Dangerous Seduction | Masaharu Ryuzaki Review: Falling for an Arrogant Sniper

First I should probably say that I don’t usually go for the arrogant types that Voltage seems to be hellbent on shoving down our throats all the time. In fact I tend to avoid them all together. Full blown jerks tend to rub me the wrong way, but somehow I found myself playing Masaharu’s route anyway…

Dangerous Seduction Masaharu

I’m going to try and be fair with this review, but like I said… I’m not a fan of guys like Masaharu. This route took me a lot longer to play than I originally intended and that’s because I spent most of my time shouting expletives at my poor innocent iPad…  If you want a general overview of Dangerous Seduction, click HERE, it’s covers the basic premise of the game and includes links to the other character reviews I wrote for the game. 

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Thoughts on the Route: You gotta be heartless to protect some things

Dangerous Seduction Masaharu

So, prior to the start of the game, the MC’s father was in charge of protecting a special room which contains important secret information. In my head, I imagine the room is full of cancelled Voltage manuscripts for Metro PD: Close to You, A Knight’s Devotion, and Office Secrets, since we never get an explanation as to what is actually in the room I had to get creative. *ahem*

So, an also unnamed enemy organization, figured out that the MC’s dad was the key to unlocking the the room and had him killed, but before his death he had the MC designated as an authorized user on his iTunes account the new “key” and contracted the band of merry fugitives as her protectors. Yeah, I know, when you write it all out like that it sounds kind of stupid… So after explaining things to the MC, Inui asks the MC to choose one of the guys to be her personal bodyguard. But because she is still trying to process the massive info dump she just experienced, she is unable to properly choose a bodyguard, so Masaharu volunteers his services!

Dangerous Seduction Masaharu

Masaharu Ryuzaki is a heartless, sniper and the token alpha male of the group. He literally wastes no time threatening the MC into compliance with the help of his trusty gun. Did I mention that I’m not a fan of the jerky confident alpha male types? I did? Good, because Masaharu Ryuzaki is all of that and a bag of chips. I literally spent 95% of his route telling him to go eff himself.

He is rude, tactless and a straight up asshole to the MC for the majority of the route, to the point that I wanted to punch the guy in the face! I was seriously having flashbacks to when I first played Eisuke Ichinomiya’s main story in Kissed By the Baddest Bidder, and that is not a place I want to go back too… I get it, the guys in this game are all criminals, so their morals are generally grounded in that ambiguous grey area, but sweet Jesus, there are limits!

Dangerous Seduction Masaharu
What the whole fuck, dude! That is a new low for any Voltage character, let alone the poster boy alpha male of the entire game!!

I don’t care if dude is a trained killer, there are just some things you just don’t say. For example, there’s a point in the route where the MC is justifiably, at least in this instance, complaining about the guys not telling her anything about the enemies targeting her and you know what Masaharu says? He tells her to complain to her dead dad -_- Really? The shenanigans only get better from there with Masaharu giving the MC the unfortunate nickname of Hachiko… yes, he named her after a dog… What is it with Voltage guys always comparing the MC to food and animals?! It’s not endearing, it’s not sweet, it’s annoying and I for one would like it to stop! But, it would be one-sided of me to only point out Masaharu’s bad points without at least mentioning his good moments (though they are few and far between).

Dangerous Seduction Masaharu

Like all alpha male characters in Voltage games, there is more to Masaharu than meets the eye. Due to the nature of his profession, Masaharu has had to live a rather cold and lonely existence prior to meeting the MC. When the whole world is your enemy the only person you can trust is yourself and your gun. But when a momentary lapse in judgement leads to the death of a close ally, Masaharu completely closes himself off to other people in order to avoid losing anyone else. So for all my complaining, beneath all of his swagger and pomp, Masa is really a genuinely kindhearted guy.

Now, that doesn’t mean I necessarily agree with his methods. I just understand where the guy is coming from. Being close to other people would cause him to empathize with them, which would in turn make him an ineffective sniper. Hired guns aren’t supposed to feel, they’re supposed to follow orders and move on, which serves as the main source of conflict between Masa and the MC. At first he see’s her kindness for others as a weakness, pointing out how dangerous trust can be for someone in her current situation and time and time again his sentiments prove to be right.

Dangerous Seduction Masaharu

Every single time the MC trusts someone or interferes with Masa’s job, she winds up on the wrong end of a gun. But, because this is a romance game, her unyielding compassion sways the heartless sniper and he begins to become noticeably kinder towards her. Now, that doesn’t mean I enjoyed the romance in this route at all!

If I’m being completely honest, the romance aspect of this route came completely out of left field for me, one minute the MC is calling Masa an asshole and cursing his name, the next she’s mooning over his perfectly chiseled pecs. We don’t really get any indication that the two even remotely like one another until around chapter 10. That’s chapter 10 of THIRTEEN! Uh, nah, three chapters is not enough time to tell a compelling love story, especially amidst all of the drama, action, and suspense.

Do I Recommend Masaharu’s Route?


