feels.

Suzu Cappini (CV: pickle131)- She is one of Mika’s best friends, she is aggressive and a bit of a tomboy. She a fiery Italian who loves spicy food and video games. Her folks own a casino, because of this people assume that her family has ties to the mob. I didn’t really like this route very much, it was too short to leave any lasting impressions on me…but, I appreciate the additional female options…and at least it came with great CGs…

2016-05-16 (16).pngDiana (CV: Michaela Laws)- Diana is a succubus from the Abyssal Plain. She was set to marry one of the demon brothers in exchange for giving the Demon Lord control over her family’s land. However when the boys left the Abyssal Plain, leaving the balance of power uneven, the Demon Lord sent Diana to the Human Realm to retrieve them. If she is unable to complete her task, civil war will break out in the Abyssal Plain. Her special demon ability is mind manipulation and illusions, and her demon name is Ezaeur.

Diana’s route fills in the details that were left out of the five main incubi’s routes. Her route also has a huge reveal, that you simply cannot miss! While I wasn’t a huge fan of this route, it was an interesting addition to the game and I’m glad I played through it.

final thoughts

For a free game, Seduce Me does a lot of things right! This is a very solid game, that gives some commercial releases a run for their money in terms of quality. The game isn’t perfect, but the few complaints I have are minor and could have easily been amended had Seraphim had a larger budget to work with and more time. Like, there wasn’t a lot of variability between the main incubi routes. So I found myself reading the same lines over and over again as I played through each of the main routes. So, I highly suggest going for your favorite first. The other routes were unique enough, but were too short for my taste (especially Andrew). My ranking of the routes: James > Sam > Andrew > Damien = Matthew > Erik > Diana.

The game’s creator, Michaela admitted that time crunches during development lead to her having to cut out much of what she originally had planned for the final release. Plus, it’s a free game, so I can completely forgive the copy pasta moments, especially since the concept was so well developed. If you’ve ever been to Michaela’s blog or listened to the Drama CD, you’ll know that the mythos behind the game is extensive. Each location and character in the game is fully developed, from character likes and dislikes all the way down to sexual preferences and histories. I highly recommend giving those a look if you have the time!

The voice cast is amazing, I almost couldn’t believe my frickin’ luck when I read that this game was completely free, and then for it to actually be good too…wow! You can really tell that the voice actors put a good deal of effort into their performances, and the editing was wonderfully done. Kudos to Seraphim and Michaela Laws for getting such an amazing cast on such a tight budget! The voice actors did an excellent job conveying the appropriate emotions in each scene which really helped me get into the story. But, on the flip side of that the CG artwork is kind of inconsistent. I have absolutely zero artistic ability, so I am in no way an expert on art, but some of the CGs look awkward. The first Diana CG being the first to come to mind…and Sam’s CGs too, make him look kind of unattractive…But the sprites are gorgeous and the backgrounds are beautiful, so that’s a plus!

What I especially liked about Seduce Me, was the emphasis on consent! The player can decide to either play through the implied sex scenes or opt out of them, without any consequence to the overall gameplay. Also, really appreciated the fact that all of the incubi brothers were virgins during their first sexual encounters with Mika. It made the sex scenes that much more special. The only time it seemed odd that a love interest was still a virgin, was during Erik’s route… you can’t very well tell me he’s a flirt who delights in wooing women and then tell me he has absolutely no sexual experience… I won’t believe you.

I found the overall plot to be engaging and unique, with very few inconsistencies arising between individual routes. While the Malix arch of the game was well done, I couldn’t help but feel like it was unnecessary. Seraphim could have just as easily have condensed the plot down to include only the Diana arch/Abyssal Plains succession crisis and still retain the essence of the game. Again, don’t get me wrong, Malix is a riot, I just feel like two conflicts was just too much for the first game. I also found the romance within a week, too convenient, but since it’s a supernatural romance I let it pass. The non romantic ends were just as satisfying as the romantic ends, so I definitely recommend shooting for them all. But, if I had to choose…I’m partial to the Chaos True End, it makes Mika into such a badass!

So in the end, I highly recommend this game. As far as free games go, this is one of the best! Mika is a solid MC with a good head on her shoulders, she can be strong and spunky, while still managing to be understanding and kind! I love that the writers allow the player to achieve several different happy endings no matter what choices you make in the game. There really aren’t very many bad choices in this game, whether you’re a lover or a fighter, Seduce Me has the perfect happy ending for you! There are also several extras and bloopers included in the game, an extra scene can be unlocked after achieving all of the ending and uncovering the Angel’s password.There is a sequel, Seduce Me 2: The Demon War, set for release on Edit: the game will be released on both Steam and itch.io on May 20th Steam on May 20th and itch.io on June 20th. However, unlike the first game it will be a commercial release, you can pre-order the game on itch.io for $10, HERE.

So what do you think of my first Full Game Review? Have you played Seduce Me before, who was your favorite character? Least favorite? Are you as excited about the sequel as I am? Feel free to Comment on this post or Ask Me on my tumblr!  As always Thank You for reading!

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  2. WOOO awesome review and it’s so cool to see that it’s fully voiced! O.O James looks like he’ll be my fav, with Matt coming to a close second 🙂 I’ll def give this a go. Awesome review and you should def consider doing more full reviews!!

    1. Aww, thank you! James is bae! But Matthew is a cutie too! You should definitely play Seduce Me!!!

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