I went into this route with a bias and I will fully admit to that, but damn it Voltage, there was absolutely nothing in this route that even remotely changed my opinion of Masaharu by the end of the game. Sure his backstory was tragic, and yeah, I feel for the guy, but all of the backstory was just too little too late! Voltage waited way too long to redeem Masaharu as a character and the fact that the cheerful and much more approachable Asuka Hino kept popping up throughout the route only made Masa’s negative qualities much more noticeable.

I’m getting tired of saying this, but this route would have been much better as a NON ROMANTIC STORY!!! I just needed more time to get to know Masa, ya know to get comfortable with him as a character. But, nope, all I got was Jerk-face McGee for 10 chapters, then 2 chapters of justification for his actions, and within those two chapters of justification, a hastily thrown together romance. sigh Hell, Masaharu x Aphrodite (the cat) would have been a better romance story.

That smile is for a cat….

The only saving grace in this route was the MC! Finally, Voltage is listening to us!!! This MC gives me life… From the very first chapter she calls Masaharu on his BS, she isn’t like the meek MCs we’ve had in the past, this woman knows how to give just as much as she takes!

Overall, I was not thrilled with this route… Voltage spent too much time showcasing Masaharu’s negative qualities and not enough getting me to understand the reasons behind his actions. So, by the end, I really didn’t have a very high opinion of the guy. However, I will admit again that I generally dislike characters like Masaharu anyway. 

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46 thoughts on “Dangerous Seduction | Masaharu Ryuzaki Review: Falling for an Arrogant Sniper

  1. Nice to hear the MC was given a backbone rofl but Hachiko? Damn dude. And the dead dad part too. I agree. We really need time to explore a romance with a character that’s prickly. Though Saint Germain wasn’t an ass, he had his own demons to work out before he could have romance, and Cardia had to step out of her comfort zone. Not to change him but to understand him.

    I honestly really want to read another story like his in an otoge because it was a master of demonstrating that a unlikely romance can work. If only we;re given time, not 3 chapters like you said happened in this game.

    1. Yes, gurl yes! This MC was perfect… aside from the whole no eye thing, but I’ll save that for another time lol.

      I need to play CR! Especially with the FD coming out in 2017 too!!!

      See that’s the thing, oresama guys are normally the poster boys for these games, but they always seem to get the short end of the stick story wise and it’s a shame…

      I went in expecting the worst and voltage gave me just that… I’ve had changes of heart about characters before, but Masaharu was not one of them…

      1. No eyes? Again? VOLTAGE rofl.
        Gurl PLEASSE like you really are missing out on one of the best otoge to come out in recent years. I’m not kidding. The heroine was a badass, teh guys were all likable, and the plot was great!
        And yea….oresama guys why?

      2. Yes! They tricked us with that opening movie too!! She had eyes in it but in game…nope

        Lmao Leafy! I have the game I just need to play it 😛 I’ll try to play this weekend… no promises…

        Ikr, oresama guys can be done right….just voltage fails at it lol

      3. Cool! I don’t mean to pressure you sorry or to be pushy. I just know that I loved it and so many others did and considering a ot of “meh” or WTF is this?! kind of games you’ve played, youll realy enjoy CR a lot.

      4. Lol nah it’s no pressure at all! I’ve been meaning to play it for awhile now I just never made the time! But I’ll at least play a bit today 😛

  2. Holy crap, that dead dad quip was not okay.

    I don’t really play too many otome games but the eholr macho alpha male asshole shtick ain’t my thing, either. Nice guys don’t finish last in my book.

    Hopefully Voltage does a better job with this archetype (or even leave it out altogether). I did like reading that the MC had a backbone. We don’t want to play as a spineless yes-woman!

    (10 chapters of him being a jerk sounds terrible. And only 2 chapters to “establish” the attraction eve though two of said chapters explored his backstory? Not good pacing at all).

    Thanks for sharing. I hope the next route is less painful to play.

    1. You should have seen my face when I read it… I was not amused…

      I prefer the hot/cold guy, tsunderes, and silent sweeties, but oresamas… are at the bottom of that list! Voltage writes almost all of the guys in this archetype the same way and it is a damn shame too…

      Yes!! This MC was perfection!! We need more MCs like this!

      Hopefully the guy they just released is the one I have had my eye on from the beginning lol I love the cold expressionless ice queen characters, they are so much fun to crack! 😈

      1. I don’t blame you. What an asshat.
        Yeah they’re bottom tier in my list, too. Maybe we’re just not the right audience! Who knows? Perhaps some people dig Voltage’s arrogant guy clones…maybe?
        At least the MC was awesome! We really do!
        The thawing of icy characters is always sweet~ here’s to this new guy having a better route than that of this sorry punk!

  3. I don’t really play otome games (or any games) but even so, I can say that I don’t get the asshole alpha male appeal at all. And seriously, that dead dad comment is the lowest of lows. I’m amazed they thought it’d be a good idea to wrangle a romance, even a half-baked one, after all that.

    1. Aww man, Thanks for taking the time to read my post and double thanks for leaving a comment!! 😀

      I have never ever gotten the appeal of the alpha male type! It drives me crazy that they are always the poster boys for these games, what’s wrong with the sweet nice guy? Or the secretly sweet ice queen?

      That comment almost caused me to break my iPad, I was so mad!! But, unfortunately, this is how Voltage almost always deals with their oresama types…. there have only been a handful that I actually liked, but for the most part it’s just a whole lot of this, so I tend too avoid those types of characters when I can…

      I tend to stick to tsunderes, at least with them it’s a nice mix of bitter and sweet, not the non stop onslaught of unpleasantness I got in this route… sigh, here’s to the next route being better! LOL sorry if this was a long response, I’m still ticked off about this route…

      1. I can understand the frustration. Whenever I see royal dicks (or their female counterparts for that matter) in fiction being romanticized, I go into rage mode as well. Being looked down on is neither sweet nor sexy.

  4. I never liked arrogant guys IRL, nor I do in the present, so Masa is definitely not —Can you please explain me the basics of formatting, pretty please?— on my list. Given the fact that I’m much more of a reserved individual and that I was in lots of conflicts with this type of dudes over the years, I just can’t bring myself to like him.(I’d rather choose the boss. Or at least your megane bias~)
    The “dead dad” is not OK and to be honest, he ain’t even got the looks at all! (Also remember our last discussion regarding “The Arcana”? Well, since I don’t wanna get mah heart and hopes broken by the game, I decided to think less and less about the game. I love it- hell, I adore it, but my hope deserves to live tho. Liar! nearly and already destroyed’em.)
    So yup~~, not on my list.
    Anyway, loved this review.<3

  5. I also never get the appeal of “arrogant, alpha male” who insult the heroine all the time, I don’t even care if he has messed up past (since we know so well that those characters often has rough upbringing) it’s still not an excuse for being a douchebag. And the dead dad comment is so unecessary, like wtf ?

    He’s reminds me of those male lead from 90s shojou manga (especially mayu shinjo manga) who abused and insulting the heroine but in the end fall in love since love conquer all /sarcasm.

    I admit that I didn’t even care for the story or the artwork, like you I only interested with the cold hacker lol. Have you played his route ? He’s already out now ^^

    1. Thanks for stopping by my blog and I’m really glad you liked my review!! Also thanks for taking the time to leave a comment!! 😀

      Oh my gosh I haaaaaaaaaate arrogant alpha males, I try to give them the benefit of the doubt but more times than not they just disappoint me!

      YES! that’s it exactly what he was like!! It was like that manga Hot Gimmick!

      I saw! But, my money is low so I have to wait a bit before I can get his story!! 🙁 But I will def be writing a review when I finally do get it!!

  6. I had the same reaction as you, swearing at my phone screen through most of the route because Masa was so mean and aggravating. And the dad comment was unbelievable. Because I am a crazy person, I did buy his epilogues. He gets much better. Not that it excuses his past behavior, but he is much sweeter to MC and I actually kind of like him.

    1. Really?! Wow, I’m glad to hear he gets better, but my image of him is tarnished so idk if I’ll continue his story… Maybe if there is a sale or something.

  7. “In my head, I imagine the room is full of cancelled Voltage manuscripts for Metro PD: Close to You, A Knight’s Devotion, and Office Secrets, since we never get an explanation as to what is actually in the room I had to get creative.”

    TRUE, TRUE! 😂😂😂 (MPDCTY, GRRRRRR!!!!!!)

    1. What else could be that highly sought after? or the rest of the wedding sequels in 10 Days With My Devil lol.

      I am still pissed about AKD and MPDCTY! they really dropped the ball with those two… smh

      1. OH MY GOD YES!!! I LOVE LLFTX and those revivals were my life!! But as long as Takuto and I got our Wedding I’m good lol

        the only downside is poor Kenshi…. and Tatsuro never got a real conclusion to their stories!

      2. I KNOW! They really… Ugh!!! Poor Tatsuro! Didn’t they realize he was popular enough to be written for? Maybe not in the JP market, but elsewhere! (sigh)

      3. … they keep not finishing their shhhhhh——-. Ugh. Tie things up nicely, yeah? It’s bad enough that they’re discontinuing certain titles, but to leave some characters with incomplete stories 😤😬😤😬😤 Add SAC to that list. SLBP is so successful, they just threw the paid version into a black hole.

      4. Girl yes! I swear, I think i keep buying stories from them because I’m a masochist!

        I am still waiting for them to make official discontinuation announcements!

        Don’t remind me about SAC, I am gonna be mad about that forever and a day!

        They are horrible at finishing storylines! *cough* MFWA7R *cough*

      5. I weep everytime I look at *ahem*

        MWA7R, FLD, AKD, MPDCTY, SND, OS, BMP, TLSL, LLFTX, 10DWMD, PIL, SITSC, and I feel like I’m missing one….

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